Ghast's MAKE A FUN CHAPTER IV: Submission #8: Bobby Yukitsuki


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Right, I’ll give you the most fun chapter I can think of.


I will try, where do you send the chapter ? UPS ? Does it have to be chapter 1 ?

Good luck hosting this! Should be a good turnout.

Is there any rule on whether this needs to be a standalone chapter or if it can be a feature from another project?

Let me know if you need help LPing when the time comes.

Let’s see if I can actually manage to finish a chapter this time around.

nope. no rules there.

in DMs or on discord DMs. it can be whatever chapter you want to submit

Neat. I’ll prob fire something over down the line.

Sounds fun, hopefully can make something in time for this!


What about public releases? Do they have to be AFTER the deadline?

no they don’t but i know some folks in the past released their chapter publically after it was featured

hey folks. in the past MAFC my old self-insert was used. you can use this if that’s the direction you’re going for.


That armour shading is big brain level.

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Cool!, I watched MAFC III (i think it was 3 at least), so I’ll try making a chapter for you Ghast! (Even tho i never made a map before)

If I wanna play those chapters where to download?
Although i dont think this contest is public lol
Markjoe had a website for people to rage themselves (i mean download the ragefests

The submission deadline is over two months away. Needless to say, there are no download links available yet because the submissions don’t exist yet.


So, for my submission I wanted to let you pick between 3 teams, but I’m not very good at hacking so idk how I could do a menu that lets you pick which team. So if I had one “chapter” where all you did was pick a team and then the main chapter, would that be disqualified?

(also sorry for replying to an old topic)

Something you could do is have each group load differently depending on which one you pick. Also I think this topic could appreciate a bump.

Neat, will submit something in like 2 weeks once I change the dialogue and main character portrait. Really want feedback on bosses that have mmo raid mechanics.

I couldn’t make something for this event in specific in time, but I do have the data from a previous yet similar event I participated in. Would it be okay for me to submit it?