[FE8] Sacred Redux v2.5.3 [COMPLETE]

Happy to hear it! And I didn’t allow multiple S ranks because when I tested it, it made certain characters (Like Seth, Warrior King Eiphraim, Lute, Duessel, etc) too OP. But more importantly it worked against my intention to have every character feel as unique as possible. Salem’s Shadowgift Skill is irrelevant now since anyone can achieve the same thing, and certain special classes are no longer special.


I understand your stance, Have you though about giving every A or S rank an extra? I remember some hacks that did it, they mostly added extra hit with that weapon if you reach A and extra hit + extra damage or something for S rank.

Yeah. When you hit S Rank you get a +15 to Hit and a +10 to Crit. I didn’t give any boosts for A rank though, but the A rank weapons are already so good. And I can’t think of a unit that could use extra hit in later levels other than like Dozla(but missing is part of his gimmick).

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Assassin Colm is bugged, everytime I try to initiate combat the game freezes.
EDIT: Tried Assassin Marisa and worked perfectly, can´t try with Joshua since he’s already promoted, so I guess it’s either Colm himself or male assassin animations that are bugged.

Okay, probably an animation issue again. I’ll check it out.

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The Colm animation problem is fixed. He just looks like a generic assassin now, but that’s a more than fair tradeoff lol.

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Hey, it may be a stupid question but who is able to use the sword Absalom ?

Not at all, sorry I didn’t make it clearer. The Lords can at S Rank swords, and Fado in Creature Campaign. It’s meant for royalty only, I’ll give it another look just in case.

That’s what I figured. However, Erika nor L’'Arachel couldn’t equip it while both having S ranks in sword. Ephraim gains an automatic S in lances upon promotion and there’s only one S per unit, so I thought maybe it’s meant for Joshua(who I haven’t used in any of my runs yet) and just wanted to be sure.

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Actually that’s a good idea! I’ll add Joshua as a new user. And I’ll give Warrior King Eiphraim Discpline+. Not sure why it’s not working for Eirika though, it did when I tested it, but I’ll look into that.

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This is my favourite hack. I’m even enamoured with with excellent spreadsheet. Keep up the good work, looking forward to playing HM once it’s finished being balanced.

These changes sound exciting !

I’ve used Absalom with my Erika (pretty fun having a BFS on her and it provides some utility though I haven’t done post game yet) but I’m pretty sure it’s class locked to the great lord class.

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Is normal mode balanced to be like hard mode? Or is it the same as vanilla normal mode difficulty? Also I was reading up a few posts and the absalom is supposed to be usable by royalty and he said La’Arachel had an S rank in swords but couldn’t use it, how come she couldn’t? She’s royalty from Rausten.

Normal mode is balanced to be like FE8 hard mode kind of, which is still kinda easy. Hard mode is sorta like a Lunatic mode, where enemy stats will be almost on par with yours and it’s harder for everyone to live unless you liberally play slower or use save states. Which is how I test it, for convenience sake.

As for Absalom the idea is that the sword has a spell that makes it only usable by a reigning King/Queen. Which unlike the Lords and Joshua, she is not as her kingdom’s ruler is still alive.

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Yes it was class locked. I’ve updated it to be Character Locked now, so you guys can just download the new UPS and it should work as intended.

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Glad you like it! I really wanted to feel different, but was worried about it not feeling FE anymore to most people, seems the response has been mostly good so far.
I’m curious to know everyone’s thought on the difficulty? Also how does Formotiis feel? If anyone has gotten there yet, cause during my first play test he felt too easy, so I buffed him, but I haven’t gotten to him again in this third run.

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Gotcha, that makes more sense lol. I’ll give some feedback once I go through a good portion of the game. Thanks for the clarification.

For overall diffculty I felt I was being somewhat grindy (and manipulating level ups via saves and ingame items) and taking advantage of some strong unit options, then again the varying environments of the maps meant the larger amount of characters leveled up were used to make up for reduced movement.

As for the Demon King I kited them from range when they were still equipped with the 1 range ravager. Not sure if that was an intended way to fight them or how bulky their supposed to feel while doing that. They were quite bulky but also pretty sure I got a glacies with Erika (think I went back with a save state to check what happened so I may have beaten them without it), not sure why nilhi didn’t work. Erika also has nilhi so maybe it cancelled out or weapon skill aren’t negated.

But overall I quite enjoyed the game and will definitely take on the postgame in the future.


Yeah, I def agree about the grindy feeling. I already slightly tweaked the EXP formula last week to compensate, so hopefully it won’t feel like that moving forward. Now I find myself only needing to use the tower for Colm, and the Trainees.

As for Fomortiis, that’s how I beat him the first time too lol. Ended up buffing his defenses and giving Lifetaker to make mistakes a bit more punishing (I thought about Galeforce but that just seemed unfair). I’ll take a more thorough look at him when I finally get to the end, I want to make his fight feel more tactical rather than meat-shieldy. Not sure why Nihil didn’t stop that activation though :thinking:

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