Fire Emblem: The Lonely Mirror (Full Game - FE8 ROM Hack)

No problem man. I was pretty surprised that there were more comments not liking the game because to me it has everything that a great rom hack has and it was much more memorable compared to most of the other hacks I’ve played. Keep up the great work and remember that there are surely a lot of people who are waiting for more updates or content :slight_smile:


I will say this, i never actually knew people disliked this hack. I certainly enjoyed myself regardless of my gripes with some of the mechanics.

I liked the story, thought the first few alt maps were a bit rough (this was like two years ago), and still wasn’t sure of my feelings on route splits and mutually exclusive characters (I have since discovered I dislike them on both a gameplay and somewhat of a narrative level), I still enjoyed myself.

Hell, this was one of the first 10 hacks I ever played, and considering I only ever clean out hacks I didn’t like or don’t plan to play again off my 3ds so the fact I left this one on it should mean something.


My only gripe is having two characters locked to the higher difficulties i would like to have the entire cast avalible with out having to always have a difficult time.I would love a patch with them avalible on all difficulties.Radiant dawn had this same problem with Pellas only being in a second playthrough.

@caladrius With the new update I decided to play Lonely Mirror again on Maddening to see the gaiden chapters and the new characters. I wanted to do a Amanda and her gentlemen suitors run. I am happy to say that I’m very glad I did - Lonely Mirror really holds up and is an all around great product.

Final Team

I played on Maddening, which was definitely difficult at times, but never felt unfair. I feel like the only time I truly got frustrated and resorted to save states (I try not to use them except for right before a boss because I don’t want to replay a whole chapter if there’s a random crit chance), was Chapter 30. But it’s also pretty much the final chapter and I don’t think I properly strategized near the start and didn’t want to have to replay it. I feel like maybe there could be fewer reinforcements on that map, but I don’t want to nitpick.

The chapters I found frustrating the first time I played, Prelude 3, Chapter 23 and Chapter 26, I think have been toned down or altered in a way where they were still difficult, but no longer felt punishingly difficult.

I have some (hopefully) constructive criticism/bug notes on a couple of chapters/portions of the game.

Spoilers on Specific Chapters
  • I would love to see Thracia-style trading put into the game. I find inventory management sections of Fire Emblem games kind of annoying and on that note I feel like it just reduces some tedium from trading items or what have you mid map. I don’t think it fundamentally alters gameplay heavily enough to cause you have to rebalance any portion of the game and is just a nice bonus to have.
  • On a similar note, I would love if the convoy could be increased to 200. I only ran out of space near the end of the game, but I mainly like it because I find it easier to organize all my items and do inventory management when they’re all in the convoy so you can hand it out to characters as you see fit. Once again, just saves on some of the tedium of inventory managment.
  • If you could change Support and Talk to be green text to show players that it doesn’t end the turn that would be A+
  • On Chapter 17x, if you skip the cutscene after you have released two of the characters, the other two who are supposed to die stay alive.
  • On Chapter 26x, I think having a couple more chest keys thrown in the mix would be nice. Chances are most players only thief is Atticus, and the way that everyone is sectioned off and the chests are so far apart makes the map kind of annoyingly long for any completionist who wants to get everything unless they’ve loaded up on chest keys somehow.
  • From Chapter 24A - 28, you have five-six chapters without access to any kind of shop other than the basic one in the inventory menu. A lot of these chapters are pretty enemy heavy, and I found that I ran out of 1-2 range axes and lances near the end. Perhaps just me, and I realize that some of these maps it doesn’t really make sense to have stores in, but I could see some people having real difficulty near chapter 27-28 if they didn’t properly prepare 3-4 chapters ago.

Once again, thanks for the great game! I had a lot of fun playing it this time around. :slight_smile:

I gave this hack a go today and am enjoying it so far. Made it to Chapter 6. Vulneraries x5 is how it should always be :).

I do wish that it had the enhanced minimug patch that shows you basic stats and inventory when you hover over a unit; it’s a small thing that feels like a big thing when you don’t have to click on a unit to see what it’s wielding and do mental math to calculate Atk value. Also wish the game would preview how much healing you’re about to do with a staff.

So far the maps are fun and I like the generous growth rates on units!

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