Fe9 style base in febuilder?

Hi all. I’m toying with the idea of porting my Lex talionis project to febuilder. Potentially just switching to it but perhaps more likely porting it when it is finished. I wonder though, is there any way to get an Fe9 style base mechanic in febuilder, with base supports, base convos and the like? I fiddled around a little bit with a base patch I found in febuilder but could not really get anything to work.


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The patch labelled “base camp patch” in builder is kinda misnamed, all it does is disable support gain outside of one specified map. For base conversations, I recommend using

Not useable with builder, however.


Thank you for the answer. Buildfiles is a little daunting, but I might have to learn it at some point if this is the case.

The purpose of the patch is different.

In FE8, Map0x39 (Melkaen Coast) is often used as a base map, as it can be accessed from anywhere.
And there was a demand to ban Support outside of the base.
That’s why this patch was created.

Similar maps are Map 0x24 (Tower of Valni 1) and Map 0x2e (Lagdou Ruins 1).

If you want to build a base or a city, you can use these maps.

However, this is not the FE9 style base.
It may be similar to FE16’s Garreg Mach Monastery, for example.

If your game has access to a world map, create a Node on the map that can navigate to these Maps.
Then the player can use the world map to visit those cities as many times as he wants.

If your game does not have a world map, then in the EndEvent of each chapter, set the global flag to go to these Maps instead of the next chapter.
Then, in this chapter’s EndEvent, move to the original next chapter.
That way, after clearing the chapter, you can bring the player back to the base map.
The player can talk there, do some shopping, and then march on to the next chapter.


This is quite helpful thanks. If a system like this is made, is it possible to make it so that support conversations can only be had on this map?

That is the entirety of what the builder patch does.

Right. I thought that you said it disables support gain? So if I have understood this correctly now, it makes it so that you still build up supports on all maps, but makes it so that the support convos themselves can only be had on a specified map. Only one? Or can you specify a few?

Yeah I was wrong before and misspoke; it only disables activating the conversation outside the one specified map, not gaining support points.

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Right that is far more helpful then! Do you know if it limits supports to just a single map, or could I have a few or several different versions and have supports work in all of them?

The patch is for a single map.

However, I think that prohibiting support outside the base is overkill.

Depending on the game, it may be difficult to return to the base.
In FE16, you can easily return to the base even in the middle of the war, but it is unnatural to return to the base while invading the enemy country.
Therefore, in such a case, you may not be able to return to the base.
In such cases, these patches are useful.

NAME.en=Double the support points you get on a particular map
INFO.en=This patch allows you to get multiple times more support points on certain maps, such as cities.\r\nOne normal map is 1 point, but if it is a base or town, you can get double support points and so on.\r\nNote: I think you shouldn't get more than 30 support points.\r\nIf you can get 1 support point, I think it is better to keep it up to 30 times even if you can increase it.
NAME.en=Change increases support level continuously even with one map_ex(Install)
INFO.en=Normally, the level of support can only be increased once per person on one map.\r\nThis patch modifies it to allow you to continuously increase your support level on one map.\r\nApply this only to specific maps, not all maps.\r\nPlease use it for maps of towns and bases.\r\n

Then you set the Support Gain to 1.
In the base map, use these patches to increase Support Gain by a factor of 10 to 30.
This makes it easier to generate Support on the base map.

I think this works better than prohibite.

Those are useful as well thank you! In regards to limiting the supports to a map, well, the problem is that I feel that supports have to be written differently if they are taking place in a camp, than if they are taking place on a battlefield. Currently in my Lex Talionis version all the supports are written in a camp environment and the characters are allowed to have much more relaxed conversations than what would make sense on a battlefield. The base is represented by tents that they bring with them so it makes sense to access it more or less wherever.