[FE8] [WIP] Fire Emblem : Witch's Hope

Already complete the 3 chapter’s again and i only have two complain about chapter 2.

1.please say when the ballista arrive,Max have died 2 times because of that.

2.the thief arrive to soon,if Layla of Robin are not close to attack the thief the thunder Is gone

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Regarding the thief and the chest
The thunder tome is supposed to be a reward to people who manage to clear the chapter pretty optimally which is why the spawn in feels pretty fast

As for max and the balista
What do you exactly mean I gotta announce it?
The camera does move to show that reinforcements spawned when the archer does so the player can react to it
Or did that not happen?

For me the Archer for the ballesta just appear without moving the camera or anything

Update:i just replay the chapter and it was my error,the turn where the Archer appear Is a turn where I’m waiting for the the reinforcements of mages and thief to appear so no enemy move and show the boss then the archer appear without moving the camera.sorry it was my error for no paying attention

I just tested it myself on the latest version
And the camera did move to the archer when they spawned in
Are you perhaps playing an old version of the hack?
Or did you perhaps use the speed up feature
So you didn’t notice it when the camera moved?
Because I have no idea what else could cause this

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I have finally finished making (and getting helped while making) the chapter 4 character mugs, and I am currently in the process of making the chapter 4 map and also writing it.

But here are the chapter 4 mugs I love how they turned out and I really wanted to share them!

Fu’ad the swift brigand:
Fu'ad DONE

Nous the erudite mage rider:
Frames templete

Aaron the greedy scammer:
Aaron WIP

Orpheus the proud bard:
Orpheus DONE

And those are the new chapter 4 recruitables I hope you like how they look like and I hope you will like them even more gameplay wise because I went all out with the prf tomes this time!


The four look fantastic! My favourite is Fu’ad, he looks pretty cool

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Were you serious when you said you never done anything creative before this Romhack. Because those portraits look amazing. Good job hope to play this hack once it is finish. Oh and how many chapters are you expecting to make for this hack?


I was indeed serious when I said that, and about the mugs
Most of them look good cause they are spliced and also I have gotten help from many wonderful people inthe community for the difficult stuff.
For example I completely made Orpheus by myself
But I had someone help me with making Nous and Aaron, and Fu’ad was completely made by Scraiza, which is why his mug is very high quality compared to the rest lol. The credits list the people who helped me with a certain mug a lot and if a character is not there it means I made it by myself or the person who helped me didn’t feel like they did enough effort to deserve credits.

And as for the chapters I am actually unsure.
I am hoping that this hack can reach the comfortable number of 20 chapters but it depends on how the story go, I might end up making more or less than 20.


I wanted SO bad to find a hack where I can play with only mages (or majority) with a story about it, I glad someone finally made this.

OK, I no FE gamer expert, but I will write my opinion down bellow.

  • I think your story need a darker tone, the refugee mages don’t seems to fear much for their lives while they escape that anti-witchcraft army.
  • I played in hardmode, but I think the enemies could have a better weapon/ status.
  • Robin’s personal weapon range are too big, almost OP, but I like the fact that his personal weapon are made to weaken the enemies.

About chapters:

  • Ch. 1: have a huge and empty map, but I believe you will change the design of all maps in the future. I think this map are perfect to be an “escape chapter” , where you have to cross the entire map with all your units alive, while facing reinforcements trigged by ambush tiles.
  • Ch. 2: I think the thief spawns too early and the stairs could be near the prison cell. So my units can fight him in the corridor. Also the “boss” death quote have a typo.
  • Ch. 3: both Leo and March could be green units. I think brigands arrive soon, I played this map a couple of times and only managed to show up in time to save the village because I have a flying unit. Julia have a horse sound effect when walks.
  • Ch. 4: you haven’t released it yet… right? Because I get game over screen as soon I enter this chapter.

I liked your hack so much, looking forward to play the final and complete version, I here to test and give you some feedback. And I also like your portraits and characters personalities.
sorry for my bad english

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Thank you so much for playing!
And I appreciate you taking your time to write such a detailed review of everything.
This helps me a lot because figuring out what to do next is always a challange.

And I would like to apologize because this is the first time I have ever written a story I have never done any fanfiction work before so my understandably bad writing seems to have caused a mismatch in tone and theme,I will try to make the tone a bit darker because it is true currently everyone seems barely even bothered by the witch hunt

As for the issue about difficulty enemies are currently low stat wise simply because these are the “early game” chapters that let the player experiment with the new mechanics the hack introduces the difficulty will steadily increase with newer chapters. And as for robin his prf is meant to be that OP it is meant to have a huge range one that increases with his magic stat too but it is designed to slowly fall off when the enemies get stronger because he has bad str growth and it’s very heavy to prevent him from doubling, it is supposed to help train units in the early game like you said

And finally the chapters:

Chapter 1 was my first attempt at making an actual functional map which is why it both looks bad and doesn’t play very well I will unfortunately leave it as is for now because I would rather focus on adding more to the hack, I will definitely consider remaking it in the future tho

And for the criticism of chapter 2 I have already gotten a lot ot feedback about the thief so I have delayed him he no longer spawns too early, this change will come with the chapter 4 patch and so is the typo fix!

And for chapter 3 march and leo spawn as red simply for flavor they escaped from their village because they “disguised as guards” wouldn’t make sense for them to be green, and I have also already delayed the bandits again will come with chapter 4
And thank you for catching julia’s horse footsteps I actually never noticed it I will work on a fix this is most likely because Julia gets all the benefits of a horse units while not being a horse unit herself

I hope you continue enjoying the hack when I release the next chapter and again thank you very much for testing! This is my first ever romhack so again feedback like this encourages me to continue!


Keep going Roxas, for your first hack you’re doing pretty well, I really enjoyed playing and you have great potencial. I will test your updates and post a feedback here :slight_smile: :heart:

ah ok, now I get it, I didnt notice March and Leo are disguised as guards in the story. That explains they being red units.

I have a silly question, how do I patch a new update of your game on my current game? I need just to patch the ups into my .gba archive again?

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You will need to patch a vanilla copy of FE8 again.
And make sure the new version has the same file name as the old one so your emulator recognizes it as the same game and your saves automatically work
And make sure to always have a backup to not accidentally lose any progress!