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Hi. I bring another update. This time with a lot of content. Several Battle Animations, including Shantae and Metal Slug. I also re-worked the Squire Animation and created a generic version where you can modify the shield to create ‘‘skins’’.

All animations will be uploaded here during this week. (Likely to be Thursday or Friday)

However, I will wait to upload them to the Repository because there are tons of stuff to finish.

---If you are interested in what I'm working on---




—Sweden Skin—

—No Shield—

—The other battle animations—

—Wingy Archer—

—Vehicles— (Unarmed only)

—Queen Bee—

—Unholy Outhouse—

—First Baby—

—Big Snail—


Can I ask why you felt that it was appropriate to post no fewer than five animations (Fairy, Mermaid, both tree girls, and whatever that “holy” thing is) with what are obviously exposed breasts?



I would like to object, it’s understandable that at first glance they look exposed due to the tiny pixels.

But they are actually “censored”.

Those from Metal Gear Attack actually are wearing bras. They have different pixel’s shades to highlight that.

The Fairy and the Mermaid were very similar to the Mermaid and Vestal Rinea from Nuramon’s animation shockwave of 2020 and 2021, so I thought it would be really fine to have animations like that with the same method of censoring

These sprites also come from +13 age games. Thus made me feel more comfortable working on with.

I noticed you didn’t delete or edited the post, so I believe you only wanted a clarification, right?

I do understand, as I said that the “giggles” sprites made it more remarkable, but it isn’t my intention to share 18+ sprites since it is prohibited on the rules.

If you would like I can re-edit some sprites that have fewer pixels to conceal like the fairy, but I still think it’s somewhat unfair compared to Nuramon’s amazing animations.

But anyway, it’s just what I think.

Note: Sorry for the late response and slow reply, I’m on my cellphone.

I wish a good day/night, CT075!


what about this is “censored”

  • Vestal Rinea is a fully custom sprite adaptation from an official Fire Emblem game, so I’m a bit more willing to be lenient on that one compared to sprite rips from entirely unrelated games, especially given that you have a recorded history of pulling from questionable source material. Nuramon’s Mermaid is not remotely comparable to these.

  • Aside from the Fairy sprite, which I have since removed because for being too flagrant, the rest are extremely borderline, to the point that even after being told that there is a bra, I’m struggling to see it under close inspection. The sprites being low-res is not an excuse; if you don’t have enough pixels to obscure the naughty bits, maybe you should rethink whether they’re appropriate.



It’s compressive. As I said, I will comply with staff’s decision.

Thank you for your time and sorry for the inconvenience.



Aircraft carrier goes brbrbrbrbbrbrbrbrbr

For anyone still waiting the download link.
I’m having trouble in zipping some files because they are in japanese.


If anyone has a solution, it would be appreciated. While I don’t find a solution, I will keep updating the thread with everything I can.


I’m having trouble in zipping some files because they are in japanese.

Use different compression software

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Damn! I never thought about this one. Well, with another software, I managed to compress the files! Here we go!

[[A] Finished Stuff]


  • Don’t post this on the Repository YET. I will wait to finish everything, so The Repository Personal can organize and work better. (I won’t stop you however)

  • You have 100% right to edit and upload on other places. But I would like to ask that, if possible, you upload and share it here. This way I can organize the folders better.

  • Another disclaimer to avoid trouble: This folder contains EVERY single animation that I still didn’t upload in the Repository. Including some of those who the Staff didn’t feel comfortable having around. So I kindly and politely ask to let this link for archival reasons. Since I still didn’t have the time to start editing the respective animations that were too flagrant.


That’s all!


Day 28, Month 10, Year 2023.

Small Changes

What is different? Now some sprites have shadows to look more FE-Styled.

Shantae Archer / Wing Archer
Bow ===> Bow

Alraune ( No Old Animation :frowning: ) + Shadow

Flame Girl
Magic ===> Magic

Leafy Fair ( Now she has bras! + Shadow Effect) [No Old Version To Download However >:( , the official version is the new animation with bra)
Magic ===> Magic

Mermaid Girl From Shantae (Now she has shadow effect, I’m also planning to adding bra to her, I didn’t do it yet due to time)

Woman Eater (Shadow Effect)
Monster ===> Monster

Furniture (Shadow Effect)

Cursed Animations :3 (I’m planning to make them into "Magic Animations’’ instead of "Battle Animations’'.

New Stuff / Battle Animation

Rondo of Swords’ Battle Animations

Around 40 Furnitures From Games (Castlevania + Starbound + Death Trap)


Advance Wars Boat


1.291 Backgrounds From Several Games


+22 Tilesets (Includes AW Tilesets + City Tilesets + Retro Tilesets + Space Tilesets)

Map Sprite

Alure Une-standAlure Une-walkMain Locomotive-standMain Locomotive-walkWagon-standWagon-walk

Nintendo DS Palette +16 colors ===> GBA Palette 16 colors
Bomber-stand ===> Bomber-stand
Mediun Tank-stand ===> Medium Tank-stand

Base-stand ===> Base-stand

Class Card

Aircraft Carrier - UnpromotedGun Ship - UnpromotedLander - UnpromotedCruiser - PromotedSubmarine - PromotedBattle Helicopter - UnpromotedSea Plane - PromotedSea Plane - UnpromotedTransport Helicopter - PromotedTransport Helicopter - UnpromotedFighter - PromotedDuster - PromotedDuster - UnpromotedBomber - PromotedBomber - UnpromotedMedium Tank - UnpromotedAPC - UnpromotedAA Missile - UnpromotedRocket Launcher - PromotedAnti Tank Gun - Promoted

  • What Is Not Done And I Will Be Working On?

Around 2.000 Modern Battle Animations With Advance Wars Style

Around 30 Battle Animations From Front Mission

Map Sprites For Each Animation I Create

Animations From Metal Slug Commander

Super Robot Wars + Some Of Them Are Not In This List


A massive plan for a massive compilation of top-down view war tilesets

Some portraits from GBA games with similar style of Fire Emblem

Some other tilesets

Anything not listed below, is on this list

  • Download Link?

Long Answer: Yes. But, this folder still contains some assets that I don’t feel comfortable having around because I didn’t have the time to edit them.
I haven’t uploaded to the Ultimate Graphics Repository yet due to this reason.

I work alone and have no one to share this with if something goes wrong. So I will let a download here, both for safekeeping and archival reasons, if I just stop working with these sprites or I disappear :(.

If you see something that is not very friendly, please know that it will be fixed in the near future.

I also plead again for the staff to let this link slide again. I will fix some of the less friendly assets, and some will be permanently deleted for not actually fitting the FE style.

Short Answer: Yes, but you may see things you shouldn’t >:(

[Download Link]

Me after calculating the time I will need to finish all of these assets (God I need help):


Day 03, Month 11, Year 2023.

Biene Goldness (Shadow Effect Added)
Magic ===> Magic

Next update all files will be available.


Day 04, Month 11, Year 2023.

Bloom Metzelei (Shadow Effect Added)
Monster ===> Monster


D11, M11, Y2023

I did a small edit in the Infantry from AW.

Spec Ops-standSpec Ops-walk

For my project: DW: The Fall Of Rome

I’m trying to recreate equipment from Rome, includes the Gladius Blade, Pilum Lance, Lanciarii and Shields I’m experiment with

Can’t forget I will be adding a roman shield with ERA 5 Armor Protection System
Legionnaire Shield Model 1 {Dark}Celtic Shield {Dark}Gladius {Dark}Lanciarii {Dark}Legionaire Shield Model 2 {Dark}Pilum {Dark}

I also learned that, in order to create the Fog Variant to any tileset you want, You must divide the current pallete by 3/4.

G: 216 = 162
B: 216 = 162
R: 96 = 72


D25, M11, Y2023

Hi guys, today I only bring this screenshot.


Just one sprite.

I’m planning to add shadow effects to the last Metal Slug Animations I have already done.


This means all animations already uploaded here.

I’m also beginning to “create my own studio”, and I started to change all my names and profile photos in places where I do something that may give some return.

So, please, give me your opinion. This also includes the fact that I will operate more as a studio, so I won’t be very active anymore, only to bring in more assets, and that’s it.
If you guys vote no, I will get back to a more individual and personal approach here and the community.
If you guys vote yes, I will restrict myself to posting here, my projects, and the Ultimate Graphics Repository.

Side Note: If this is illegal or breaks the rules, please notify me, so I can delete it and get back to default as soon as I can.

Should I operate more as a studio here?
  • Yes
  • No

0 voters


D02, M12, Y2023

Hi ladies and gentlemen,

So, as voted, the final result was: No. I already went back to my old profile picture, biography and so on.
Which settles, I will act more as an individual here instead of a studio.

Thank you all for voting, your opinion matters to me.

For today I’m bringing my first official release. The compilation of tilesets from my folder. The tilesets will also be uploaded to the Ultimate Graphics Repository.

There is also a small spoiler I would like to share: after talking with a repo’s contributor, it’s very likely the repo will now have a new standard related to the Tileset folders.

So, let’s go, no time for introductions. What will be shared and released? All my tilesets done so far:

Space Station 1

Map Overworld (for easier story telling!)

Combat Simulator

Flesh Horror

Space Station 2

Super Famicon Wars



A Preview

Space Combat Simulator

A Preview

Mini World Itch 1 Io

Moon Base

Mini World 2 Itch Io

Metal Max Returns



Final Fantasy Compilation

A Preview

Dynast Warriors

Florest Army Base

Space Compilation

The Retro Tilesets

Phantasy Star Online

Modern City Compilation

Destroyed City

Advance Wars Compilation

A Preview

All tilesets in number are: 46.

Where do I download: The Ultimate Graphics Repository or here.

Download Link

Did you like it? Consider supporting me with a one time small donation. Using Ko-Fi:

You may have questions

1. Dark, your tilesets have different names in the link you provided.
A: Yes, I only changed their name here for convenience.

2. Dark, I spotted a glitch or bug in your tileset.
A: You can share it here, via DM, fix it yourself. The important part is knowing there is a problem, so in the future I can fix it or someone else can too. (However, I think it’s difficult to find a bug or problem since I like to work with extra care in tilesets)

3. Dark, will you work more with tilesets?
A: Yes.

4. Dark, what about your other assets?
A: They will be shared at the proper time, young one. I’m sharing the tilesets for convenience for the Repository’s guys and gals.

5. Dark, the link you provided for Ko-Fi says Neith Studios, didn’t you say you would be more individual here?
A: Yes and I will behave as an individual here. However, for convenience, I made all other places that make revenue direct to my Ko-Fi page, so just for easiness and convenience, I’m directing this page to there too.
But as I said, I will keep being Dark here—no studio relations, with the exception of the Ko-Fi page.


D23 M12 Y2023

Gun Weapon Proficiency

Empty Template Gun Proficiency
Item Icons FE 8 - Euphoria Deluxe Edition.gba_115@73_596074

SPG Shot - Custom Battle Animation

How it looks in-game.

Dark, I want to list to the battle animation, shhhhhh, say no more…
[Download Custom Magic Animation]

What to expect for this week?

  1. Missile Battle Animation
  2. Guns projectile animations
  3. Finishing my project FE: Euphoria
  4. Fighter Battle Animation
  5. Stealh Fighter Battle Animation


D27 M12 Y2023

Battle Helicopter - PromotedRocket Launcher - UnpromotedRecon - PromotedMedium Tank - UnpromotedMedium Tank - PromotedAPC - UnpromotedAnti Air - UnpromotedAA Missile - UnpromotedMech - UnpromotedMech - PromotedInfantry - UnpromotedInfantry - PromotedGun-Ship - PromotedLander - PromotedSubmarine - PromotedBattle-Helicopter - PromotedAircraft Carrier - PromotedBattleship - UnpromotedSea Plane - PromotedTransport Helicopter - PromotedTank - UnpromotedDuster - UnpromotedDuster - PromotedBomber - PromotedFighter - PromotedMech - UnpromotedTank - PromotedRecon - UnpromotedRecon - PromotedMedium Tank - UnpromotedAnti Air Missile - UnpromotedMech - PromotedInfantry - UnpromotedAPC - UnpromotedAPC - PromotedArtillery - UnpromotedAnti Air Missile - PromotedRocket Launcher - UnpromotedRocket Launcher - PromotedAnti Tank Gun - PromotedAnti Air - UnpromotedArtillery - PromotedMega Tank - UnpromotedMega Tank - PromotedMedium Tank - PromotedInfantry - PromotedAnti Air - PromotedFlare Gun - UnpromotedFlare Gun - PromotedMotorized Infantry - PromotedCruiser - PromotedBattleship - PromotedMega Tank - PromotedGun Ship - UnpromotedLander - UnpromotedTransport Helicopter - PromotedSubmarine - PromotedAircraft Carrier - UnpromotedSea Plane - PromotedSea Plane - UnpromotedBomber - UnpromotedTransport Helicopter - UnpromotedDuster - PromotedDuster - UnpromotedBomber - PromotedFlare Gun - PromotedFighter - PromotedRocket Launcher - PromotedAnti Tank Gun - PromotedTank - PromotedFlare Gun - UnpromotedCruiser - UnpromotedArtillery - PromotedTank - UnpromotedAnti Air - PromotedMotorized Infantry - UnpromotedRecon - UnpromotedMotorized Infantry - Promoted

1. OS - Orange Star2. BM - Blue Moon3. GE - Green Earth4. YC - Yellow Comet5. BH - Black Hole1. AT Projectile (OS - YC - BH)2. AT Projectile (BM)3. AT Projectile (GE)4. AA Missile5. Missile (Downward)6. Missile (Upward)7. Bomb2. Tires (Model 1)1. Boots (+16 Colors)1. Boots (Model 1)1. Boots (Model 2)Icon24. Tank Tracks (+16 Colors)2. Tires (Model 2)3. Tire (+16 Colors)3. Tire (Model 1)3. Tire (Model 2)5. Tank Track (Model 2)4. Tank Tracks (Model 1)4. Tank Tracks (Model 2)5. Tank Track (+16 Colors)5. Tank Track (Model 1)7. Jet - Smaller (Model 1)Icon66. Jet (Model 1)6. Jet (Model 2)Icon78. Fuel Tank7. Jet - Smaller (Model 2)8. Fuel Tank (+16 Colors)5. Key 21. Radio2. Exclamation3. Lockpick4. Key 16. Key 37. Book8. Medic Box9. Summon IconBGM-109 ''Tomahawk'' Model 2{Dark}Item Icons FE 8 - Euphoria Deluxe Edition.gba_115@73_596074APSDF Ammo {Dark}Automatic 20mm Vulcan {Dark}BGM-109 ''Tomahawk'' Model 1{Dark}Gladius {Dark}Celtic Shield {Dark}Chaff & Flares (Model 1) {Dark}Chaff & Flares (Model 2) {Dark}FN Scar-H {Dark}Double GripsArm GuardBear RingCursed RingDefense ArmbandDark ArmorBronze ArmorChain ArmorCotton ClothesCotton RobeCleansingHeart (Large)M2 Heavy Machine Gun {Dark}HESH Ammo {Dark}Lanciarii {Dark}Legionnaire Shield Model 1 {Dark}Legionaire Shield Model 2 {Dark}Pilum {Dark}M16A4 {Dark}M1911 {Dark}Medic Bag Model 1 {Dark}Medic Bag Model 2{Dark}GunRPG-7V2 {Dark}Weapon Proficiency - Ammunition (Smaller)Weapon Proficiency - Ammunition

1. Blue - Dragon1. Blue - Monster1. Blue - Shield1. Blue - Simple2. Red - Dragon3. Green - Monster2. Red - Monster2. Red - Shield2. Red - Simple3. Green - Dragon3. Green - Shield3. Green - SimpleGeneric Enemy Portrait - The Coalition - (Red Shield)Generic Enemy Portrait - (Template Blue Shield)Generic Enemy Portrait - (Template Green Shield)Generic Enemy Portrait - (Template Red Shield)Generic Enemy Portrait - (Template)Generic Enemy Portrait - United Emmeria - (Blue Shield)Generic Enemy Portrait - United Emmeria - (Green Shield)Generic Enemy Portrait - Unknow - (Shield)

Alure Une-standAlure Une-walk - Main Locomotive-standMain Locomotive-walk - Wagon-standWagon-walk

Battleship-standCruiser-standAPC 1-standAPC 2-standAPC 3-standArtillery 1-standArtillery 2-standTank 1-standArtillery 3-standArtillery 4-standArtillery 5-standAirport-standBase-standCity 1-standCity 2-standSilo-standUnknow-stand

I can’t recall what I already uploaded… So here goes.

  1. Class cards for Modern Military Units.

  2. General Icons (Some made by me, others from other games)

  3. Faction Icon, customs, templates and goes on.

  4. Map Sprites (I think I already shared them?)

About magic and battle animations: Fighter is showing difficulty to make, I will rearrange my time to other assets instead of hitting the same key and not getting results.

This way, I can bring more instead of nothing.

Default + Faster
Spell - Spell


D30 M12 Y2023

New year is coming, happy new year to everybody.

From Metal Slug Attack

[Infantry] [F] Lieben - Added Shadow Effect
Monster ===> Monster

[Infantry] [F] Schwarz Metzelei - Added Shadow Effect
Monster ===> Monster


D27 M01 Y2024

[Infantry] [F] First Baby

Magic ===> Magic

I added a shade effect to her. I also revised and re-write her Battle Animation Script, it was not very good, now it looks better.

Artillery + Missile Magic Animation


What I’m working on?

Different from FE Sprites, the last days were fulfilled with me creating the following:

Advance Wars - Fan Game

So, I always wanted to play Advance Wars with all the content available through all 4 games, but each game has something the other doesn’t. This was fixed with Commander Wars. However, I don’t quite like how the game is developed. And I would like to have a more vanilla experience compared to Commander Wars. So I decided to go on a journey to, at least try, recreate AW with the best of all worlds.

Is it dangerous?

A: Kind of, Nintendo has its good old lawyer army on standby to cause destruction, but as far as I don’t make any money from it, then it should be fine. However, not making money may be a weak argument, since we saw Nintendo law suiting a company because their game looked similar to Pokemon.

What do you want to make different, and what will make the game shine compared to other fan games?

A: Firstly, optimization. My biggest problem with the gameplay is that I want it to be as smooth as seen in AW.

My second argument will be platforms. I cannot promise, but I will be sure to try to upload it on Steam, Xbox Live, and the Play Store. Now, PSN and other platforms may be harder since they have strict rules.

Anyway, have some screenshots, not much progress. Just sprites and that’s it


Darkness Wars: Fall Of Rome

My first book in a series of four. Not much you may understand since it’s not in english. Don’t be sad tho, I will make the english version once it’s done.

Fire Emblem Custom Sprites

I’m always updating this never-ending list of sprites to bring into life for the FE Community. I’m not sharing tho, it contains things no human would like to see.

What should you expect next time?

Me adding shade effect to these: