Fire Emblem Nadia's Temple

I’ve made a new romhack. The hack include for now 15 playable chapter with 33 in order to be made.
The hack includes:
-Over 70 playable characters (still to be implemented)
-2-3 range longbows and improved shortbows.
-Skills by the SkillSystem of CirclesEverywhere
-Each player unit has a personal skill with more that can be unlocked at level 15
-Another skill can be a learned when a unit promotes and then reaches level 5, 10 or 15
-You can see growth rates by pressing backspace
-Fog and rain ( rain for hard mode only)
-A silly story ( I’m not good at writing)
-Golden and diamond weapons (shiny!)
-Axebreaker and lancebreaker, effective versus figthers and spearmen
-Triple class promotion for some units
-A party split after the first quarter of the game
-division of anima magic: fire is strong versus beasts (horse, dogs) and wind, wind is strong versus fliers (no wyverns) and thunder, thunder is strong versus wyverns and dragons and fire
-Magic reaver tomes
-Thieves can get a mount
-Snipers get a crit boost
-Playable fleet for some chapters
-Wind, fire and thunder swords, with each has a respectable trait (wind sword strong vs fliers)
-Strength and magic are split
-much more will come
This is an early beta, so expect a lot to change
Updated version 1.8. Remade some maps.
I reconmend to use the latest patch.

Fire Emblem - bc1.emulator-0
Fire Emblem - bc1.emulator-1
Fire Emblem - bc1.emulator-4
Fire Emblem - bc1.emulator-5
Fire Emblem - bc1.emulator-6
Fire Emblem - bc1.emulator-2
Fire Emblem - bc1.emulator-3


Can we see some screenshots of your hack, please? I want to know what kind of ROM hack is really like instead of running into it blindly and not knowing what to expect.

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If it’s a UPS, you should directly post the link to it in the post itself. Telling someone to go to Github and download it from there without a link is asking for trouble, especially when you can’t even find it by searching.

I tried, but it says I can’t put these kind of files on a post
I dunno why
Now I posted a link, it “should” work

Do not upload or link to roms.


What should I do then? I’m a simple man, just wanted to make a enjoyable romhack, I’m still learning.
Why did you removed the images?

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make it into a UPS file in FEbuilder, I believe it’s under ‘‘file’’.

I have the ups file, but I can’t post it because it says is unauthorized

There was a .gba file in the folder you linked to, which is illegal to share in the US (where FEU and GitHub are both located). Once you remove the .gba file from the github we’ll restore the link. Sorry about this, it’s for legal reasons.


Uh…no UPS patch?

@FrecciaVerde - do you have a .ups patch link? The github link does not work.

It should work now