FEE3 2020: The post-mortem thread. Learnings & opportunities as we head into 2021

I ran my viewership report again, and thus it should be updated with views/likes that have poured
in over the past week.

Not a whole lot new, other than view counts being somewhat higher. Probably the most interesting
development is the flattening of views in the latter portion of the event; views don’t seem as much
to be steadily decreasing throughout the event now so much as falling off quickly in the first few
days and then remaining fairly steady. The very last day was notably higher than preceding days.


I was gunna host an FEU Game Jam like forever ago but then ghast showed up outta the blue and announced his last MAFC.


Are you making fun of the idea to advertise the event better, or am I getting something wrong? Maybe I just interpret it wrong though. :sweat_smile:

In my opinion all that has to be done is:

  • Asking VincentASM on Serenes Forest if a news article would be possible
  • Maintain the FEE3 thread on the FE subreddit a little bit better - discuss the event with people
  • Encourage people to share the event

Oh the last point reminds me that we could also encourage viewers to comment on the videos and share them by utilizing Call to Action.

For the next FEE3 I could provide an animated endcard, a lower third reminding to subscribe and a short intro that could be played before each video if this is helpful.


does FEU still have its patreon? use the funds to cover for art assets for next year/ future events?

Not at all - I’m the marketing officer for my own IRL concerts and have seen the effect of good promoting vs. not promoting at all. Bookings for our shows have increased about 200-300% since I’ve started managing things.

Ideally, FEU would have a budget, and then a committee to utilise and handle the budget properly.

Given the nature of the communities it’s probably not possible or ideal to do this, since I don’t think that FEU would be able to incorporate, but we could certainly ask for more art/promotions volunteers and also make it clear to people that everything about the event is done on a volunteer basis.


Let’s buy youtube ad space.

Donate to circles.

Let’s buy youtube


Too expensive.

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Do people still use Serenes?

I became active here in April and it was through serenes. Not that I really used their site, but it did lead me here.

Definitely worth advertising on a site with much greater historical traffic and a longer legacy. Even if the fegba hacking section of their forums is dead, there are still many people familiar with SF but not FEU.

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I was the former fan project moderator on Serenes. They have a rule against advertising other websites and forums.

If you want SF to help advertise, SF needs to be involved in the event directly. That’s how I was able to get SF super involved in advertising the event in 2016.

Don’t get me wrong. Its not a “forum vs forum thing” SF just has rules about linking and promoting to outside sites. Don’t start derailing this thread joking about SF either please.


its ok i love serenes so much i use their theme


Apologies if my post came off that way.

From what I gather, it would be appropriate to link to the fee3 committee discord and googledoc forms for project submission just as was done on FEU. That would make it open to the SF community and not purely an advertising ploy. I would love for nothing more than for the SF community to be involved, too. However, the One Hour Blitz contest unfortunately has received no submissions from SF compared with a respectable fourteen submissions on FEU, which leads me to believe that the primary purpose of posting FEE3 stuff there would essentially be for advertising the fruits of our labor. Still, though, there’s no harm in trying, and I think it’s nice to attempt to reach a wider demographic and encourage new users to try out these hacks or learn how to make hacks themselves.

I only became active in this community in April, afterall, and it was through SF leading me here. Working with SF in some way for next year’s FEE3 is definitely worth a thought.

We were in contact with the admins over on the SF side (as we were with the r/fe mods), but unsure what promotions came of it if any. I agree this could def be improved and we could and should cross-promote across more places.

nah its fine. i shoulda been more specific. In the past, feu members would poke fun at SF and it made me feel weird because i used to moderate that forum lol. I was just being precautionary.

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Following up here - I am currently working through an FEE3 guide, which will help future organizers, volunteer committees, and project creators run future events. The goal is to make event organization transparent, scalable, and easy so that any individual can follow the “playbook” to run the event smoothly.

This guide will launch incomplete and will be updated over time by myself and other staff members. Thank you again for all of your ideas, feedback, and support for the event.


Hopefully you will eventually release it for public scrutiny.

Yes it will be publicly available.

EDIT: Here it is. This is WIP and will be updated, but this should be enough to get us started.


Hey all, back again with a last viewership report. Thought it may be interesting to see how things looked a couple of months removed from the event, when all of the videos have been out there for a bit. Report can be viewed below:

Overall, not a lot of difference. Most videos have picked up a hundred or so more views, but the majority of views seemed to be present when I ran this analysis within a week of the end of the event. Shoutouts to Nuramon’s Animation showcase, which has garnered almost 5,000 views.

I also uploaded the RMarkdown script that I’ve been using to generate these reports. It’s messy, as I did everything in one script, and it wouldn’t have been worth it to make a GitHub page for just this single script. However, the data is defined in this script as well, and it might prove useful to someone. With the proper R depencies installed, one should be able to run this script and generate a report with up-to-date results at their leisure. Feel free to use and edit as you see fit. Link below: