[LT] [COMPLETE] [1.0] Embrace of the Fog (Community/Roguelite)

Hi all. I’ve updated the EXE build to a December 18th version. Of note, I am now considering the game to be in its Beta state, meaning that this will be the last version I release before I consider the game to be in version “1.0”.

What this means:

  • The story is mostly there. The main story is present, though it will receive revisions, and there are additional scenes I wish to add. All boss fights and elite fights are now present in the game, and I currently have no plans to add any more.
  • All planned game features are implemented. Most upgrades, difficulty modes, game events, and special features (music system, Skill Inheritance, etc.) are functioning in game.
  • The game is fully playable start-to-end, with most major crashes ironed out.

Future Plans:

  • I am hoping to get version 1.0 out around end of January/early February, but we’ll see what happens.
  • The game will continue to be supported even after version 1.0 drops. This means that submissions for units, items, maps, etc., are NOT closed!
  • I want to do some rework on a few boss fights, as well as a bunch of general polish and QoL stuff.

Thanks again for following the game’s development. I know I’m not super active on FEU, so if you’re interested in following the development of the game, please feel free to join us on Discord.


Hi All!

As of today, Embrace of the Fog has entered version 1.0! What this means:

  • The story is completed. All planned Acts, Boss fights, and game features that were in the game’s original scope are fully implemented.
  • The cast has been balanced and polished. Every character has a full upgrade list and written conversations.
  • Major bugs and crashes have been reviewed and fixed. I’m sure there are still more, just waiting to be discovered.
  • Some Graphical and Operational overhauls. More QoL update, and a new status screen!

What’s in store for the future:

  • Submissions are still open! That means new characters, maps, and events may start to appear in future revisions of the game! If you want to contribute, please visit the discord.
  • More bug fixes, because there always will be.
  • Maybe other surprises? Who knows?

Thank you to everyone who has helped along with bringing this game into a completed state. It’s been a wild ride, and the progress we’ve made since the project’s inception in May 2023 is just astounding. I’m looking forward to further polishing and improving the game even more in the future, so if you have feedback, please post it here or on the Discord.


Congrats on the v1.0 release! A couple of my friends have told me that they’ve really enjoyed playing the most recent version, and also that a singular successful run doesn’t take too long, at around three hours. So short enough to be able to fit it onto a singular stream

As a result, I was wondering if you’d be cool with me streaming a blind attempt of the hack on YouTube? I run a small FEtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/@akirasou) where I do occasional video essay stuff, but mostly do playthroughs of FE hacks, either as streams or Let’s Plays

I was considering maybe doing a stream of it on Sunday afternoon UK time. I don’t… really know why you’d say no, but I figured I should ask first anyway, since there I imagine there will be bug fixes to make etc. So… yeah, let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in happening!


I’d love to see a stream of this! I’ve watched a few of your streams of Server 72 (SigmaRaven helped out a lot on this project), they were a blast!

I might try to push out a bugfix build on Friday or Saturday then, should clean up a few things. I’ll be sure to try and catch the stream as well.


This game helps to soothe my gacha addiction with increasingly more absurd and convoluted units. One quality of life suggestion is to have a screen where I can view my units’ stats/equipment/skills in the home hub, that way you don’t have to deploy a newly gacha’d unit into battle just to find out what they do. Plus once you have more than a dozen units it’d be good to have that reference so you can remember which units have which gimmicks/team build more smoothly.

Hit L at the base to manage units & view info, it works in the node select rooms too


Hi All, I’ve updated the EXE version of the game. There have been many bug fixes and QoL changes in the past few days.

Here’s a brief overview, spoilers are hidden:

  • You can now press the AUX key on skills in the unit menu to check what the keywords mean
  • Some portraits have been swapped out. I’ve had enough of that robed figure being everywhere
  • When defeating bosses, choosing the Spark Shard now also grants Fragments
  • You can back out of Yasukage’s Search command
  • When fighting Bootes, defeating all of the Pylons will cut his RES in half. This will not occur on Act 1 power, or in Act 4
  • The final boss now grants Master Seals

  • Sortie menu has been reworked. You can now use the info key to inspect units, and can back out of the - menu.
  • You can also use the info key to inspect units when upgrading them, and during recalls
  • Metis’s Excerpt has been removed, Metis’s Tome is back. You can only use it once on each unit.

Additionally, I’ve decided to open up unit submissions on this forum. I’ve posted the guidelines below, and will update the OP as well.

Character Submission Guidelines

The following are required:

  • Character Name
  • Stat trends (ex. High Strength, Low Speed, no numbers needed)
  • Growth Trends
  • Unpromoted Class (1 weapon only, weapon type must be: Sword, Lance, Axe, Bow, Anima, Light, Dark, Staff, Knife, Stone)
  • Promoted Class (2 weapons max)
  • Gender (optional)
  • Portrait (optional. If you provide a portrait, you must mention who to credit, even if it’s you!)
  • Affinity (optional, any of: Fire, Ice, Wind, Thunder, Light, Dark, Anima, Water, Earth, Null)
  • You must specify whether you will write the character’s convos (and then submit them here or to me directly) or if you want the development team to write them.

Additionally, you have 5 points to spend on extra stuff for your unit. The costs are as follows:

  • Skills (1 point per skill unless highly complex)
  • Negative Skills (Free, but do not count for “negative points”)
  • Item (1 point. Can be a normal item, new item, or PRF. Weapons, Items, Accessories all valid.)
  • Additional Weapon Ranks (1 point each)
  • Elevate base weapon rank (1 Point per rank)
  • Mixed range of any flavor on anything (+1 point to the weapon or skill it is on. Example: 1-2 Javelin. If on a skill, must include a restriction, ex. only when below 25% HP).
  • Summoning (+1 cost to the associated skill or item)
  • Multi Items (1 point per child item)
  • Higher than default Movement (+1 per Move)


  • No official FE characters
  • You can only submit a character/OC you own
  • You MUST list which weapon types each class uses, even if the class is a vanilla class
  • You must also specify the tags (Cavalry, Armor, Flier, Wyvern, Dragon, Infantry, Beast, etc.) if a non-vanilla class
  • If no weapons are provided, you will be given an Iron equivalent at no cost
  • No unlimited healing (like regen/turn). Healing limited by breakable items or charges/map are allowed, but will be scrutinized for balance
  • Distant/Close Counter are banned
  • Unlimited refreshing is banned
  • You may only have 1 active submission at a time. Please do not submit more until your existing submission is in the game. This limit still applies even if you’re on the Discord, if you post one here you can’t have one there too.

Hey, really enjoying the game, just wanted to report a quick issue or two (maybe bug?). Whenever a unit has/is given canto(+) and canter, the unit always uses the canter range after attacking, even if they would have had like 4 squares left with canto+.

Also, Penelope’s (Loonie 2ns) skill description for conversion seems to be inconsistent with what it actually does, in my experience, she can always convert no matter what the enemy’s health is, but the skill says <50% hp only.

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Cool cool! Then yeah, I’ve set up a stream for this Sunday at 3PM UK time here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuTbTlVxcwM. If you’re around, it would be fun to see you there!

I presently have the Feb 15 EXE build installed, but if you update it and remind me beforehand, then I can download the updated version prior to stream start


Thanks for the reports! Both of these are fixed now.

Will definitely be there! I shouldn’t have any conflicts at that time. I’m updating to a Feb 16 build now since I made some mistakes in the 15th’s build. If I have another revision between now and the stream, will definitely let you know.

Thank you so much for the fixes! Sorry I’m here to report another one lol

Having an issue where checking seals mid-run with any fog density consistently causes a crash, here’s the log

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Is this occurring on the Feb 16 version I posted? I think I fixed this one, but if it’s still occurring please let me know.

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This one is fixed in the newest version.

A few minor things about Beau, one of his abilities states that at 16+ ascension that he gets +5 to all stats, and it seems like he currently gets +3 instead, and I believe his ascension gain is capped at 1 per map, which makes a lot of sense, but it isn’t written anywhere in his skillset. Also, somewhat related, I know now that shadow clone doesn’t copy unique skills, but that might be nice to put somewhere in the event itself so people don’t accidentally waste it lol.

Finally, a quick question on endgame content, does the great demon scale at all? I challenged him first thing in act 3 last time and he absolutely clowned on me, but idk if the intention was to fight him immediately because he scales or wait to the end because he doesn’t

Also, thanks so much for stopping by Akira’s stream, we had a ton of fun with the hack!

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The Great Demon does not scale in terms of level or stats, though any difficulty modifiers you have active will still apply as normal.

As for the issues you posted, I’ll look into fixing them, should be simple enough.

Glad you enjoyed the game! Always nice to new people playing it.