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It looks like the ASM stuff we were using to restore a hexed unit’s HP is causing the game to blackscreen after the chapter ends. If you’re affected by this, download v1.6.1, patch it over a clean rom, and rename the rom to whatever you named your save file and the chapter should end properly.



A day in the life of Discord.

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Route split code finally works


Lazily copied from SF~

So the current release plan is this:

Unless we go back to change something significant for act 1 or if we have to fix a game breaking error, there will likely not be another release until part of or all of act 2 is completed.

There’s 2-3 chapters written already for both routes but little progress has actually been made on making them due to real life obligations.

Act 2 will be fully completed by next FEE3 and there may be a release with the first half of it sooner than that.

Also I never updated this thread for 1.6.1, but it’s 1.6.1 now.



There’s a pretty good chance of another patch being released that has some edits to the act 1 dialogue and 1-5/maybe 1-6’s gameplay.

Another thing that will be in that patch (if it happens) and all other future patches is edited exp gain for units.

You may be wondering how the exp gain was edited, well it’s really simple, mounted units/combat magic users gain exp at a reduced rate compared to foot units in order to balance them better and keep the foot units as a viable option.

Another thing that’s farther down the pipeline is this:

(Leonhardt stuff is a WIP)

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So, we’re transitioning to the MAKEHACK/buildfile method for SoA, since FEditor is dogshit and breaks our stuff.

This doesn’t really change anything on your end, but you will need to make a clean save when the next version releases, because I tried using a non buildfile save and this happened:

So keep that in mind, and I’ll definitely be reminding you to start over when the next version releases.


We Virtual Console now


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Jesus christ, organize your shit. That home screen’s a mess.


Too much effort

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Pfft, get gud Zim. Gotta have the original cart!


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Blows dust off thread

Updating the OP is too much work, if you don’t check SF for whatever reason then here’s your notification that the next release will be Act 1 with skills and shit implemented. You won’t be able to use your old saves.


Ok but when is act 7 rereleasing


2099 confirmed

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Still comes before TWOW


Time to revive this thread so I can shill 1.7.1

We got skills, we got writing fixes, we got map design edits.

Download here

Approximately half of act 2 will show up for FEE3


but where are my fancy screenshots and stuff?