Fire Emblem: Survival


I am a long time fan of the FE series and I have been playing, replaying, and trying mods for 18+ years. It has always been a dream of mine to make my own fire emblem game, so here I am.

A year ago I set out to make a 10 chapter, 20 character hack. I completed 4 chapters before setting the project aside temporarily. My inspiration for that hack was zombies mode from Call of Duty. The story involved the party adventuring through one of the different zombies map with characters from that universe appearing as allies or villiains. I ended up setting this to the side as it became too ambitious with the hacking knowledge I had and and the time I had available.

Recently, I reimagined the project. Inspired by rogue-likes such as Slay the Spire I was driven to create a similar fire emblem experience. My goal would be to have each ‘run’ feel like a different experience. Different weapon drops, random scaling enemies, random events, etc. Upon starting the game you would be immediately thrust into the battle prep menu where you would choose 13 level one units among the ones available (Currently a balanced 65 all of whom are friends or family). From there the game begins. A transporter joins the party and gifts you 5000 gold. Hurry up and reach the vendors/armories to equip your units! 5 turns later wave one begins and zombie units rush the party from their spawn points on the outskirts of the map. A boss will also spawn and once it is killed the next wave will begin. Survive as long as you can! What wave will you make it to?

I have tried to design the map and unit spawns to discourage turtling as I know that will definitely be a concern for a hack like this. This idea is essentially one infinitely long unbeatable chapter. When all your units die that’s it, game over. No progress, no keeping items, and no levelled units for the next run. It’s like an ironman mini game in a way.

Changes to vanilla FE8

  • brigands, assassins, marauders can steal
  • rogues have canto and 7 move
  • knights 5 move, Generals 6
  • New classes (Lance Knight, Sword Knight, Axe Knight, Armour Mage, Baron, Squire, Halberdier, Lyn Lord type, Hector Lord type, Alm Lord type, Marauder, Transporter, Bard)
  • Falco Knights wield Bows instead of Swords
  • Wyvern Lords wield Axes instead of Swords
  • much higher EXP gain rate
  • female units/animations for thieves, cavaliers, etc.
  • Halberdiers and Snipers have 15% Crit
  • Master Seals promote everything including trainee classes
  • new animations for some classes
  • Vulnerary 15hp
  • stat boosters renamed to Cod Zombies counterpart, Angelic Robe = Juggernog, Boots = Stamina Up, etc.
  • Light magic generally has higher crit and lower might


  • Map
  • 65 custom characters
  • New classes/animations
  • Wave 1

To Be Completed

  • Animation Palettes (I dread this)
  • enemy waves
  • Quality of life patches (help me)
  • Custom unit descriptions
  • A lot of playtesting
  • More enemy only classes like Zephiel and Nergal
  • More custom weapons

Future Concepts

  • remove support limit of 7 so any character can support any character (No conversations, just rank up)
  • Start on a world map and choose among multiple destinations for the run. Want to do a desert map, a Fog of War map, etc.
  • Magic / Strength separation and hybrid classes as a 3rd promotion option (Dread fighter, War monk, etc.)
  • Unlocks such as characters or new maps after reaching a certain wave
    some sort of revive mechanic, spend 15k to bring a unit back into the fight.
  • more custom weapons and spells


Let me know what you think or if you foresee any issues.


I am trying to upload screenshots but it keeps saying you cannot embed media images in a post?

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i like ur project, hope i can play it someday in future