[Lex Talionis] ThwD3! First Public Release!

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Download Here. 3/10 chapters playable


Before you play:

  • Item/skill icons for new content use default assets as a placeholder
  • The learned spells can go to the convoy but I intend on overhauling that system after porting to LT’s BEEG update
  • Hack bad
  • That’s it I guess

(I’m too lazy to update the rest of the OP so some of the info below may be outdated)

Hey all, Chair here with a new project in the works.

You may have seen the FEE3 video for THWD3. A fair bit has changed since then, notably the transition to the LT engine. I’ve got the first chapter ported with a few tweaks (notably reducing the enemy density).

Here’s what I have done so far:

  • 3 promo options for player units that are all tailored to individual units (i.e. Tristan and Henry are both archers but have different promo options)
  • +40 battle/map anims inserted (if you’re familiar with LT, you know my pain)
  • ~70 complete/WIP custom tracks made by yours truly, including unique attack themes for player units (11/??)
  • A 3H offshoot magic system (casters pick a new spell of two options at level [tier1] 5 and 9 and [tier2] 5 (depending on T2 class, all of which are blatantly stolen from Pathfinder). These spells renew each chapter. Regular tomes/staves are still a thing.

Here’s what I have planned on my end:

  • Ten total chapters
  • A rotating cast of THWD characters that were randomly scrambled with a new playable unit.
  • Multiple win conditions per chapter (with differing rewards)
  • Visit rewards based on visiting unit/visiting unit’s class
  • Having options for learning skills similar to the magic system
  • A complete original soundtrack (in glorious, glorious .ogg format)

The goal is to create an immersive replayable experience with many options.

What I need help with:

  • Art: This is my weakest point. I suck at art, and at the same time I’m hella ambitious in that I’d like to overhaul a lot of the vanilla stuff. The spells in the custom magic system don’t have battle anims, but they can have map anims (there’s like 60 of them so far, aaaaaaaaaa) I’d also like to have the character portraits re-outfitted to have modern clothes.
  • Engine hacking: @Snakey1 has offered to help out in this department, but if anyone else wants to help him out hit me up!
  • Playtesting: This time around I won’t be making public releases until it’s done. Last time I had to deal with people reporting bugs from earlier versions and, even worse, not reporting bugs at all. I’m not going through that again. I’d like to have a small team of playtesters this time around where we create a thinktank regarding design n stuff.

So if you’re artistically inclined, a python wizard, or willing to playtest, hit me up here or drop a PM and I’ll send you an invite to the discord server.

Magic system demo:

Here’s the soundtrack: THWD3 OST

A lot of the songs have dead air at the end because I’m lazy.


There was a Heroes We Deserve 2?

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No. The THWD franchise is too cool to need a second installment; we’re skipping straight to the fourth.


we aren’t good enough for the masterpiece in chair’s vault.

Still, LexT is a super cool engine. Do super cool things with it, my child.

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Would love to play test but I can only hack on my phone, so I’ll be rooting on the sidelines then!

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Updated the OP to include a link for the soundtrack. Like 50ish songs are done.


I can say after listening to at least half of these songs that this is going to be an enjoyable experience from laughs to music.

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Where’s the second part?
You can’t make a game without the sequel! (But it seems is possible).

Good job making this demo, we will see again Chester’s shenanigans?
And last but not least, we will have other FE characters on the history? Like you did with Roy the last hack?

Chester has indeed reprised his role of hero protagonist main character. All of the playable characters are coming back, with the addition of a new player unit that’s still in the works.

Yep, no spoilers though. :smiley:

Thanks for being free spoilers!

In addition to the Pathfinder spell system, I’d like to announce the THWD Skill Model and the Dynamic Loot Model:

The THWD Skill Model:

  • Player units and significant enemies have one personal skill
  • Classes retain notable class skills (Canto+, Locktouch, Summon, etc.)
  • Generic enemies will never have skills
  • Similar to the casting system, player characters will get an option for their learned skill via level-up at level 7 (tier 1) and level 2 (tier 2) which are also dependent on unit class (e.g. Barbarian Dominic and Landboat Dominic get different options)
  • The skills learned by level will have a passive growth option for players that don’t care for skill systems. (e.g. At tier 1 level 7 Dominic can learn ‘Rage’ which is a temporary buff to damage at the cost of DEF/RES, or he can take a flat speed growth gain.

The Dynamic Loot Model:
Visit event rewards will depend on unit visiting/unit class. That way you don’t get screwed by your promo decisions. So for example, Dominic would get a different reward depending on if he were a Berserker, Warrior, or Landboat.

We are in desperate need of art, notably the map anims for the custom spells. If you’re artistically inclined and down to join the team, hit me up!


So you’re saying in short, we’ll get diferent skills and different loots depending the character?
Huh. Neat.

Yep. Here’s what the skills system and spell system look like:
-Kristie has Adept as a personal skill (x2 SPD chance to double attack)
-At level 5 and gets to choose between Fire Ball (AoE spell) or Magic Missile (physical damage, two attacks, effective vs fliers)
-At level 7 she gets to choose between [TBD Skill] and [TBD Growth rate buff]
-At level 9 she gets to choose between Hydraulic Push (pushes target away) or Gust of Wind (pulls target in)
-She promotes automatically at level 10 and gets to choose between Sage (Anima/Daggers), Mage Knight (Anima/Staves) or Dreadfigher (Anima/Swords)
-At level 2 in her tier 2 class she’ll get to choose between another Skill or Growth rate buff depending on her chosen class
-At level 5 in her tier 2 class she’ll get to choose between two spells unique to the tier 2 class
-Sage: Shocking Grasp (melee spell, guaranteed crit) or Lightning Bolt (AoE, line)
-Mage Knight: Earthquake (AoE, targets DEF) or Implosion (ignores res)
-Dread Fighter: Truestrike (+acc,+crit on self until next attack) or Longstrider (+mov on self for x turns)

Here’s what the dynamic loot model looks like:
-When Kristie visits a house she may get an anima tome if she’s a mage, dagger if she’s a sage, a staff if she’s a mage knight, or a sword if she’s a dreadfighter
-When the base/battle preps start during each chapter it’ll add an item to the market similar to the example above while also having a base set of items set in stone for each chapter (kinda like in RD).

I hope that explains it.


I think this is the most ‘rpg’ I’ve ever seen attempted, and it’s awesome, looking forward to it!


Fire emblem has gotten so far in GBA, I can say this thing will be at the top game like todays FE Games, and still, I’m waiting for the remake of either FE4/5 or 6.
This will do I guess.


roguelike fire emblem? we stan
crazy magic? we stan
thwd3? we stan

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  • Skills: 100/105
  • Spells: 42/68

Then y’know, actually making chapters.

The department of planning is also working on the story.


proyect is not ded.

All of the skills and spells listed above are done, and I just finished up the intro for Ch2!

As always, we’re hella desperate for art folk, so if you can put pixels together and wanna help out, hit me up!


Hmm, I swear I recognize that map palette from somewhere…

Looking epic as usual from fire emblem the last promise 4! That’s basically what this is, right?


Thanks again for the map palette!

And yes, this is the final swear 14 (HD remaster, director’s cut).