Manual Death Quote Event Troubleshooting

EXCUSE ME! i need help. (this example is according to agro’s death quote table)


QUESTION: what do these number stands for? 0x17, 0x43, 0x00, and the 0x00 at the end)

Dear god. Death quotes can be frustrating especially in FE7.

0x17 is what slot in which you want it to go. Put another death quote in 0x18, and so on.
The next slot is the chapter ID you want this event to happen in. 0x43 means it can happen in all chapters.
The next 0x00 is the text offset to play along with this event. Use this if you don’t have special things to do with this event.
The last 0x00 is the event ID associated with this. Bosses should use 0x02, and characters that you want to trigger a game over should have 0x65. If you haven’t gotten into eventing and you’re not sure, just leave it at 0x00.