FEU Tries to Balance A Pokemon Metagame


double post but i have a fuckton of move changes

  • Double Slap is now 25 BP, 100 Acc, Fairy type
  • Fury Attack, Fury Swipes, Arm Thrust are now 25 BP, 100 Acc
  • Comet Punch is now 18 BP, 100 Acc, +1 priority
  • Fly and Bounce no longer have charge turns
  • Double Kick is now 40 BP
  • Twineedle is now 35 BP, 100 Acc, no poison chance, works similarly to Sucker Punch, still hits twice
  • Blizzard, Thunder, Hurricane, and Focus Blast are now 110 BP, 75 Acc
  • Hyper Beam and Giga Impact are now 80 BP, 100 Acc, always crit
  • Submission is now 90 BP, 100 Acc
  • Strength is now 80 BP, 100 Acc, Rock type
  • Solar Beam is now 110 BP, 75 Acc, 30% burn chance, no charge turn, always hits in sun
  • Dragon Rage, Psywave, and Sonic Boom now function like Night Shade and Seismic Toss
  • Dig and Dive no longer have charge turns
  • Withdraw and Charge are now 50% recovery moves akin to Recover (you can also rename Charge to Recharge)
  • Egg Bomb is now 120 BP, 85 Acc, Grass type
  • Spike Cannon is now 25 BP, 100 Acc, Ground type
  • Dream Eater, Draining Kiss, and Parabolic Charge are now 80 BP and function identically to Giga Drain
  • Giga Drain, Drain Punch, and Horn Leech are now 80 BP
  • Barrage is now 25 BP, 100 Acc, Steel type
  • Nightmare is now a Special Ghost-type Magma Storm
  • Frenzy Plant is now a Special Grass-type Thousand Waves
  • Crush Grip is now a Normal-type Thousand Waves
  • Flame Wheel is now a Fire-type Quick Attack
  • Spark is now an Electric-type Quick Attack
  • Razor Leaf is now a Grass-type Quick Attack
  • Swift is now a Normal-type Vacuum Wave
  • Magical Leaf is now a Grass-type Vacuum Wave
  • Electro Ball is now an Electric-type Vacuum Wave
  • Steel Wing is now a Steel-type Acrobatics
  • Secret Power is now a physical Hidden Power
  • Beat Up is now 25 BP, 100 Acc, hits 2-5 times
  • Luster Purge and Mist Ball are now 100 BP and have a 100% chance to lower their respective stat
  • Blast Burn is now a special Sacred Fire
  • Hydro Cannon is now a Water-type Aeroblast
  • Shadow Punch is now 80 BP
  • Phantom Force and Shadow Force no longer have a charge turn and never miss, but no longer hit through Protect
  • Howl is now identical to Dragon Dance
  • Shock Wave is now boosted by Mega Launcher, akin to Water Pulse
  • Aqua Tail is now 45 BP but hits twice
  • X-Scissor now has a high crit chance (finally)
  • Mud Bomb now has 80 BP
  • Cross Poison is now identical to Aqua Tail (lack of secondary effects and all)
  • Charge Beam now has a 100% chance to raise SpA by 1 stage
  • Attack Order is now a 90 BP special move that hits physical defense, like Psyshock
  • Head Smash is now a Rock-type Double-Edge
  • Flame Burst is now a Fire-type Water Shuriken
  • Low Sweep is 60 BP again
  • Flame Charge and Power-Up Punch are now 60 BP
  • Chip Away is now 80 BP and Rock-type
  • Incinerate is now a special Fire-type Knock Off, because I’m a fucking sadist
  • The Pledge moves are now 100 BP
  • Gear Grind and Dual Chop are now 45 BP, 100 Acc
  • Techno Blast is now 120 BP and Steel type
  • Relic Song and Secret Sword are now 90 BP
  • Glaciate is now 100 BP
  • Fusion Bolt and Fusion Flare now have a 40% chance to paralyze and burn, respectively
  • Freeze Shock and Ice Burn no longer have charge turns
  • Kyurem-Black is probably instabanned now
  • Noble Roar is now identical to Parting Shot
  • Acid is now identical numbers-wise to Freeze-Dry, but it is super effective against Steel types
  • Land’s Wrath now has a 100% chance to lower the target’s Attack, Defense, and Speed by one stage each

i, uh, already planned for spike cannon to be water type, sorry
edit: crush grip and a bunch of moves I don’t feel so good about, namely all the priority moves, recovery moves, guarenteed crits, the recharge elemental moves, head smash, noble roar, land’s wrath, and especially flame burst. a water type
also apparently this never posted:

Here’s a quick one: Rapidash. +10 to speed, and it’ll now learn Extreme Speed.
Here’s another quick one: Spike Cannon. It’s now Water type. Primarily a buff for Cloyster, but all the pokemon that can learn it are Water type, so…
Crush Grip now deals damage on the user’s HP. Its base power is 180, and decreases with the user’s health.
On that note of Regigigas, Slow Start lasts only three turns, and Regigigas can learn all the global TMs it couldn’t (such as Protect and Rest)
Wring Out is now a Grass type clone of Eruption and Water Spout.
Defeatist is removed upon KOing a Pokemon
Roserade. +10 speed, learns sludge wave, moon blast, venoshock, and wring out
Base and Mega Audino: +10 HP, +20 Special Attack
Healer: Now functions like Shed Skin

Another edit: :slight_smile:


Introducing Magcargo, hands down, the worst fully evolved fire type in the game. Say what you will about Flareon, at least it doesn’t have the same base stat total as Ponyta. (prior to Gen 7)

Seriously these are so bad for a Pokemon that evolves late where do I begin???

How do we fix this? Give it a mega evolution!

Mega Magcargo:
Weight: 58kg
Ability: Magma Armor
BST: 530 (+30 Special Defense, +30 Special Attack, +30 Speed, +10 Defense)

It’ll also learn Eruption, Power Gem, Iron Defense, Withdraw, Parting Shot, and Burn Up.
Ooh, almost forgot Self Destruct and Explosion!
Why didn’t I change its stats to better suit Shell Smash? It’s ability, Magma Armor, has been improved! Upon contact with a Water-type move, it will deal no damage and Magcargo’s defense and special defense will raise by 1! It’s Pokedex entries always mention water vaporizing on contact, so Magcargo shouldn’t have a 4x weakness to it! The buff will also apply to Camerupt.

And with that, Magcargo can reach for the high tiers! While it still has a few common weaknesses, but 7 resistances and 1 immunity, and fairly good defensive and offensive stats should make it a nice wall. It can also be a Shell Smash sweeper, though its speed is rather lacking for it.


i meant that flame burst would be identical to water shuriken, but fire type, with the 15 bp multihit priority thing


the priority and having a multi hit fire move in general is what bothers me since quite a lot of pokemon can learn it

  • You can always rebalance the learnsets of the problematic moves to make them less so, but I changed common moves to give more of the cast wider access to useful tools like priority, buffing a large amount of Pokemon that struggle without it.
  • Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, and Hydro Cannon are exclusive to 7 Pokemon each, most of which are unviable, and Crush Grip, Land’s Wrath, and Noble Roar are each signature moves. As it stands, Land’s Wrath has no space for a moveslot over Thousand Arrows on Zygarde, Crush Grip is locked to Regigigas (and it gives him a very useful tool to help mitigate Slow Start), and Noble Roar is only on Litleo and Pyroar (and would they really be broken with Parting Shot?)
  • Head Smash is just more in line with the other recoil moves. Less power, less recoil. It’s literally a Rock-type Brave Bird.
  • Hyper Beam and Giga Impact are probably my iffiest changes, but it makes them viable on a large amount of Pokemon, which hasn’t been the case since Gen 1. If you don’t like the changes, they’re probably the ones I like the least, too.
  • Comet Punch, if you’re concerned about it, has very shaky distribution. Almost jack shit gets it tbh
  • Same with Howl tbh. Completely changes the roles of Pokemon like Arcanine and Houndoom, while giving mons like Mightyena a viable boosting option.
  • Honestly, my favorite change is Secret Power, since we fuckin need that shit Game Freak
  • I’m surprised you didn’t comment on Incinerate. Why yes, I do want the meta to burn /s
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>a million move changes


Why are you removing the most fun parts of some moves (Phantom/Shadow Force going through things, removing charge turns, etc) because this seems… kind of dumb? A huge part of these moves are their charge / evasion turns and are what make them interesting moves to run.

Removing moves (Withdraw, Charge) seems like a further mistake.

Techno Blast explicitly uses Normal on account of Drives, so making it Steel violates how the rest of them are treated.

I honestly think that burning up items is a good thing. It’s not really a mistake at all.

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  1. Even though the moves you mentioned were interesting, nobody in their right mind would ever use them seriously. There’s a trade-off here: Would you rather the moves be interesting but largely unviable or viable but fairly similar to other moves? I’d rather have interesting Pokemon with good moves than interesting moves on bad Pokemon.
  2. I didn’t remove Withdraw OR Charge; rather, I REWORKED them into recovery moves, giving Pokemon like Blastoise and Torkoal access to recovery.
  3. Techno Blast is bad anyway, making it STAB means that Genesect might actually fucking use its signature move.
  4. Do you really think that adding a special Knock Off to the meta is a good idea? Especially when Incinerate is learned by Pokemon like Clefable, Slowbro, Tyranitar, the buffed Torkoal, Salamence, Togekiss, Mandibuzz, Tornadus, Thundurus, Goodra, and fucking CHANSEY. It’s up to you guys whether you want to add it, but I think it’s thematic yet disgusting.

1 -> I would rather have interesting nearly unviable moves because that makes the moment when they do get to work be absolutely priceless.

2 -> You removed two moves and added two moves in their places.

3 -> That’s not wrong – it’s actually a good idea, I just wasn’t sold on it at the time

4 -> I, no, do not think that it is a “good” idea, but I think it is a “fun” idea. I value fun over good.


On the note of Techno Blast, here’s a dumb concept:

The drives will change Genesect’s Steel Type to either Fire, Water, Electric, or Ice
Techno Blast will match the type of the drive, too

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  1. Sure, but for moves like Phantom Force, if they were normalized into normal moves, the lack of uniqueness of the move would be offset completely by the amount of unique Pokemon it makes more viable. Seriously, why isn’t there a widespread physical Ghost-type move that’s over 70 BP?
  2. If you’re going to be semantic like that, I technically removed every move that I changed and added new ones in their places. (Besides, Withdraw and Charge were utterly useless in every way. Their old variants won’t be missed. At all.)
  3. :slight_smile:
  4. knock off spam >fun


How about the removal of Double Team? Because Double Team spam = no fun. Also, changes to moves like Withdraw and Charge

And one of change to this guy: https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/b/b9/448Lucario-Mega.png

From the Pokedex entry from Moon: It readies itself to face its enemies by focusing its mental energies. Its fighting style can be summed up in a single word: heartless

When Mega Lucario uses Aura Sphere, it gain a Thrash like style of continue action for 2 to 4 turns, than get confused. I will think for another Mega Pokémon ‘Sig’ moves

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that mega lucario change seems waaaaaaaaaaaaay too complicated and broken
why not just replace adaptability with technician to nerf it down to a reasonable level


I don’t see how its broken, Thrash works the same way. The user rampages and attacks for two to three turns. The user then becomes confused. And it fits the heartless, merciless fighting style that Mega Lucario gains.


actually, it’s the opposite of broken. that makes aura sphere unviable on mega lucario because if you ever click it once, your opponent has a free switch into anything that resists and a free turn of setup.
it’s way too complicated too, keeping megas the way they are and simply revamping what we have (ability/stats/typing/etc.) is probably the best way to go about this


Hello everybody,
back for another Rework, cause those are fun.
This time, I’m going to tackling…
I’m the rework.
Fear me.

But seriously, I’m gonna rework the Regi trio,
Regirock, Regice, and Registeel,
since I just find it sad how, despite the INSANE amount of work you need to get these three robotic boys,
the payoff is that of an error 404.
There isn’t any payoff.
So, let’s go and Register these dotted tanks as viable, shall we?

Let’s start off with something basic,
and last I checked, rocks are, pretty basic.

Oooh, this rocks sparkly!
If his stats are any bit as shiny, we might not need to change anything!

Not all that bad honestly,
Solid stats all around, and a MASSIVE defense stat.
What’s the issue?
Well, for starters…
He’s slow, and lacks reliable recovery.
Also, despite his good attack stat, he doesn’t deal enough damage to be a threat.
This seems like a couple of simple changes.

First off, +20 to his Attack stat.
Easy enough fix.
And to deal with his lack of recovery…
I COULD just give him recover,
but that seems lazy to me.
Plus, I don’t think this guys into recovery…
I think he’s more into…
Regirock now gets Regenerator instead of Sturdy!

Ba da bing ba da boom!
He gud now.
Seriously, that’s this guy needs.
And before you bring in “why regenerator”,
here’s a pokedex entry for you.
“Regirock was sealed away by people long ago. If this Pokémon’s body is damaged in battle, it is said to seek out suitable rocks on its own to repair itself.” ~Omega Ruby

Okay, I can understand if things got just a tad bit heated there.
How about we just…
chill out, you know?

Ah shoot!
A normal boy…
or girl…
I’m not assuming, you are.
Regardless though, how’s the iceberg fairing compared to the canyon?

Exactly the same, but this time he’s special.
Well, I guess we’ll just change up his ability and attack, like we did with Dwayne.
+20 Special Attack.
Ice Body, more like… Not-so-nIce body…
Got em!

Okay, seriously, gross.
Let’s change it up.
Regice now gets Heatproof instead of Ice Body!
Once again, we go to Rotom (fucking hate that Alolan piece of shite), for answers.
“Regice cloaks itself with frigid air of -328 degrees Fahrenheit. Things will freeze solid just by going near this Pokémon. Its icy body is so cold, it will not melt even if it is immersed in magma.” ~Alpha Sapphire

So yeah, that’s neat…
However, I feel Regice might need just a little bit more to start skating with the pros.
First off, it now gets Stealth Rock.
His brothers get it, afterall. We shouldn’t neglect our cold brethren.
Next up, he gets Recover.

Why does Ice get it but not Johnson?

Just go with me for this one.
Finally, he gets Freeze-Dry.
Kind of silly how he didn’t get it before, but whatever.
Also, let’s not neglect that the changes I recently added on the Ice Type, also go for Regice as well.
So yeah, I’d say he’s fixed.
Dragons beware of this frozen tyrant.

And finally, to my favorite of the trio.

Alrighty, we had one physically buff guy, and one specially articulate fella, what’s the robot gonna be?

I always knew Registeel was the middle child.
Seems being a jack of all trades worked in his favor though,
since he’s actually the most viable out of all the Regi’s.
Yes, even his dad is worse than him.
Sniff they grow up so fast!
Okay okay, but what’s this guy need?
Not much, but we’ll give him the goods anyways.

Registeel now gets Filter instead of Light Metal!
Again, easy fix.
But jesus, the Regi’s got fucked over when it came to Hidden abilities.
We’ll also do the usual attack buffs,
+10 in Attack and Special Attack.
Cause it works.

Finally, new move time!
The only thing he really needs, is recovery.
So recover.

What ABOUT Maui?
Okay FINE!
Regirock gets Recover too now.

Thrice the mons, thrice the work,
but hopefully, thrice the payoff too.

Oh, right!
Dad’s still stuck in his wheelchair!
maybe later.

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Evasion clause is active so Double Team and any other move of the sort can’t be used

This uses OU clauses so Mega Lucario is banned, plus that aura sphere change sounds extremely dumb and any ghost will just wall it

I’d argue it’d still be stupid since it gets stuff like vacuum wave, nasty plot, swords dance, and bullet punch


Let’s have Typhlosion be Fire/Electric, give it Blaze/Motor Drive/No Guard, and give it Thunderbolt/Thunder.

It’s not based on anything but I thought it would be cool and its fire mane looks spiky like lightning. I think No Guard is fun but also too good to be honest, its stats might keep it in check though. Kept Blaze because of the earlier pledge move change.


It doesn’t really fix its abyssimal movepool, though stab thunder with either perfect hit or an electric immunity is nice, but now it gets riddled with a x4 ground weakness

I’ll write an analysis for typhlosion later


sure, but it still nerfs his power to a bit more reasonable of a level
bullet punch may be more powerful by ten fucking base power, but he no longer has that nuclear close combat, that even more nuclear high jump kick, that fairly nuclear meteor mash
plus, his options become a bit weirder and a bit more interesting
we might see mega lucarios running shit like force palm, rock tomb, bite, water pulse, hidden power ghost, or even bone rush

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As promised, let’s do more with Typhlosion, shall we?

First off: Movepool, arguably one of its biggest weaknesses. Numerous of Typhlosion’s Pokedex entries mention an ability to rub its fur to cause huge explosions, right? Well, Typhlosion will now be able to learn both Self Destruct and Explosion! That won’t be all though, one of Typhlosion’s bigger weaknesses is its atrocious movepool. As a special attacker and a starter, we can afford to add more, no?
Typhlosion will also learn Earth Power, FIre Spin, Dark Pulse, Calm Mind, Work Up, Focus Blast, Mean Look, and Ancient Power.

With that, we’ve basically finished, but to make sure we don’t forget anything, let’s give a simple +10 to attack and special attack. We can give +20 to the other starters, too.

But why stop at just one? Let’s do a second Pokemon: Noctowl!

What? What do you mean, “this one’s also shiny”? First Regirock, now this? Are they even rare anymore?

Let’s look at its stats first and… yeah it’s not surprising to see why this thing is bad. While it’s quite the specially defensive wall, its defense is awful and its offensive presence is nearly nonexistent. To fix that, I’ll be giving +10 to defense, special attack, and speed. Now it can take hits better and actually damage things.

Next, it’s typing. Let’s change it to Psychic/Flying. This is a bit of a nerf defensively, but Noctowl can learn a myriad of Psychic type moves, so making them STAB in the same vein as Luxray won’t be that bad.

Now, we have movepool. It’s very lacking, though it has some neat things like Heat Wave, Defog, and even Hurricane. Noctowl can now learn Psyshock, Dazzling Gleam, Dark Pulse, Hyper Voice, and Boomburst. For status, let’s give it Glare and Calm Mind. This will make Noctowl quite the terrifying bird to face.

Finally, let’s change Keen Eye to Intimidate. Tinted Lens will still be an option for those who want to run it, but with intimidate, we can basically run a slightly weaker and slower Staraptor, but with Special Attack and some other coverage.
It’ll face competition from other flying types in the meta, but this new Noctowl should be a force to be reckoned with!