Fire Emblem Graphics Repository V2: Overhaul Discussion Topic

Problems with the GDrive and Github Repositories.

The new Github Repo is not perfect. It has a lot of flaws, but far fewer than the old GDrive Repo. Better yet, practically all of these can be fixed by a Javascript coder!

Problems the GDrive Repo had which the Github Repo solves.

In the GDrive Repo, there were many longstanding issues I’ve fixed by switching to Github. Here are most of them.

Longstanding Issues with the GDrive Repo (Spoiler)
  • Many animation categories were massive, while others were tiny. The Infantry category had 320 animation folders, but Fliers only had 49. This lopsidedness is no longer an issue, as now most categories hover around 50 folders. I will add new categories as future needs arise.

  • There were many animations listed with weird weapon types. For example, the Sword Brigand was listed under Axes, even though it only had a sword. Well, now it’s listed under Brigands, so I’ve solved that problem and other similar ones.

  • Animations used to have completely random names. Not only were there Repalettes, but also Palette-swaps, Palette-splices, and other random shenaniganry. Now, everything is standardized and you should always know what you are looking at.

  • Credits used to really suck. It was just a long list of names, like:
    [T0][MISC][Refresh](Bard Elffin +FE7-8, Magic)[M]{IS, Black Mage, Temp, Wan, Eldritch Abomination, Orihara_Saki}
    [T1][MAG][Troubadour](Deacon Repalette +Sword, Magic)[M]{Pikmin1211. GabrielKnight, Maiser6, Lisandra_Brave, TBA}
    Not only did this make it hard to read through folders, but it also didn’t give any sense of scale regarding who played what role in the animation’s creation process. Now we have CREDITS.txt files which solve that issue.

  • ‘Broken’ animations and animations with issues previously had to be segregated into the dreaded Insertable - Needs Improvement folder. No more! I will integrate all of those into the main Repo and use the CREDITS.txt file to list any issues the animation has. People can then use the animation while knowing the issues it has.

Problems which can be fixed by a Javascript coder:

Firstly, inside the Battle Animation Repo, I would like to make four changes.

Four Changes (Spoiler)

Links to animation folders from inside the files annoyingly repeat the animation folder in the URL, making all the URL’s not work.

I would like weapon gif previews to jump to a new line after filling up three slots instead of shrinking to the atomic level.

I would like to make the previews themselves look more like…

Instead of:

Basically, just remove the initial still image. It’s not that important to include and it eats up a LOT of vertical space in the Index and Category sections.

And finally, I would like to add a ‘folder blacklist’ for the creator so it won’t add broken folders to the animation gif previews.

See that ‘team animation’ broken thumbnail? I need a way for the Readme getter to not include those folders. Palette folders also appeared there until I manually removed most Palette folders myself.

Next, I would like to add image previews for the Portrait Repository, maps, etc. I will need the existing javascript files I use to compile the Battle Animation Repo also work for all the other folders, too.

Folders needing a Javascript Coder (Spoiler)

The fact we cannot see these images makes the folder functionality FAR worse than what we had on Gdrive. This is very high priority and needs a fix.

Finally, it would be cool if we could get Readme files that, in some way, allowed people to listen to and playtest music from the Music Repository.


Problems that cannot be solved by Javascript.

  • We need better credits for all the animations and such inside the repo. This is just work that will take time.

  • We need people to make sure the ‘Primary Creator’ listed is correct. Typically, one person works on 70%+ of an animation, and others supplement them. I refer to that person as the Primary Creator. So, Ephraim Infantry by Nuramon means Nuramon is the primary creator. There are quite a few animations where I just guessed who the creator was out of the names supplied. If you can help us improve those, we’d appreciate the help.

  • Going along with the previous point, if someone repalettes a Vanilla animation, they get listed as the primary creator. However, if they repalette someone else’s custom/variant/reskin, I still list the other guy as the original creator. I only do this so the reskinned variants/customs will stay together. I’m trying to ‘keep them grouped.’