For a Future Romhack (Dunno How Long in The Future, Depends)

Name: Coba
Colors: Black and Red
Weapon: Axe, Lance

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  1. Zyklon
  2. A good color scheme (I think) is brown and orange, Or red and black.
  3. I like axes and swords.

This is a fun idea! I would be willing to contribute to this project once
you have the general idea laid out if you want help with portraits or music.

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I take my hat off to a real crack

name: brasta

favorite color: blue and green

favorite weapons: sword and axe

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Name: Axe
Colours: Green, Blue
Wpn Type: Sword and Lance


Name: Hank, Color: Green and Gray, Weapons: Bow and sword. (he’s a hunter)

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This seems like such a cool idea!

Name: Xander
Color: Brown and Red
Weapons: Sword and Lance

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Name: Iris
Color: Purple
Weapon: Axe, Tome

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Name: Orion
Colors: Cyan and/or Dark Blue
Weapon Types: Lance, Bow

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I’ll throw my hat in the ring, would be cool to see something come out of this!

Name: Christian
Colors: Purple/Pink
Weapons: Axe/Dark Magic

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This looks like fun. :smiley:

Name: Lucienne
Color: either light grey or dark grey, and green
Weapons: Sword, Anima Magic

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Name: Owen
Colours: blue and orange
Weapons: axes and staves

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Very fun idea, I can give it a try !

  1. Otelo
  2. Red and Yellow
  3. Axe and Bow

Wish you best of luck for you future romhack

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Name: Gloria
Colours: Green and Brown
Weapons: anima ans staves

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Yes I’m late but I want to help.
Name: Draximus
Colours: red and black
Weapon: Axes
(Yes he would be a buff guy or smthg like that idk)

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What a splendid idea!

Name: Cynthia
Color: turquoise/magenta
Weapon: lance/sword

Don’t know if this would make things easier but was thinking she would be a maid that has dark thoughts whenever someone told her to do something.

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Dark Sword

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Oh My That’s A lot Of Replies :’)

I can give this a try.

  1. Gabe
  2. Orange, Violet
  3. Dark/Anima magic.
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Lotta units at this point huh?

Well if I’m not too late


Purple / Black

Light Magic

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I Think I Have Enough Now :’) Thank You