[FE8] Staff of Ages (XNA EventuallyTM)


So since this project has shifted to xna any chance that your skills created for the gba engine could possibly become open source? If not it’s completely fine.


Yeah I’ll see about sending them circles’ way so they can be added to the system


Based zim


adding to this, are there any animations you guys could just drop in the repo? you guys have a ton of really cool ones that haven’t been seen elsewhere


That’s more iffy since there’s a few we’d prefer to keep close to the chest and ones we’ve previously contributed (arbalest iirc) have issues or something we haven’t been able to fix since our anim guy is busy with school things and converting things for xna when he has time.


alright, that’s cool
btw are the animations still gonna stay closed once this drops on XNA?


Are there gonna be growth rings? like in fe 9 or fe7xna?


The lord ones will likely stay closed the rest will be released eventually.

Haven’t put any thought into doing it but who knows.

[FE8] How can I show battle animations of Staff of Ages V2.1 custom room in FEBuilderGBA

High quality porting/10

(Pls ignore the map and missing map sprites I’m just trying to get it playable first)


What is Amelia doing alongside Belle and Charles?