Make Hack.cmd issues

So I’ve been trying to learn this thing. The only thing I’ve done so far is try to change the name of one character, and I get this:

I’m just going to link my project folder since there’s only one change there, which is causing the error obviously.
Here it is

Hey, when adding or modifying any text within the ROM, you’ll need something called an antihuffman patch. You can get it here:

Good luck!

Are you using FEditor? Mine never did anything like that, but I have had my FEditor spontaneously corrupt before. I’d try downloading again and trying again.

What’s the new character’s name?

EDIT: Downloaded your ROM.
Oh. You’re using Buildfile?
I’m personally not too familiar with it, but I would advise with the following:
If you’re new to this, I would recommend against messing with anything with eventing. Start with FEditor, then work your way to using the Event Assembler once you have more experience.
Lots of weird event-related bugs can happen (like yours) if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.

By the way, I know that FEditor is getting a lot of flak right now, but the best remedy to its bugs are make tons of backups. If it screws something up, just go back to a backup and try it again.

Download just about anything you want here.

buildfiles have little-to-nothing to do with events; the fact that they’re done with event assembler is a holdover from the past

this is also really bad advice; the best and fastest way to learn and develop new techniques as a hacker is to dive right in and discover what does and doesn’t work – the worst thing you can possibly do is sit on your hands and think “i can’t do this”. who cares if you get bugs? that’s the entire point of buildfiles, you can just comment shit out until it works again. and unlike FEditor+backups strategy (which is the other way to fix bugs), it’s easy to fix a bug that was introduced, i dunno, seven revisions ago but wasn’t noticed until now


Applying the anti-huffman patch resolved the issue. I’ve only ever used FEditor so this anti-huffman thing was foreign to me.

Sorry if I gave bad advice. I probably shouldn’t have said anything if I don’t know buildfile well. I’m much more familiar with FEditor along with Nightmare, EA, GBAGE, etc.

My strategy for learning this art has been to try something until it gets too difficult, go and work on a different aspect for some time, then I come back with more experience, try again, and succeed.

That’s just how I work, though. Do whatever works for you. There’s really no correct way to go about progressing through the learning process.