Gales of Nayeli (In Development)

Hello everyone!

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been working on Gales of Nayeli and got most of the game in a playable state. In the past year, we’ve expanded the team quite a bit and we have been working pretty hard on making the game a polished package.

As we approach closer and closer from the Kickstarter Campaign (August 29th!), I felt like this was a great time to start sharing the project officially around here.

This is the Initial Reveal Trailer from a couple of months ago. Since then, we’ve been working on adding full battle animations and sprucing up the visuals.

Speaking of which. here are some screenshots :


Here are some of the core features to Gales of Nayeli :

  • Individualized class system : Every playable unit joins in a unique class and has two promotions exclusive to them. This means that both promotions will be relevant and viable options for you to choose from, tailor made to each unique’s specific skills and niches.

  • Interactive Relationships : Character relationships are strongly intertwined with the plot and will progress in tandem with the story. Their impact will also have tangible effects: Characters will earn extra promotion choices, or give each other gifts that will have gameplay benefits when held.

  • Avatar System : Pick one of 4 starting classes, which adds replay value and adds some of your personality to your gameplay. They will play a supporting role in the story. This is still very much Nayeli’s story to tell.

  • Unit Customization : From held items to skill scrolls, no two playthroughs will be the same. We picked a lot of inspiration from FE4’s held items, personal weapons and unique skill to pump some extra gameplay flair into the playable cast.

  • Side Missions : Some Side Missions will require you to do specific side objectives during certain chapters to gain access to them. These will often have a smaller playable cast to focus on side characters.

And here’s a rapid fire list of smaller details that I find noteworthy :

  • Class Portraits : Everyone gets a new portrait when promoting or changing class.
  • No weapon triangle : The difference between weapon types comes from the weapon variety within that type.
  • Personal Skills : Everyone joins with at least one personal skill and will learn more (or their previous skills will improve) upon leveling up.
  • Rogue Tools : Some items are exclusive to Rogue type classes. These are mainly centered around giving extra tools to reach side objectives (Smoke Bombs teleport the user within 3 tiles) while others will allow them to fight when caught unaware (Stim Packs grant temporary buffs in combat, but unit takes recoil after battle).
  • Breaking the SRPG Studio Mold : We’re reworking almost every aspect of SRPG Studio’s default template to make this game as great as it can be and shed a lot of the stigma that the engine has. There are still a lot of baseline assets in the screenshots that will be replaced by the game’s release.
Extra WIP Snippets


This project is still very much in development and we’re aiming for a late 2023 release, so we’re very much listening to feedback as we progress!

If you liked what you’ve seen so far, consider supporting the project on various platforms. It really helps out a ton!
Kickstarter : Get notified when the campaign goes live. Early backers will get reduces prices on the game.
Twitter : We’ll be posting daily updates until the KS campaign and progress updates during development.
Steam : Wishlist the game to be notified when it comes out in 2023

Thanks for your time! I hope you’re looking forward to future developments!


This looks pretty cool, I’ll definitely be following along with this


I am doing an animation or two for this spiffy project, so check it out :sunglasses:


You have my attention


this looks very promising especially with the customization aspect of it can’t wait to sink my teeth into this one


Thanks a lot for the kind words everybody! It’s been really cool to hear all of the feedback so far.

I’m glad! Creating new items, skill scrolls and promotion classes and experimenting with different combination has been a highlight both for myself as a dev, but for internal playtesters as well.

I do think the choices you’ll be able to make around building your team will be pretty meaty and substantial.

Looking forward to share some more details soon,
Thanks again!