[FE8] Staff of Ages (XNA EventuallyTM)


im looking forward for broken promise so LIT


Updated the patch, fixed some things, changed some numbers, use this one so your game has less of a chance of breaking.

(Redownload to fix some soldiers not being able to use pikes)


Redownload again I fixed Julia making the game explode, you’ll have to start over from S2-1 for it to work though.


Hey folks, the next update is going to be more significant than we initially planned, so it’s going to take a bit before it’s done (given the lack of salvaged paladin being complete still we’re just ignoring the palettes for now and will shove them in later whenever this version is ready to ship). We’ll have more details in the future, hopefully you like it.




I wish I was the Pegasus.


Belle’s pegasus is an absolute unit because it can say the n word




That’s a top notch CG.

who drew it exactly?


Melia sprited it


wait… FEXNA?


:eyes: i like where this is going :eyes:


you didn’t hear it from me


I am new and i lack your Hack very much and played it , its very good , but well i dont understand the change of devices
i have looked in that FEXNA but i dont understand it and didnt get to work on my pc
well it doesnt mean i dont like your game anymore but i dont understand that thing and the install things as well
Have a nice day and which all the best with the game


Less restrictions, less buggy, overall better for the project.


well now to learn how to get that to work on win 8
i dont get it
but i am happy then new news comes how its going


Oh no they’re hot


Looks wonderful ^^
keep up the work


You mean I can’t recruit them??


Has visible eyes
Has 0 exp instead of –

Nice try, Zim.