Okay now finally for real this time this is the last story dialogue i written for this pme. Hey Velvet really how said you wouldn’t feeling about the stuff i wrote in Chapter 9 A?

Well let me redo it then.

(At Port Kiris)
Amaya: Is that all of the supplies we need?
Ahirman: I’m pretty sure that’s everything.
Amaya: Let’s just check just to be safe. Okay Food.
Ahirman: Check.
Amaya: Weapons.
Ahirman: Check.
Amaya: Tomes.
Ahirman: Check.
Amaya: useful items.
Ahirman: Check.
Amaya: Healing equipment.
Ahirman: Check.
Amaya: And tea.
Ahirman: Check.
Hypasia: Well i think that’s everything then.
Boris: Uhhh. Lady Amaya. Please forgive my rudeness, but i have to ask. I don’t see why we need all that tea with us?
Amaya: Because i like tea Boris. And as princess of Renais it would be unfitting for me if i didn’t bring any tea with me at all. Now that we got everything we need, let set out to Rausten.
Rodrick: Wait a second! Where is Brick?!
Amaya: …… What the heck! Wasn’t he just here second ago?
Boris: Uhhh no. Please forgive me Lady Amaya. I knew i should have kept a close eye on him.
Amaya: No need to beat yourself up right now. We got to go find Brick now.
Big Boney: Uhh guys! We in a grave situation right now!
Amaya: Skeleton dude! Enough with the obvious pins already!
Ahirman: I’m afraid he wasn’t kidding. It seems we have company right now.
Grado Soldier 1: There they are!
Grado Soldier 2: Drop your weapons!
Amaya: Grado soldiers? But what are they doing here?
(Favors and Spitta appears)
Favors: Our heroes have arrived to my town at last.
Amaya: And who might i ask are you?
Favors: I am Governor Favors.
Hypasia: Wait. Wasn’t he a soldier from Renais?
Rodrick: Yeah i believe he was.
Boris: But why would he betray his own country?
Amaya: So you’re switching sides now huh governor?
Favors: Turncoat as i may be. I much rather be seen as a traitor to all of you then support a dead country now without its king.
Amaya: Don’t you ever mention my father traitorous scum!
Favors: King Fado was already dead the moment he side against Grado. His fate was already sealed long ago.
Amaya: How dare you!
Favors: I’m done talking to all of you worthless insects! Spitta!
Spitta: Yes governor.
Favors: Tell our men, to execute them immediately.
Spitta: You heard what the governor said. Kill them all!
Grado Soldier 1: Very well then.
???: Hey governor! Do you feel good about your odds right now?!
Favors: Huh? Who said that?
???: Because i sure as hell wouldn’t!
(Brick appears and engages Favors in a battle. Brick gets a critical and one shots Favors)
Favors: Ahhh…
(Favors Died)
Amaya: Brick!
Brick: Sorry to keep you waiting princess.
Spitta: The governor dead! You there soldiers! You will cover me awhile I’ll make my escape!
Grado Soldier 1: Who are we to follow your orders civilian!
Grado Soldier 2: Yeah! The governor is down! Quick call in some backup!
Spitta: Damn it all! After i sold out Renais to Grado, i expect to be rewarded for this! Not this! What a useless bunch of soldiers!
(Spitta temporary retreated)
Lily: Oh great. They calling in some reinforcements.
Rodrick: Well done Brick my boy. You just assassinate the governor of this town. And now Grado forces are on our back now.
Brick: Not really the compliment i was hoping for. But i take what i can get.
Amaya: Don’t blame this on Brick you guys. What other choices did we had. It was either be executed on the spot. Or assassinate the guy. And I’m not gonna lie to you, but I’m going with the latter and not the former.
Ahirman: Grado reinforcements should be here shortly. Get into combat everybody.
Rodrick: This should go as smoothly. Don’t go dying on me you moron.
Brick: Oh just shut up already Rodrick.

And with that. It finally done for real this time. Now i just got to finish up the remaining battle conversations and i should finally be done contributing this pme of your Velvet. Hopefully i get those done as soon as possible.

Oh and here a portrait for Favors.

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Got an idea for extra edits.

Add “Emblem Rings”. Of course implementing all the skill stuff would be out of the question but getting something like the stat boosts you get at max bond with them

Edit: They could be like Sacred Stone Emblems, in which they give stat boosts relevant to the key features to a character (Ex. Ephraim Ring giving a boost to STR, Skill and Defense, Marisa giving Skill, speed and luck etc)

Did you know that if you only have one item on your inventory and said item has a skill, that skill actually applies to the unit despite not being equipped? ( wink Veronica one having like a summon-like skill ?)

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Hah, sweet

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Tija palette is broken

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(One Month Later)
Okay let’s just finish this crap already.

Well this post right here shall mark my final contribute to this pme as a whole. And to finish it off im going to write the last few battle conversations that im writing. And these last few remaining conversations belong to both the Valter and Caellach replacements Treyarch and Hendrik. The two characters you probably want to killed the most out of every one here. So let’s start off with Hendrik first.

Rodrick Vs Hendrik
Hendrik: Rodrick?! What the hell are you doing on their side now?!
Hendrik: I see, fighting for them now huh. Then you can die with the rest of them Rodrick!

Brick vs Hendrik
Hendrik: If it a fight you want it a fight your certainly get boy! Come join your comrades in the slaughterhouse, gwahaha!

Tija vs Hendrik
Hendrik: I don’t care you claim yourself as a skilled warrior or not! I’ll already know just how pathetic you are!

Zion vs Hendrik
Hendrik: You should have never shown your face around me again deserter! I’m going to enjoy killing traitors like you the most!

Xavir vs Hendrik
Hendrik: You!
Hendrik: Yeah well… How was that gold you stolen off of me?
Hendrik: Enough words out of you gold digger! I think it’s about time i took your other eye Xavir! Heh heh heh!

Bella vs Hendrik
Hendrik: I don’t care who you are girl! You gonna die out here today! And I’m gonna laugh at your last moments of life right before you! Gwahaha!

Now here Treyarch battle conversations.

Rodrick Vs Treyarch
Treyarch: I am Supreme General Treyarch of Grado! And soon all you pitiful mercenaries will bow before me!

Zion vs Treyarch
Treyarch: Ahhh. Look who decided to come crawling back to back to me. If you seriously think i’m gonna let you back in our ranks, then you’re sorely mistaken. Anyone that dares betray Grado deserves death by the sword.

Greg vs Treyarch
Treyarch: Well… you must be one of those shape shifting dragons i heard legends about. Like that somehow makes you better the i am. You’re still going to lose the battle against me! Join with the rest of your kind in hell freak show!

Brick vs Treyarch
Treyarch: So. You think you and your so called comrades in arms think can stop me and my plans right? Ha! HA HA HA HA! I will not allow a low down loser like you to stand in the way between me and my destiny!

Esfil vs Treyarch
Treyarch: A child soldier huh? Renais must be running out of proper soldiers lately if they send a child here instead. No matter you cannot win against the likes of me!

Kazahana vs Treyarch
Treyarch: Who and the hell are you weird fox lady? You know what i don’t care. I’m so going to annihilator your kind once this battle is over! Mark my damn words you inferior subhuman!

Bella vs Treyarch
Treyarch: Huh what a tiny thief like you here in these desert to fight against the supreme general himself?
Treyarch: I see. Well hear this. I’m going to murder you! And then i put your mother to force labor in the Grado! Your types are always destin to become slaves to a mighty empire like ours!

Faya vs Treyarch
Treyarch: Well well well. Lookee here. If it isn’t the child of the infamous bandit leader Ted.
Treyarch: You seek to undo all the terrible things Ted has done. How foolish of you. You’ll never eraser your father’s legacy. Even with him and his bandits gone for good, his scar that afflicted on Magvel will stay there forever. Yours father destroyed villages, wiped out entire families, and ruined thousands of lives all so he can filled his selfish desires.
Treyarch: …… So… you really want to compared me to your father right now. You think i don’t know what goes on around here today. Yeah well i do. Just because he never committed genocide to an entire races of people, or force civilians into slavery somehow makes him better than me! I’M NOTHING LIKE YOUR FATHER!! I’M NOTHING LIKE THAT COMMON PIECE OF TRASH!! I’M FAR FAR … FAR MORE SUPERIOR THEN HE EVER WISH HE BE!! I’M THE SUPERIOR GENERAL AFTER ALL!!! YOU AND EVERYONE YOU KNOW IS GOING TO SUFFER ENDLESS TORMENT BY ME … AND ME ALONE!!

Man. I did it. I’m finally finished. After almost three months of writing I’m finally done. Geez i never thought it took me this long for me to finish. And so with all that done all i have to say is.


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Hoy there! Behold the revival!!.. n-not really, just getting something out of my mind before it’s just ejected and I forget who I was again. …what was i doing here, who’s that, woah what are those weird protrusions from my hands.

Anyways, with this utter insanity by Vesly

it seems that the 51 character list can be expanded upon. I am quite aware that this is probably the dumbest idea ever, but as I think I mentioned before the biggest reason for this PME was just as an excuse to try out random ideas and learn more random stuff.

So would there be any interest in adding even more characters for maximum stupidity?

  • MOAR characters!!
  • No!
0 voters

To get it out of the way, these extras would be just that-- extras, nothing special will be written for them, they will not be permitted to have special new items (Unless the item already exists of course) or new skills, classes, all that.


Sure. I see no harm in adding a couple more units to go. Also glad to see you somewhat back to work on this pme. Also also no im not writing anymore dialogue for this pme im pretty sure i contribute enough already! And you will dare not make me Velvet!

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If there are more characters, I vote for both more playables and bosses/minibosses, and more deployment slots. FE8 in general has a lot of characters that are great… until you realize that you’ve already got better ones, and then they’re benched, so more deployment slots, and harder maps would help here. Plus, more deployment slots means more chance for dumb cool ideas, like an entire team of mages.


Well it’s that time now! Time for even more insanity, yaaaaay!
Currently there are 20 of these extra extra slots open, but that’s just a random number I chose, if there are more I may jam those in as well.

So let’s see… how are we doing this… I should probably have a separate form for these, but eh, lazy.

Submissions are probably about the same unless I think of something later, but general notes are uh…

  • Extras will only appear AFTER the chapter you want them to appear in! Think Moulder/Vanessa or Knoll.
  • Anything involving text and conversations (including even death quotes) will probably be unused.
  • Character level and base stats will probably lazily be done with autolevels, the levels themselves will probably be somewhere around x0.75 chapter number, so if you choose chapter 6 they’d be level 5 (Prologue is included in this calculation of course).
  • Avaliable classes are any ‘standard’ class in FE8 (This means no Necromancer or Phantom or something, monster classes are fair game though!.. Aside from zombie dragons)
  • Personal skills will probably be completely unused for these fellows.

Have fun!
i really should answer things again but that takes effort.


Does that exclude the custom classes that previous submitters have used?


More standard ones like Deserter and Halberdier are probably fine, but not the big personal-seeming ones like King or Specialist… But I’m also not sure where to draw a line on that myself, ahaha…

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Here comes Newbie 1

Name: Amber
Gender: Female
Affinity: Fire
Class: Sage

Boon: Mag
Bane: Lck

Description: Duchess of a far away land


Inventory: Bolting. Elfire. Elixir

Her join time would be sometime after the final battle between Treyarch and Hendrik. So i guess maybe Chapter 17 River of Regrets. Maybe have her replace one of the River Folk green units in that chapter. She doesn’t because playable in the next chapter but only if she does not die in River of Regrets then she would become playable at all.

Hopefully not all the extra slots gets taken. So maybe i can also add Amber’s girlfriend Merrin along with her. If not then oh well.

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Name: Kassandra
Gender: Female
Replacing: Newbie 2
Affinity: Dark
Class: Mercenary
Promoted Class: Assassin

Boon: Speed
Bane: Luck


HP: 40%
STR: 60%
MAG: 0%
SKL: 60%
SPD: 65%
LCK: 40%
DEF: 55%
RES: 55%

Description: A mercenary for hire. Likes cranberries!

Portrait by DertheVaporion

Class Animation(s):

Iron Sword
Killing Edge

Could you make her join after chapter 7

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I’m assuming they get class grown like generic enemies?

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Name: Aegis
Gender: Male
Replacing: Newbie 3
Affinity: Light
Class: Shaman
Promoted Class: Druid/Summoner

Boon: Defense
Bane: HP

Personal Skill: Fortress Defense

(375% max for normal characters. Probably too much but it’s what I seem to use as standard)
(600% for Myrrh and unpromoted-units-turned-prepromote. Their level and character stats will go down too.)

HP: 25%
STR: 10%
MAG: 50%
SKL: 35%
SPD: 60%
LCK: 75%
DEF: 60%
RES: 60%

Description: A mage obsessed with defensive magic. Has a rare, incurable disease.
Death Quote: Dies(If you do end up using death quotes, I’ll redo this one lol.)

DarkChibimon - The Sinister Bramimond
Credit to DarkChibimon

Comes in after chapter 7


Went through and played with a character to try and get things a little more solidly for this
Hello Lith, helpful example is helpful.

Anyway, characters that pop up after after chapter 12 will be promotable with what I’m doing it seems! For the Lith example there she’d have promoted immediately at level 10. Knowledge! Sort of.

Should probably toss the slightly modified template for newbies before I forget again.

Extra Characters Template~

Promoted Class:


(375% max for normal characters. Probably too much but it’s what I seem to use as standard)





Class Animation(s):


Other stuff (Credits and/or misc stuff I may have forgotten):

As for a list of new items if anyone wants to use them~
44 Shellpiercer (Armour-slayer bow)
64 Spirit Dust (+2 Magic stat up item)
65 Omni Drops (+1 All Stats stat up item)
66 Hunting Bow (Cavalry-slayer bow)
67 Silver Greatblade (Super heavy weighty sword)
68 Silver Greatlance (Super heavy weighty lance)
BF Superior Edge (Swordbreaker sword)
C0 Lanceslayer (Lanceslaying sword)
C1 Ruby Sword (Doubles weapon triange effect)
C3 Silver Greataxe (Super heavy weighty axe)
C4 Silver Greatbow (Super heavy weighty bow)
C5 Silver Hammer (Silver version of hammer)
C8 Rapier (E Rank)
D5 Flame Lance (C Rank) (Fire-flavoured magic lance)
D7 Levin Sword (C Rank) (Thunder-flavoured magic sword)
D8 Hurricane Axe (B Rank) (Wind-flavoured magic 1 range axe)
D9 Radiant Bow (C Rank) (Light-flavoured magic 2 range bow)
DA Flame Sword (B Rank) (Fire-flavoured magic sword)
DB Thunder Sword (B Rank) (Thunder-flavoured magic sword)
E0 Devil Spear (E Rank) (Devil-flavoured lance)

Aye, I’m lazy and don’t want to make two classes for characters so late-game. welp.

I may or may not keep forgetting about summoning.

We shall have to see! I did make Marth’s Perceptive and Roy’s busted Hold Out skills, so actually using them would be fun.

Are they? They look like they should in FEBuilder… hmmmm… More stuff to look into, strange.

Nah, you’re not getting out of this, get cracking!

…hehehe just kidding, thanks for all you’ve done~

We shall see! Do still need to up difficulty properly so maybe with that. Dunno yet!

Nah, they’ll use their own growths!

long post is long.


Name: Xilhar
Replace: Extra Slot
Joins at: Ch19 End of Chapter event
Class: Warrior
Description: A veteran mercenary known as “One Shot”. Few men have ever survived a shot from him.
Affinity: Thunder
Boon: SKL
Bane: SPD


Since I still found that your information on stat calculation wasn’t clear enough, I figured it would be better to just show you my calculations and how I got here.

Unit Base Stats = 0 personal bases + Fighter->Warrior promo gains + Boon/Bane (EDIT: I screwed this up slightly; SKL should be 5 base, not 6. To compensate, since I only used 370/375 total growths, allocate the remainder to SKL to force it to cap out)

Growth Rates = Growth Rates

Calculated at Lv23 as promoted at Lv10 (9 levels gained) and trained to Lv14 promoted (13 levels gained).
Remember FEBuilder Stat Calculator rounds down, so this unit is guaranteed capped STR/SKL. This is a Gotoh with a specific build after all; the build being that he tries to OHKO enemies with his 62 ATK with a Silver Greatbow. 170/375 growth points are expended maxing out STR/SKL anyways.

Also, I forgot to include in the SS. Give him S-Bows and B-Axes. This is a (rare) instance of a Warrior favoring Bows over Axes by a long shot.

Inventory: Silver Greatbow, Silver Greatbow, Hatchet, Elixir

Portrait by Smokeyguy77

Palette: 5553FF7FFF6BFF465A32D6212E193A6B987FD1660C52F24D71390C29A81CA514

Ah, stats are completely done via auto-levels, barring the boon and bane of course. None of the extras will have base stats aside from what their class gives them. There are a few weird things like simulating promotion gains and supposed level ups before a promotion but let me worry about that.

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Name: Merrin
Chapter: appears in Chapter 17 River of Regrets alongside Amber. Because playable in the next if she survived
Gender: Female
Affinity: Ice
Class: Ranger

Boon: Str
Bane: Res

(375% max for normal characters. Probably too much but it’s what I seem to use as standard)

HP: 60%
STR: 50%
MAG: 10%
SKL: 50%
SPD: 50%
LCK: 30%
DEF: 50%
RES: 50%

Description: Amber’s right hand lady also her girlfriend


Inventory: Silver Bow. Longbow. Short Bow. Elixir

Like Amber Merrin also replace one of the River Folk green units in River of Regrets. Again much like Amber Merrin also have to survive the chapter in order to become playable in the next. And she die then she never be playable at all.

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Name: Vanda
Chapter: Joins after chapter 5
Gender: Female
Affinity: Ice
Class: Sword Villager (Trainnee)
Promoted Class: Myrmidon

Boon: Speed
Bane: Luck

(375% max for normal characters. Probably too much but it’s what I seem to use as standard)

HP: 60%
STR: 55%
MAG: 0%
SKL: 55%
SPD: 60%
LCK: 50%
DEF: 50%
RES: 45%

Description: Loves a good tussle! Hopes to become stronger.

Portrait by Redbean

Class Animation(s):
Sword Master animations

Sword Villager animations and map sprites

Levin Sword
Omni Drops
Body Ring

Other stuff (Credits and/or misc stuff I may have forgotten):
Sword Master animation by SteamingTofu
Sword Villager animation By Nuramon
Sword Villager map sprites by HyperGammaSpaces