Fire Emblem Temple of Ardesia [33 CHAPTERS, 15 Gaidens, 48 total, COMPLETED]

Not sure if this is a bug or what but I’m on 1-3 and the talk option for Irma to talk to the boss isn’t populating.

I removed the talk option from Irma to boss, this would make him not recruitable. As you know, there are many characters that you can recruit and I felt that the player had enough axe users, further more you get two figthers next chapter.

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Makes sense! I was just following the recruitment guide! Is that why Irma has no supports?


This guy has dedicated almost 2 years on fixing his mess, that’s the spirit!


Just an update on bugs I’ve found so far I encountered a bug in 1-5x where I can only talk to tim and no one else then when I talk to nila the screen just goes black and freezes so like I can’t move forward. Also the bard doesn’t show in the support menu as to who he supports with. If you check others you can see him but not him directly. Sorry if this is known I didn’t see a list of “known bugs/errors”

I still have to write some dialogue, I have to look after the Nila bug.

What’s your favourite palette?

I only have these two castle maps, so I would like you to tell me wich one you prefer.


If I may express my humble opinion, as far as I am concerned, the first and fourth respectively.


Fortunatly, those are the ones I already implemented. Glad we share the same taste.

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I’m close to finish the hack, I need to finish writing the story, the credits, the battle quotes, talk events, rally cry before the great battle and fixing the bugs. Down below, there’re screenshoots of one of the battle quotes.


Version 1.58:

-Wrote all the story up to chapter 1-F
-Made small adjustments to the palette of the maps of chapter 1-F and 3-6
-Fixed a bug in wich talking to Nila on chapter 1-5x would freeze the game
-Added more talk events during the chapters
I suggest to not play any gaiden chapters afte part II, I’m still working on them


Version 1.59:

-Added story up to chapter 2-F.

That aside, I would like to know what do you think
about the player units. Is there any unit that stands out?
Do you think some units are garbage, some are broken?
I would like to know so that I may make some changes.

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