Has anyone noticed the current noise of the FE7 sounds?

I tried to import a midi into the FE7 rom but found it sounded really annoying in VBA though OK in Sappy. I used the native piano voices which silent Ground used( yeah, I admit I am too lazy to import a custom one like @Agro did :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ) I can provide the .s file if needed, but I don’t think it causes the trouble because after several hours’ trials and errors, I found that some vanilla sounds also seem to have the slight noise( maybe it is deliberate for the leaves sound in silent Grand, who knows, but the opening bgm also has it, so it may be a hardware limit to GBA). And why do they work in Sappy? The differences between the voice of gba and pc? Has anyone noticed the unpleasant noise of the vanilla sounds in FE7? After all, chances are that they are my auditory hallucinations.

Try this patch: Improved Sound Mixer, by ipatix

The staticky noise is caused by the way the game compresses the sound files, I think, and it is much more noticeable when you have a song that has times where there is silence and no instruments playing in the background (note with static over it -> complete silence). Have you tried using this? edit: circles posted it.

If that patch doesn’t work, the best way to make the static less noticeable is probably to have a very quiet instrument playing in the background during parts where there is normally silence. That should make it so the noise in the background is playing all the time and the player’s mind tunes out the noise, instead of “oh, suddenly everything is silent and I’m hearing the noise as soon as anything plays again”.

we literally just released a patch to help with this. get with the times, Misaka! まったく!

Thanks to your improved mixer, it sounds better now. However, listen to it carefully and some trash noises still remained after each section, which I think may be from the stringed instruments. Considering the midi I need to insert only has a single track, while the voicegroup the silent Ground obviouly has stringed instruments, so maybe I need to make a pure piano voicegroup for it, right? Though I am still confused that what I heard in Sappy doesn’t have such a matter.
the .s file
the native voices: 0x690c58

it’s probably just a sample thing so you need a different piano sample like what @circleseverywhere has

Even with the custom piano sample and the improved sound mixer, there’s still a certain amount of buzz when played in VBA. Maybe I could reduce it by tweaking the decay or something, but it’s really crisp in Sappy already.

Anyway, if you do want it, download this .bin and paste it to $1001860-$1077C2F. Then in Sappy, go to Edit Voice Table and change your piano instrument into a Multi Sample instead of DirectSound. Then change Address1 to 0x1077B10 and Address2 to 0x1077BB8.

If you paste this somewhere else you will have to change all the pointers yourself. You will also need something like 472KB of free space. Still, that’s easier than making your own multi piano.

Okay, here’s something else to try. After installing the improved sound mixer, head to $BE57A and you should see a 94. Try changing it to something like 9A or 9B. The percussion will sound funny but I’m just curious to know if it will help with the buzz. In FE8 you should be able to find an equivalent at $D01E2.

Changing it to 98-99 causes extreme ear-hurting static, 9A or higher will straight up crash. 94-97 makes no discernible difference.

Edit: 97 also causes static when multiple instruments are playing. No difference to the piano though.

Think it’s probably just a limitation of the engine, then. The loop is really short for piano samples and it has to be because otherwise you get a rather inconsistent, wavy sound. Not much I can tell you other than to just try to avoid pure-piano songs.

If you really want, you can turn on the Low pass filter in VBA and direct anyone else playing your hack to do the same.

Interestingly FE7 can go all the way up to 9A before it gets some shitty playback

This is what we were changing, FYI (from Bregalad’s ‘GBA “Sappy” sound engine information’ v1.3):

Direct Sound Playback Frequency
1 - 5734
2 - 7884
3 - 10512
4 - 13379
5 - 15768
6 - 18157
7 - 21024
8 - 26758
9 - 31536
A - 36314
B - 40137
C - 42048

The playback in Sappy is always going to be perfect because it doesn’t rely on 12-year-old software lel

Low Pass Filter removes hiss from normal roms, but the improved sound mixer already removed the hiss and it doesn’t help with the buzz. Oh well.

Thanks for your piano~ I tested it and it proved to be the same issue. The buzz is apparent during the intervals between sections.

Yeah, the gba just seems to dislike pure-piano songs :sweat_smile:

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The GBA isn’t exactly the pinnacle of hardware


I laughed for a good 50 seconds

and therefore stopped searching for a solution for the noise

you win, Brendor