Introductions are a thing so here's mine!

Hiya! I’ve asked for help in the FEU discord server and been in the repo server so someone might recognize me, but it’s my first time on FEU! I joined because I made a hack and wanted to share it to more than a few friends so I’ll probably be here for a while. If someone can direct me to the hack posting guidelines I’ve been trying to find for the last few minutes that’d be great!

Anyways introduction yeah. I’m mayoness! Your friendly internet funny man and literally oifey from the Fujimori Nattsu fe4 manga. Also the biggest fan of said manga and midir (contested)! Hope this’ll be fun!


You mean this?
FEU Content Policy - Fire Emblem Universe (

I’ll link this too while I’m at it.
The Rules - Fire Emblem Universe (

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I meant more like something that limited my ability to post a project 5 minutes after joining.

I guess that’s because your account is new. Try contacting a mod so that they can lift the restriction.

Welcome, have fun! Looking forward to seeing what you’ve come up with!

Oh no I haven’t tried it yet I just wanted to know if there were any resteictions of the sort.

I have just one question for you, are you an instrument?


Other than that I welcome you and hope you enjoy your time here, I’ll certainly give your hack a go when the website deems you worthy of posting it :cowboy_hat_face:

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Welcome to FEUniverse Mayoness!

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I posted mine 24 hours after joining, so I believe you won’t have a hard time with that

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when It was my first day logged in the restrictions were that you’re unable to post links and media files (screenshots,gifs,etc)(pretty important for projects). I heard this lasts for a week just to avoid spam but you could ask one of the mods in the discord server to get your permissions early, just Screenshot what you need the permissions for, I Dmd Camdar for this. Don’t ping him tho he don’t like that. I think there’s also a way to get permissions early by getting higher trust levels? but I don’t know how to do that

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