Fire Emblem: The Lonely Mirror (Full Game - FE8 ROM Hack)

I think I just got it. That’s why the chapter is called two for the road, because you get 2 units (Shiloh/Riley, Wanda/Tanya, Danika) (1 if you keep Caspian, Winifred or Travis). So if I recruited Shiloh and Wanda beforehand and Caspian unlocked the gaiden, I could get Tanya and Danika at the cost of Caspian and Riley? Or if I wanted to keep Caspian, I could get one of Riley, Tanya, or Danika?

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So you’re saying that the Gaiden Chapter is a gamble on who you are recruiting and ones who are with you leaves your party for the rest of the game. Sounds really complex, but there are pros to it that one of your units are not doing well with level ups and decide if it’s worth the trouble with training the units.

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Paired endings for anyone who’s curioyus:



Noelle x Liang
Irina x Liang
Ozias x Silvan
Tanya x Parvati
Wise x Tanya
Wise x Wanda
Shane x Wise
Joseph x Wise
Caden x Joseph
Sterling x Riley
Queenie x Joseph
Vergil x Wanda
Vergil x Roxie
Grant x Vergil
Kathryn x Eamon
Atticus x Parvati
Atticus x Liang
Atticus x Brett
Travis x Rob
Myles x Winifred
Myles x Joseph
Lael x Myles
Lael x Queenie
Leah x Myles
Leah x Vergil
Leah x Caden
Boone x Silvan
Boone x Myles
Boone x Ariel
Boone x Caspian
Boone x Queenie
Boone x Leah


Pepper x Riley
Ozias x Eliza
Shiloh x Danika
Wise x Eamon
Shane x Tanya
Benji x Eamon (Benji extra)
Helga x Benji
Kurtis x Faith
Joseph x Tanya
Caden x Helga
Kathryn x Mercer (Mercer extra)
Kathryn x Grant
Brett x Parvati
Tarin x Pepper (Tarin extra)
Caspian x Benji
Winifred x Riley (Winifred extra)
Winifred x Caspian
Winifred x SIlvan
Travis x Vergil
Travis x Saoirse
Ariel x Shiloh (Ariel extra)
Ariel x Travis
Lionel x Tarin (Lionel extra)
Myles x Noelle
Lael x Sterling
Leah x Edith (Leah extra)
Leah x Kathryn

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Actually it is called two for the road because of the double meaning. You can interpret it that you pick up two characters for Boone’s journey, or you can interpret it that two characters take a separate road. The rest of what you wrote is accurate though.

It’s never a gamble or random. You will have full control on who you get in your party. You still get the option to recruit one of Shiloh/Riley and Wanda/Tanya. 17x allows you to recruit the missed characters or Danika with an option to sacrifice the character that triggered the chapter. You will be allowed to recruit 2 out of the pool of 4 characters that appear on the map. It is complex.

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I am once again releasing a small patch with a couple more changes: This one has slightly more changes than the last small patch, but should still be compatible with existing games.

New Written Supports:

  • Leah x Vergil
  • Atticus x Mercer
  • Travis x Roxie

Item changes:

  • Banshee has been revamped. It no longer provided any critical hit rate, but its hit rate has been improved by +15 hit.
    • This should allow Roxie to more reliably silence mages early in the game.
    • Banshee is now a tome that enemies may carry. They are not too common.
  • Pharos (new tome) has been added. This is a personal light magic tome for Lael. It has effective bonus against all dark magic classes - including Mogalls and Gorgons.

Gameplay Changes:

  • Mounted females now have the same Aid calculation as mounted male units.
  • Shiloh and Tynan now have a special battle quote on 17x.
  • Lael begins at Level 5 (previously level 1). Her stats have been improved to reflect her new starting level.
  • Enemy placement changes on Prelude II.
  • Dialog changes to signify how the bridges work in Ch10.
  • A couple Secret Shop item changes.

Hope these changes are good ones. :sweat_smile:


Character Spotlight: Leah

Leah is the deserved spotlight. She scores well on the popularity poll and is the main character in the first part of The Lonely Mirror.


Leah is the Princess of Ametona and the only daughter of King Corwin and Queen Loretta and heir to the throne. Leah grew up sheltered by her parents and enjoyed reading literature, hearing fables from her parents, and even learning swordplay from her father.

Tensions between Ametona and neighboring Celyste had always been high, but after things escalated and Celyste attacked her homeland was when Leah had to rise to the occasion to become a strong leader in order to protect Ametona. She sets out to investigate the origin of the conflict at Granrei and learns of her father’s death, inheriting his sword, Majestra. It is there where she decides to follow a messenger of Celyste, Faith, to meet with Prince Joseph and negotiate the end of the war.

Princess Leah triumphed over the White Lions and gained their support, and she arrived at the meeting point to negotiate with Prince Joseph about the fate of their nations. It is learned that a cult, called the Proclaimers was responsible for manipulating a war between Ametona and Celyste in order to gain control of five Sacred Instruments. Leah and Joseph allied to drive them out of their nations.

After Leah and her companions succeed in driving out the Proclaimers and peace is restored, she returned home to Ametona to learn form her mother about Ametona’s ties with the Proclaimers and the importance of the Sacred Instruments in the fate of humanity.

Instead of investing in relations between Ametona and Celyste, Leah spends about five years investing the Sacred Instruments and learning the Proclaimers’ goals. When the White Lions and Prince Joseph arrive in Ametona to chase a trail left by the Proclaimers, Leah joins her previous allies once again in order to help save the world in a humane way.


During the Celyste-Ametona War, Leah is shown to have shoulder length purple hair that is parted by a red headband. She wears lighter armor that is both red and silver with gold trim. When Leah is met again, she loses the headband in favor of a gold circlet around her forehead, and her hair has grown a little longer. Leah armor is broader having silver shoulder pads while having a red vest with gold trim.

Growth Rates:

HP Pow Skl Spe Lck Def Res
75% 40% 55% 60% 55% 20% 30%

Unit Analysis:

Leah’s has one of the best stat growths in the game with high focus on Skill, Speed, and Luck while also having respectable growths in HP and Res. Leah’s Defense growth is her only very weak growth rate, but her Power growth can be unreliable. Given Leah’s stat spread, she will likely play the role of an agile swordfighter early in the game and is capable of double attacking most all enemies and excelling in avoid. She is also the only character capable of wielding the Rapier in the early game, and is the best unit to deal with calvary.

Leah’s personal sword, Majestra, is one of the best weapons in the entire game – being a magic sword with high attack and critical hit, good usage. This allows Leah to have consistent ranged strike option despite being sword locked and gives her the ability to attack Defense or Resistance consistently. Additionally, Leah’s promotion to Gallant (though, pretty late into the story) grants use of Light Magic in addition to swords, which gives Leah only further increases Leah’s range and options to attack physically or magically.

Leah’s main weakness is her late rejoin and somewhat late promotion. Additionally, she is subject to not leveling well in Power, which hinders her use late in the game even with the powerful Majestra, and she might fall short of other speedy sword users like Myles, Atticus, or Saoirse that have had a lot of EXP investment already.

Overall, Leah’s excellent growth rate, amazing personal weapon, and availability to gain a lot of levels in the first part of the game makes her always in contention as a staple in any party. However, if Leah falls short in the early game, it may not be worth deploying her beyond her rejoin chapter. Despite being a main character and force deployed in the first part of the game, Leah isn’t ever necessary beyond her rejoin chapter. This may give opportunity for other similar units to take her deployment slot. If Leah levels well in Power in the early game, expect her to become one of the most dependable units into the late game. Good power coupled with Leah’s excellent speed growth will highlight her strengths best.

Support Options:

Leah’s affinity is Fire, which is extremely valuable for her needs as a unit. The Fire affinity provides bonus to power, critical hit rate, and avoid all of which aligns well with her role on the team. Leah has access to every type of support affinity aside from Anima, and most all her options work well for her:

  • Boone - Ice
  • Kathryn - Thunder
  • Vergil - Wind
  • Myles - Fire
  • Faith – Light
  • Caden – Thunder
  • Tarin - Dark

Myles provided a double Fire pairing, which happens to be mutually beneficial for Leah and Myles, because both characters desire the boosts in power, critical, and avoid. The only hesitancy about choosing Myles is delaying Myles’s early game support options in favor of Leah.

The Fire and Wind pairing that Vergil provides is a great offensive boost for both characters. Vergil also rejoins on the same chapter as Leah, so there is not a concern about support availability, which makes Vergil one of Leah’s best support options.

Caden and Kathryn provide Leah full critical and avoid boosts with their Thunder affinities, while sacrificing added power for more defense. Kathryn and Caden are either immediately available (in Kathryn’s case) or available soon after (in Caden’s case). Caden, in particular, greatly values the Fire affinity that Leah provides.

Tarin is Leah’s last support option available, and because Tarin joins so late, he appreciates any support option available to him. Leah’s Fire affinity coincidentally is extremely valuable to Tarin as he will appreciate the power boost greatly. The Dark affinity coming from Tarin is great for Leah if she leveled well in power to further improve her avoid and critical hit rate.

Faith provides Light affinity, which has boosts to power and full critical hit boost, which are mutually beneficial for Leah and Faith. The one downside to choosing Faith is her later availability as a unit as well as Faith’s high movement as a flier, which mean Leah and Faith may not be positioned near one another often on the battlefield.

The Boone pairing is not a great choice for Leah as the Ice affinity does not provide boosts to power or critical hit, and those are the two boosts most important to Leah. Building a support pairing with Boone and Leah also means that Boone would have to forgo his early game support options and wait for Leah. Leah and Boone pairing works if the other options are not being used or if desiring to see their ending together.

Popularity Poll:
I intend to continue doing character spotlights each month at least for the remainder of 2021. I will also factor characters that are discussed in posts often in addition to the poll. Vote for your favorite characters and tell me why you like them, or feel free to request any too.



Is maddening tested?? also any chance for danger zone=select update?

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Yes, maddening is tested, but I do not recommend playing maddening for a fire play through. It is good to get a handle on the game first. Normal and Hard mode are both good runs to play too.

I have added in the danger icon that appears when selecting units.


cool but i ment the press select to see all danger zone.

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Unfortunately, I am not sure how to do that feature at the moment. Sorry.


I added it myself with a built in FEBuilder patch.



Thank You for this hack, the difficulty at the last couple of maps was wayy too hard but i managed to finish it, was really nice.

Look forward to ur next project.


I’m sorry if I don’t get this right. So by that, I can practically recruit both Shiloh/Riley and Danika. And just let Tanya/Wanda/Winnifred leave the party right? (Since I got some quite unlucky lv up of them in most of my playthrough, it’s just easier to just ignore them overall lol). It’s quite confusing so I just have to double check.

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Basically you always get one of Shiloh/Riley and Wanda/Tanya. When accessing Ch17x on Maddening, you get the ability to choose 2 of the 4 for your final party.

  1. Shiloh or Riley (whoever is not met on Ch14)
  2. Wanda or Tanya (whoever is not met on Ch17)
  3. Danika
  4. Caspian or Winifred or Travis (whoever spoke to Tynan on Ch17)
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Just download your v11 version, I see that Leah is Lv1. Is there misunderstand from my side?

Character Spotlight: Wanda

This month’s spotlight is all about Wanda. Wanda has scored decently on the character popularity poll, but she is also @Epholo8 favorite character, and I want to do this one as a thank you for his LP content.


Wanda is the only daughter of Lord Talford, and she grew up in an overprotective household stemmed by her birth defect, which caused total blindness in one of her eyes. She fell in love with horseback riding at a young age, but her father forbade it out of fear that she would not be fit to ride due to her condition.

Through the years, Wanda acted the part of perfect daughter for her father. She became knowledgeable of Burga’s commerce and trade accounts with the other nations, and she was even handling trades at a young age. However, horseback riding was not something Wanda could stay away from, and for a while would ride in secret. Wanda’s headstrong passion made her into an expert rider, and she even became proficient in jousting after entering tournaments using an alias.

Eventually, Lord Talford discovered his daughter’s secret. While he became more understanding after learning of Wanda’s talent for riding, he never fully gave his blessing out of fear for his daughter. As a compromise, Lord Talford would allow Wanda to ride on easy roads while she monitored trade routes.

Years later, with Astoria’s coronation in sight, Wanda discovers that the famed White Lions have forced their way into Burga’s border. She reports the invasion to the council but finds it strange that none of Burga’s military suffered any casualties. The turn of events gives her and her father reservation about pursuing with the coronation ceremony and believes it to at least worth listening to the White Lions words of warning. This ultimately results in a delay in the coronation ceremony.

The Talford region is soon invaded by the Proclaimers under Astoria’s order, and Lord Talford is captured in order to release the seal protecting Jubir’s Drum. Wanda fights back and is determined to save her father. If Boone decides to come to Talford’s aid, Wanda is saved by the White Lions and her childhood friend, Wise, and they team up to rescue Lord Talford and stop the coronation ceremony. Wanda assures her new allies that she is someone they can count on in battle, and she will prove that her noble status and partial blindness will not be a burden.

Wanda joins the White Lions in a battle at Jubir’s Terrace against Astoria, the soon to be queen, to save her father. She is ultimately successful and reconciles with her father. To Wanda’s surprise, Lord Talford allows Wanda to ride with the White Lions, because he knows that is what she wants to do in her heart.


Wanda has long red hair that goes down to the middle of her chest. She is blind in her right eye, which is not noticeable in her in-game portrait but can be artistically represented in Wanda’s artwork. Wanda wears white armor over a pink undershirt. Her white armor has a light gold trim on the shoulder pads and chest plate.

Growth Rates:

HP Pow Skl Spe Lck Def Res
70% 30% 35% 55% 45% 50% 35%

Unit Analysis:

Wanda has a very high total growth rate that focuses in Speed, Luck, and Defense as well as having great HP and Res. This gives her the most potential to be the bulkiest of all the cavalier options in the game; however, Wanda has very weak growths in both Power and Skill, which will start to show later in the game as enemies begin to show more bulk.

Wanda’s promotion options are Silver Paladin and Templar. The Silver Paladin class overs Wanda access to bows, which gives her more offensive options later in the game to help deal with fliers or indirectly attacks. Templar gives Wanda the ability to play the role of a backup healer and is overall the superior choice for Wanda, because Wanda will likely not be a reliable unit to one-round enemies later on in the game.

Wanda’s bases and growths will likely see her have a strange trajectory during the course of the game. In her earlier maps, Wanda will fill the role of an offensive lance cavalier that is capable of dispatching enemies and holding choke points reliably. Later in the game, Wanda will do well against enemies with weaker defense, like mages, and can also serve as a bulky support unit or rescuer.

Overall, Wanda is a good candidate for teams looking for a mounted units with prospect of transitioning toward a support role later in the game. Additionally, Wanda can be used to play the same role as an armored unit but with superior mobility, avoid, and resistance, while giving up a little defense and power. This makes Wanda a great unit for baiting enemies on the enemy phase and allowing her stronger allies to clean up on the player phase. Wanda also joins at the time in the game where deployment slots begin to become very competitive. To Wanda’s benefit, the maps followed her recruitment can benefit from units with high mobility – especially Chapter 19, and this can secure her deployment and spot on a team. Wanda’s value in battle will likely hit a wall when it comes to her damage output later on in the game, and she unfortunately has limited options for patching it up aside from a support partner and the coveted energy rings. Then again, any unit can become the best unit after dumping every stat booster obtained.

Support Options:

Wanda’s affinity is Dark, which unfortunately does not provide her with any additional power or defensive boost. The boosts to hit rate, critical hit rate, avoid, and critical avoid are always appreciated and enjoyed by Wanda and some of her support partners.

  • Wise - Fire
  • Vergil - Wind
  • Ariel - Light
  • Saoirse - Wind
  • Shane - Wind

Ariel is a relatively new support option for Wanda, but it happens to be her best and also mutually beneficial for Ariel. Light provides boosts to both Power and Defense, which will further improve Wanda’s ability to tank on enemy phase, while also contributing some to her offense. Ariel’s Light affinity is Wanda’s only support option for boosting her Defense too. In addition, Light will also provide max bonus to Wanda’s hit rate, which is greatly appreciated given her low Skill.

Fire affinity is a great option for Wanda as it provides additional Power, and max bonuses to hit rate, avoid, and critical hit. Wise unfortunately prefers supports that will boost his Power, but he does still enjoy the other bonuses that the Dark affinity provides.

Wanda’s last support option is Wind, and while the worst for Wanda, it is not at all bad as Wind provides bonuses to Power, and grants max hit rate and critical hit rate, which are very appreciated. Vergil can be a great pairing for Wanda if using both mounted units, and Vergil does appreciate the bonuses from the Dark affinity. Saoirse too can be a great support pairing with Wanda; however, Saoirse has many more options than Vergil to consider; still, Dark affinity bonuses will work well for her. Lastly, Because of Shane’s late join time, he will appreciate any support option made available to him, and Wanda happens to be one of his better options.

Popularity Poll:
I intend to continue doing character spotlights each month at least for the remainder of 2021. I will also factor characters that are discussed in posts often in addition to the poll. Vote for your favorite characters and tell me why you like them, or feel free to request any too.


Haha, ain’t that the truth :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks so much for covering Wanda, it’s awesome to see. For anyone that may still be holding off on playing this game, I encourage you to bump it up on your list. As was mentioned, I did a Let’s Play on The Lonely Mirror, and it managed to become my favorite Fire Emblem game outright, to the point that I’ve played a very large amount more off camera.

As it pertains to Wanda, I think that all points were touched upon properly - and I was very happy to see the particular line:

Almost in a casual, underappreciated manner, this game kills the character balance game, and Wanda is no exception. Well, perhaps she’s exceptional in how much fun she is.

She’s got great Speed, high Defense and HP, and very acceptable Res. With her 10 Con, mount, and ability to use Staves or Bows (both of which you’ll quickly find to be some of the most important weapon types in the game), she’s what I’d consider to be one of the better units. Mind, the favoritism is strong here. Her Con is truly spot on, even with the boost from promotion - she’s not weighed down in a significant manner by many of the weapons she would use due to her high speed, and she’s able to rescue a very large majority of your cast - just short of one promoted chonker by the name of Silvan :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’ve found that she becomes a bit of a speed demon dodge tank through her stats and supports, and with her defenses lying where they are, she’s not getting murdered upon being hit - quite far from it. The ‘Armor Knight on a Horse’ vibe is there, no doubt about it. I will say that her Strength and Skill will absolutely be what stops her in her tracks if anything does, and that is largely why I will agree that Templar is the superior promotion path, as staves require neither of those stats. Don’t let that take away from the fact that Bows are impeccably done, and that she will absolutely not feel bad about taking them should you prefer that class.

Now, imagine all of this… with those coveted Energy Rings and Rob Books- er, Secret Books :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Or, y’know, some lucky levels :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I have yet to try it, but I’m very eager in my next run to try for the Wanda/Vergil/Travis/Ariel square. We’ll have full weapon triangle, bows, magic, and healing, all on top of units that boost each others’ capabilities nearly sky-high. Not to mention all of those units being mounted! I’ll note that all of that group but Ariel could likely be considered middling-strength units on their own, and this really does boost them up considerably.

There’s also the fun that would come with her supporting both Wise and Shane, for a full crit build between the three of them. Saoirse, I’ve found, also benefits a lot from the Wanda support - and now that can be made a very robust triangle with Ariel. There are no losers when Wanda’s involved :]

Before I put a bit of a close on this textwall, I’ll say that I think Wanda’s character is quite well done. She’s not overly complex, and that’s perfectly fine. She accomplishes her role very well overall. She’s a noble that wants to be her own person, and she’s held back by her father and her partial blindness. She plays the role of the princess that just wants to be treated like everyone else quite well. She’s also got quite the beautiful in-game portrait and art here, I will say :stuck_out_tongue:

In summation: Wanda good, Wanda based, we like Wanda in this house, and we want the best for Wanda :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Mine had 12 strength at level 15/1

I think I missed the joke somewhere… why do you call Secret Books Rob Books? Has he got low skill? Or is it because he wants to be a writer?

I haven’t used him much so maybe I just have to to figure out this mystery

After beating the game today in hard, i just have to say that it is one of my favorite rom hacks. I would want to provide meaningful feedback but i’ll wait until i finish maddening. Either way, it was a pretty fun experience, the gameplay was really nice and the story was interesting from start to finish.