[Lex Talionis] Touhou Emblem ***2***

1.) honestly surprised you haven’t enlisted Backer

2.) Shikieiki Yamaxanadu?


bro could you IMAGINE if we had the likes of backer in this project

it’d be peak immediately like I’d honestly resign from mug making entirely wwwwww

(anyways chat when do we tell him)

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1.) Didn’t wanna bother anybody than people already trapped in my work basement

2.) YES

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  1. this is a message to my master, you haven’t fed me and you’re a prick

you’re never getting fed as long as your shenanigans continue



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End of the day update:
-Got a bunch of items databased
-Got a bunch of units built
-Got a mercenary and base camp system working
-Lost 50 sanity


romhacking will die when Touhou Emblem 2 [Complete]


Ayo I think Marisa is pretty neat. Thus begins the skillpocalypse.


So, about Touhou Emblem 2. Rye’s kinda gotten waaaaay over his head, and uh

Let’s just say he’s too busy today to announce it and sent me instead to do it. What joy!

That aside, I do want to make it clear that for reasons that we cannot reveal in detail, starting today Touhou Emblem’s 2 going to cease development.

Shocking. I know.

Which is why as the Yuukadev himself, I am proud to announce the rebranding of Touhou Emblem 2 into a newer, better project: Yuuka Emblem! Featuring not just one(1), not two(2) but THREE(3) WHOLE VERSIONS OF OUR MOST BELOVED YUUKA KAZAMI as the protagonist!

Presenting the protagonists:

Yuuka Kazami (Windows ver.)

Yuuka Kazami (PC-98 ver.)

Yuuka Kazami (Seihou ver.)

The Synopsis:
  • After the events of Touhou Emblem 1, rumors has it that the Flower Master has become split into the Four Blossoms of Gensokyo. The sudden splitting of Yuuka Kazami, the familiar disappearance of unique abilities within Gensokyo as well as looming shadows of a world forgotten heralds the beginning of yet another incident — leaving the Flower Masters to unite together to bring peace to Gensokyo.
Gameplay Features
Scattered Flowers


  • After the splitting of Yuuka Kazami, strange flowers have been spotted across Gensokyo— blooming ever faintly within cracks of ruins, hidden away in the crowded morning market, or even taking root on fallen graves…

  • These particular flowers, once harvested, seem to exude a peculiar magical energy — empowering its wielder’s abilities at no further cost. More notably, however, is their tendency to flourish in bloody combat — blooming vividly in the heat of battle, those flowers that have seen its owner through bloody battle and wars possess far greater empowering capabilities than those freshly harvested.

  • No two flowers are unique! Every flower has randomized stats and will power your units to new heights! You will obtain new flowers with random stats as you progress through the game, pray for a fortunate, powerful flower!


A competitive fishing mini game has been added to Yuuka Emblem! With the most hyperrealistic graphics that LT and the slave labor of SigmaRaven and I <3 Rena can offer, we have created an entirely new game within the LT system! (2.2 TB)

You will be able to fish up the many different fish present in Gensokyo, featuring exotic species, such as:

Kevinus H2OSakanus

Wakasagihime Dairius

Scammus Unintelligenius

Mai Waifu

Kyogre Ubersdominatus

Open World Map

Explore the great land of Gensokyo, with an in-depth, detailed map, featuring many new locations!

Parkway Gardens Apartment Homes!




My Garden

Reminiscent of the old My Castle feature from Fates, Yuuka Emblem introduces My Garden, a home base where you, as Yuuka, can farm and build relationships with your favorite characters!

Len’en Crossover

Yuuka Emblem will be having a crossover with the hit Touhou knockoff Inspired series, Len’en! Not many details will be revealed at the moment, but here’s a sample!

Finally, a pre-order bonus!

For the low, low price of 5,000,000,000,000,000,000 Zimbabwean dollars, you will also get an attached copy of Harvest Yuuka along with your purchase of Yuuka Emblem! Buy now, supplies are limited!

Purchase Now! (definitely not an official DL link of Gensou no Keifu)

Watch out for Yuuka Emblem! Coming February 30th.

Also Grug


ok this is peak


can’t believe the pre-order is only $4


I misread it as “Yunaka Emblem” and got confused when seeing the green-haired pictures.

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