Let's tier some Fire Emblem shit


Darr asked me on discord to necro this thread.

Seth Tier

  • Seth

Sort of Seth tier

  • Franz
  • Xander
  • Heroes Robin and Joshua

Not Seth tier

  • Erk


The Tier List Post Tier List:

Nerd Tier:

  • Arch (7)
  • Crazycolorz5 (7)

Nerd (but like 2 less nerd points so it totally garners its own tier list. Anyone who thinks otherwise can fite me IRL or make a sad Myspace post about it, describing how I hurt their feelings because I’m a bad person. If you’re too young to remember Myspace, go look it up on AskJeeves) Tier:

  • CT075 (5)
  • Myke (5)
  • Skitty (5)

Filthy Casual Tier:

  • Primefusion (3)

Normie Tier:

  • Darrman (1)
  • deranger (1)
  • Overlordpichu (1)
  • Pikmin1211 (1)
  • venno (1)

Nerd-lite Tier:

  • Klokinator (2)
  • L95 (2)

Scrub Tier:

  • A_Reliable_Chair (1)

One of the above values is incorrect. Whaddya waitin’ for kiddo? Go figure out which one it is!


mine should be in god tier


Activity level tiers in regards to qualification for tiering:

Active enough to expect to be on tier lists:
Idk, probably other people

Not active enough to expect to be on tier lists:


Fire emblem games I have played Tier list.

1.Fire emblem Sacred stones
2.Fire emblem Awakening
3.Fire emblem Blazing Sword
4.Fire Emblem Birthright
5.Fire Emblem Binding Blade
6.Fire Emblem Echoes (shadows of valentia)

If you dissagree with me thats 100% fine (I bet its awakening isn’t it :wink: )


Continent Tier List:

Top Tier:

Okay Tier:

Fates Tier:

Still Better Than Fates Tier:


You’ve got Tellus but where’s Rogers?


0/10 you included both archanea and ylisse but not both valentia and valm




What better excuse to bump the oldest thread on Fire Emblem Universe? Text based tiers? Now it’s time for picture tiers! Let’s use the original tier list, and by extension first post of FEU, as an example.

Et voila, now updated to 2019 standards.


miccy is too high
alfonse is too low


Alfonse is a fine lad. He deserves much higher.


A_Reliable_Chair alt account tier:

Top Tier

Mid Tier

Shit Tier


we are all chair alts on this blessed day


This must be kept alive
Hacking tool tier list:

S++++++ gift from the gods for unskilled hackers like me tier:

Probably also amazing but I can’t figure out cuz I’m bad tier:

Pretty good tier:

Decent tier:

MS Paint

Have no idea about:
paint .NET

Obsolete tier:

A shit tier:

Soontm tier:
Emblem Magic
FEXNA(yes not a hacking tool but when fexna finally releases in 2030 it’ll obsolete hacking)


notepad does not belong in the same tier as notepad++
way way waaaaaaay below ++


Edited. I don’t know if it’s in the right place but at least it’s not with notepad


What about HxD and GBAGE and Png2Dmp and ParseFile and PortraitFormatter and the one compressor shipped in EA Tools and PFinder and tmx2ea and s2ea and textprocess/tpc and pal2ea and lyn and Tiled Map Inserted and FEGBA Table Repointer and NL!Core vs. ColorzCore and CSA Creator and NL Compressor and Assemble ARM.bat and FE Recolor and MAR Array Inserter and Nightmare 2 (lol) and decomp stuff such as agbcc or gbagfx and Sublime Text and Visual Studio Code and no$gba and aseprite and every tool that’s for hacking non-gba fe and probably much more and Lex Talionis


Cool and good tier:
The chad lex talionis
Dumb and for babbies tier:
The virgin fexna


if only it didn’t rip off map animations from yeti sigh