Fire Emblem: The Lonely Mirror (Concept for FE8 ROM Hack)

Thanks for offering @TheSuzakuSeven to be a guinea pig. I did some spot checking and general things seem to be working fine, but you can never really know. The file has been added as: FE_LonelyMirror_FullGame_v2_03_DisplayEnemyMovementPatch_untested and is available on the Dropbox. Anyone else is welcome to check it out too at their own risk.


So it’s been bug free on my end so far up until chapter 13. When you recruit Silvan, he has zero move.

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I see! I expected sooner or later you’d run into something. Thanks for finding this. I have applied a new patch that has fixed this particular problem. Also with Ozias’s recruitment too as he should have the same issue seen here.


No problem caladrius! Thanks for such a speedy fix! I’ll be hopping back on it today to continue. Having a blast going through maddening after the rebalance!


Hey @TheSuzakuSeven! I wanted to check in with you to ask whether you encountered any additional bugs on the patch that displays the enemy movement range? I hope it is working out well.

I am wanting to make this patch the new, official, recommended patch for The Lonely Mirror. Reason: I just applied an additional update, which fixed an event error that existed in the other version; though, I am not sure if anyone encountered it yet. In any case, I will be recommending to use the patch you have used going forward (assuming you have experienced no other issue): FE_LonelyMirror_FullGame_v2_05

Happy that you have been having a blast on maddening. I did do a lot of rebalancing of the maps, so I am happy it is noticed.


Character Spotlight: Parvati
Parvati wins the spotlight this month. She scored very well on the popularity poll and seems to be a character discussed a lot; perhaps due to her unique class and mechanic in the game. Parvati will lead in the first female character spotlight. Congrats to Parvati!

Parvati was born to a tribe of treasure seekers in Eliora, and while she was fascinated by runes, relics, and the history found in the sand, she also saw the sand as a prison and left her homeland at a young age. Parvati lives a nomadic lifestyle constantly moving across the continent and believes she will learn more about lost history by expanding her rune playground to Aurumasse. Her obsession about runes causes her to develop a one-track mind, so she rarely pays attention to people or events unless it may benefit her rune collection.

Parvati has her first encounter with Princess Leah and company as they escape ambush from Celyste’s invasion. Her fixation on snooping around House Origin at the time caused her to have no knowledge of the Celyste-Ametona War until Leah provided details, which eventually became a direct problem for her travels. Ultimately, Parvati teams up with Leah and her companions as a form of protection in order to cross in Celyste’s borders safely and continue her search for rare runes and relics. It was during these events where she would become acquainted with the White Lions.

Once the war ended, Parvati went her separate ways from her previous companions and continued her travels to Burga to find more runes and relics. It was there where she reached another standstill due to the new Queen’s coronation and Proclaimer’s involvement. After crossing paths with the White Lions once again, Parvati uses them as a solution to continue her search. Parvati’s nature makes her loyal to no one except herself. Always on her feet, she is very cunning and manipulative and uses her tricks to get what she wants or further her own agenda.

During the Celyste-Ametona War, Parvati is a young girl with purple-gray hair, bright blue eyes, and almost shoulder-length hair. When Parvati returns, her hair is much longer in length and she wears a seafoam green ribbon, tied in a bow, as a headband. Parvati’s wears a blue shawl over light armor that matches her ribbon.

Growth Rates:

HP Pow Skl Spe Lck Def Res
50% 40% 40% 45% 75% 20% 40%

Unit Analysis:
Parvati is the only playable Runeseeker in the game, and it is a class unique to her. The Runeseeker uses runes as means of attack. Runes are low durability but very powerful magic attacks, which are found by Parvati on a chapter map through exploration.

Parvati’s stat growth is heavily focused in Luck and Resistance. She will also have decent Skill and Speed with her average growths. HP, Power, and Defense can be her weaker stats given her subpar growth in these areas; however, Parvati’s growths are fairly average in all areas (except HP) and her stats can be prone to a random generator blessing or curse on a given play through. Parvati is a good candidate for the early game Seraph Robe to give her more survivability if planning to use her long-term.

Runes allow Parvati to have a variety of different attack magic with different effects allowing her to apply super effective damage in many situations. Parvati should be played similar to a mage but with the added versatility of using all types of magic while having no elemental weakness herself. However, Parvati requires careful utilization as runes can be used up very quickly causing Parvati to not have any method of attacking or defending herself.

A major downside to Parvati is that she can be cumbersome to level up effectively, especially early game or when runes are limited. Parvati is less likely to do chip shots of damage because of rune durability and will instead be looking for and needing kill experience to keep up with the rest of the team. Even if Parvati is not a team staple, she can also be used to collect runes on the map for extra money. Fortunately for Parvati, she has very good availability in the game to level up.

Parvati has two really good promotion options – Trickster and Scholar. Trickster is the better promotion if looking for more mobility and support as a unit, while Scholar provides a better, more reliable offense in line with Parvati’s previous role as a Runeseeker. Trickster’s access to swords gives Parvati more handle on magic units when utilizing her high Res, and staves are always nice to have. With Scholar, Parvati is able to use all types of elemental magic effectively in addition to her runes.

Overall, Parvati is a good choice for a team if not wanting to stack a team with mages, because she can become an all-in-one unit covering weakness to wind, fire, and thunder as well as handling monster with Bright Runes, and mages with Strike Runes. She can be a jack-of-all-trades, but a master of none depending on how she levels. Parvati is a fun unit to use, and with work, she can function as a main mage, secondary mage, or a support unit on any team

Support Options:
Parvati’s affinity is Ice, which honestly does not provide bonuses compatible with Parvati’s needs as a unit. While Parvati appreciates the defense boosts that Ice provides, she prefers a support partner to boost her middling offense. Unfortunately, Parvati has very limited support options.

  • Atticus - Ice
  • Tanya - Thunder
  • Brett - Fire
  • Sterling - Light
  • Mercer - Thunder

Brett is probably the best support option for Parvati that is mutually beneficial. The Fire affinity provides Parvati with her coveted power and avoid boost as well as a nice boost to critical hit. Brett benefits from the defense and critical defense boosts, which works well with his good HP and patches up his poor luck. The only problem with supporting Brett is that he joins later than most of Parvati’s other support options.

Sterling is the only other unit that provides boosts to offense with his light affinity, and it could work well for Parvati as it also contributes more to her defense. While Sterling prefers a support that boosts his offense like Parvati, he can play the role of a fast tank unit and make great use of ice affinity.

Supporting Atticus would have Parvati double up on Ice. This is probably the worst support option for Parvati; however, Atticus does join a little sooner than Tanya and Mercer, so one can make use of the benefits for longer. Atticus also appreciates the boosts from Ice as it further boosts his survivability as a thief. A more combat focused Atticus should consider other support options though.

Tanya and Mercer’s thunder affinity do not provide Parvati with anything too new to work with outside of extra critical hit. Tanya actually can appreciate the boost to defense, hit rate, and even critical hit negation to allow her to be more well-rounded as a mage. Tanya and Parvati can also have similar roles on the battlefield, so it can be an excuse to pair them up if using both.

Mercer has the potential to have the highest, reliable critical hit rate in the game, and he should stick with his strength; therefore, Parvati’s ice affinity is a poor match for him. Mercer also already possesses very good hit rate and top tier luck. Similar to Parvati, Mercer is chasing a support buddy that provides extra power, avoid, and critical hit.

Popularity Poll:
I intend to continue doing character spotlights each month at least for the remainder of 2021. The next bulk of them will be female characters, because I don’t see too much attention given to any other male character. I will also factor characters that are discussed in posts often in addition to the poll. Vote for your favorite characters and tell me why you like them.


Hey! Things are still going good with it. I haven’t run into any other problems. I’ve had some IrL stuff so I haven’t been able to play too much lately but I’m playing full force again! Ngl I’ve lost more characters this run than last Lol but I’m not sure if you said you haven’t inserted all the supports but I did run into a placeholder C for Myles and Noelle.


There are a number of supports I still haven’t added yet including Myles and Noelle. Support writing can take time, and there are a lot of personalities to explore. I plan on releasing new support conversations iteratively though. No other major plans for The Lonely Mirror, but I am happy to hear new ideas, improvements, or things people would like to see.

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hands down, the best line ever. Say this when your support keep bitching around lol.

Anyway, I like the game overall. Here are my thoughts:

  1. The new classes are mostly interesting, there are some new classes as well which is nice to have. The three element mages branches into different secondary class is also a great concept. The gryphons are cool. Templars and Gold Knights are also cool. The Red Knight is the correct definition of Mage Knight, able to do both physical and magical attacks. However, there are some class tree that I don’t get the reasoning behind it. Travis class, I dont know how he suddenly can become a Mage Knight. Runeseeker’s sprite is more like a samurai, kinda disappointed there.
  2. I wish there’s skills and str/mag split, just to spice it up.
  3. Time skip is always nice to have once in a while. I applaud you for really taking the time to edit the portraits. Boone’s post time skip portrait looks really like a tired adult that almost reaches elderly lol though. I wish Ariel has post time skip portrait too. Other than that, everything is fine.
  4. Runes’ usage is too little in my opinion. Maybe 8 or 10 would be nice.
  5. The plot is interesting, especially the prelude parts. However, there are some holes such as unknown aftermath for certain characters(ex: the boss on first surviving map).
  6. The anima weapon triangle is also cool, especially each element has different effectiveness on certain classes. The dark magic extra perks also cool. The light magic is kinda bland though, especially the long absent viable users from the entire first 10 chapters. No new staff, but that’s okay.
  7. I wish can have both Roxie and Liang, don’t make me choose please lol.
  8. The best thing about this hack is Kathryn. Not only did you provide a healer from the first chapter, but you also make her color palette the combination of pink and white, best combo ever!!!
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Thanks for checking out The Lonely Mirror, @Ysa12. :slight_smile: I have responded to some of your questions and comments.

I personally don’t like skills in Fire Emblem games unless it is really simple like PoR or RD, so I won’t be adding skills to The Lonely Mirror. This decision is mostly out of my personal preference. I find that they dilute my favorite part of the game play. There are plenty of other hacks with skills though.

A str/mag split would be more modern and it could be nice maybe eventually.

Travis can become a Flame Knight because he has an affinity for magic. Honestly, don’t have any other explanation for this but might be flushed out in supports later. I’d be happy to add a new runeseeker sprite if you or someone else wants to make one more appropriate.

Well, I did want Boone to look a little tired after the time skip. He had a lot put on him after the first part of the game and is tense and stressed. Boone isn’t too old though. He is a guy in his 20s and wears a full beard. Beards can make guys look older.

I’ve thought of this… but would make runes more rare to counterbalance. Still not sure how this would play. I am still thinking on this. Runes are pretty plentiful if you are diligent to collect them.

Hm. You want to know what happened to Roscoe if you don’t slay him, huh? Not a bad suggestion. I could add him back in on a later map like I did with Lahey, but Roscoe’s fate is to die.

You actually can have both. One will join early, and the other will join later. It is possible to integrate both these characters on your team.

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Oh I thought I have to accept the tome in chapter 11 to have Roxie join me on the next chapter.

edit: nvm, the lower part of the guide mentioned roxie again. my bad. So, the one we have to choose are Wanda vs Tanya and Shiloh vs Riley right?

That’s right. There is no way of getting all playable units on a single play through. Wanda vs Tanya and Shiloh vs Riley are the choices available.

On Maddening mode, these choices can become a little more complicated if you trigger certain events, but even still, you will never be able to have all playable units on your team - a minimum of two will be missed.


Tell me about it, I’m still upset coming to that realization haha.
The choice was easy for me though, but I might be biased.

Moving Caspian into one of the ruined houses in Ch11 on Maddening will trigger a scene and start a side quest. You will begin encountering a reoccurring character on other chapters. If you Talk with him and follow the rabbit hole, you will receive more variety in who makes it on your team.

Long-time lurker here, just registered to congratulate you on this great hack! I’m having a lot of fun with it, one of the best I’ve ever played. I*ve completed one run on hard mode and it was stressfull but well balanced. I’m a bit scared of maddening mode, but looking forward to the challenge.

The patch for indication of no-movement enemies is very helpful. Unfortunately I encountered one bug, Sterling (on hard mode) has zero move and is thus unusable. (ver2.05)

Also I’m curious about Mercer, I got the item (Moon Charm) in ch.9, but I never found Mercer ever again. Is this content also maddening exclusive? Or do I have to visit specific red villages with only White Lions characters?

Thank you for your hard work and great achievement with this hack!

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Thanks for registering on here, @Tycho to let me know of the Sterling issue. I figured something like this could have come up, because showing the enemy movement patch has only been spot tested. I have updated the patch with fix: Sterling should work fine now.

Okay. Let’s discus Mercer!
Mercer’s Secret Shop is available in all difficulties, but it is rather complicated how it works. On Chapter 9, you will get one of two charms depending on who visits the house (Sun Charm or Moon Charm). On Maddening mode, not buying the item has an entirely different outcome seen later in the game.

Mercer is next found in a house on Chapter 15 (as long as the Charm was purchased). I have indicated the house where you find Mercer in the screenshot below. Mercer will only appear if you visit “mercenary” at least according to the story. This includes: Boone, Caspian, Myles, Ariel, Travis, Winifred, and Saoirse. Here you can buy a Wo Dao to continue the quest. Alternatively, on Maddening, this is your last chance to refuse his offer and trigger the second outcome.

The next Mercer’s Secret Shop is found on Chapter 21 (as long as the Wo Dao was purchased). I have indicated the house location in the screenshot below. This once again requires mercenary character to visit the location. Your prize this time is the Doldrums tome.

The last location where Mercer is found is Chapter 24. This time you can visit with any character of your choosing, and you are reward greatly with a gold and Speedwing.

I apologize for all the crazy triggers around Mercer. I haven’t completely released everything found in the hack yet, because the latest release was the Mercer’s Secret Shop update. I need to honor that for a bit, and there needs to be some secrets to find. Mercer is fun, and has a lot of good dialogue with different characters.

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Wow, thanks for the quick hotfix and the Mercer guide! Now I can use Sterling for the first time, my only dark user in a male only no shops run :slight_smile: I opted to promote Joseph to Wind Sage because I needed another staff user, but without Sterling I think his Dark Griffon would’ve been the only other dark option. And with no shops I need to utilize all the weapons available. Go Sterling!
Quick question: characters can only have one S rank, right?

I understand you want to keep some secrets as for now, so thank you for the Mercer shop guide. Only answer if you want to: is Mercer’s recruitment exclusive to maddening and/or dependent on declining his offers?

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You’re doing a male only run without shops? That’s cool! Early game must be slow only using Vergil and Grant. I am assuming you grabbed Shiloh for this too.

Sterling is a decent character. His main issues being his late join and poor res. Yes, you can only have one S rank. Declining Mercer’s offer on Maddening can lead to his recruitment. Really fun unit too if you give him some exp love.

In my male only run I’m allowing force deployed units and freshly recruited units to act freely. So Leah was free for the whole of part one and a big help, otherwise it would be too slow and with the added no shops I really needed Leah’s swords and burned through Majestra. No healer though. I never allow female units to deploy unless they’re the only option for a recruitment (I think that’s only Queenie for Sterling).
I’ve been doing these no shops runs for pretty much every pre-FE11 game and I find it very interesting having to be very conscious about my weapons usage and availability.
Strangely, with the hotfix for Sterling somehow my Joseph lost a whole weapon rank, I’m certain. Now he can’t use Tornado anymore and Elwind was down to 2 uses and I don’t think there will be much if any wind tomes available in the future, apart from Excalibur. So I used one Hammerne charge on Elwind, hopefully that will be enough to get Joseph to S-wind. El-tomes give two weapon exp, right? Also yes, I got Shiloh for this run.

In my first run also on hard I did a female only run. Obviously I had to make some slight exceptions, because there’re several early chapters where you just don’t yet have enough combat capable female units. But early Roxie pretty much singlehandedly carried me through the rougher parts. Seriously, she can be quite broken with her combined high def and res, very high magic and accurate 1-2 range. I gave her a Robe and a Speedwing and she just snowballed into a monster. That run was with shops though, otherwise there wouldn’t have been nearly enough Flux tomes available. The thing with shop runs aka normal runs though, I really struggled with the inventory capacity limit.

In case you’re interested, my top five kill counts in my female run:
5. Helga 93
4. Parvati 105
3. Winifred 112
2. Leah 116

  1. Roxie 243
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Just to be clear, I can accept the charm from Mercer in chapter 9 and still decline him in chapter 15 to potentially recruit him?

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