Fe8 pme (best)

replacing: Dozla
name: Titanic
description: The RMS Titanic is an unsinkable
British passenger liner.
RMS Titanic
hp: 30
str: 10
mag: 0
skill: 19
speed: 3
def: 24
res: 6
luck: 0
con: 20

hp: 140%
str: 55%
mag: 0%
skill: 45%
speed: 30%
def: 170%
res: 2%
luck: 20%
weapon ranks: A-Bow (create a weapon lock for all normal bows and give it to all normal bows users except fleet, then create a weapon lock for ballistas and give it to fleet and any class with ballista access).
class: Fleet (Make Fimbulvetr effective against Fleet)
skills: Acrobat, Canto+, Colossus
starting inventory:

  • Killer Ballista (Change to C-rank)

  • Brave Ballista (5 Uses, 12 Pow, 65 Hit, 20 Wt, B-Rank, Brave, 3-10 Rng)
    Brave Ballista

  • Silver Ballista (5 Uses, 15 Pow, 60 Hit, 20 Wt, 3-15 Rng)
    Silver Ballista

  • White Gem

in addition, make Iron Ballista D rank and make the Ballistas obtainable somewhere

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should it have custom anims? also ill put it in an extra slot dozla is fe7

Fe7?dozla is fe8, you are probably thinking about dorcas, but dozla is fe8

oh yeah dozla is larchels friend

It’s alright if they don’t have animations, but if you want it to have one, use one of the advance wars ports, they have a few ships.


Name: Roro
Replace: Ch12A Maelduin
Class: Berserker
Description: One of many seemingly identical berserkers.

Stats (FE12 Ch10x Lunatic stats, clones):
HP: 46
STR: 18
SKL: 15
SPD: 17
LCK: 0
DEF: 6
RES: 0
CON: 13
S-Axes (for Hit/Crit boost)

Inventory: Variable, see below
Skills: Axefaire, Swordbreaker, Nature Rush (to get off of peaks faster), Life and Death (+5 STR/SPD variant), Death Blow (+Crit variant), Certain Blow

Battle Quote: Uweeheehee!
Defeat Quote: Uwehee… hee…

Battle Quote and Defeat Quote do not have completion flags set, causing them to play each time a Roro is fought/killed.

There are multiple Roros on the map, each with different inventories. Locations are using Hard Mode enemy placements as references. Format: Inventory | Location | AI | Notes

  • Garm | 1 tile south of gate | Move to attack units in range
  • Silver Axe, Swordreaver | 2 tiles south of shop | Move to attack units in range
  • Tomahawk | 3 tiles north of bottom-most Revenant | Immediately begin moving
  • Halberd | 4 tiles south of left-most Mogall | Immediately begin moving | Drop item (Halberd)
  • Killer Axe | Below central, lone Mauthe Doog | Move to attack units in range
  • Brave Axe | Right of Ewan’s house | Move to attack units in range
  • Hammer | On road in middle of map, 2 tiles away from each of the three nearby Mauthe Doogs | Move to attack units in range
  • Battle Axe | On the plains tile in front of the Mauthe Doog pair in the east | Immediately begin moving
  • Dragon Axe | On the mountains southeast of the line of Gargoyles, 2 tiles away from each of the three Gargoyles there | Immediately begin moving
  • Devil Axe | On the gate | Immediately begin moving | Reinforcement; one spawns every turn

By Glaceo

Also, give the Devil Axe its FE11 stats
MT: 17
HIT: 100
CRT: 0
Uses: 25
Price per use remains the same; it will scale up to 25 uses

Name: Kleine
Replace: Gheb
Class: Sniper (F)
Description: Boss with no 2-range replaced by boss with no 1-range

Stats (FE12 Ch13x Lunatic stats, but with extra LCK/DEF/RES):
HP: 48
STR: 20
SKL: 23
SPD: 24
LCK: 8 (+5)
DEF: 15
RES: 11
CON: 7

Inventory: Nidhogg (not droppable)
Skills: Short Shield, Fortune, Renewal, Vigilance, Nihil, Sure Shot
Starts on the throne and does not move off. Even though she’s bowlocked.

Battle Quote: You filth. You really think you can survive against me?
Defeat Quote: How… how dare you… I’ll… I’ll kill… anybody in my way… Just watch me… I’ll kill… I’ll kill you all!

The tile in front of the throne is now a firetrap that deals 10 damage each time someone ends their turn on it (so you can’t infinitely try to attack her at 1-range; you will run yourself out of healing eventually). One of the fighters near the start of the map now drops a Killer Axe (normally Gheb drops this).

By Kanna


Despite looking like a pushover of a boss with no 1-range, Kleine is nowhere near that definition. She’s too strong to confront at 2-range, but even if you attack up close, you’ll find out she has effectively 23 DEF and 19 RES, in addition to her 101 Avo. And she has Renewal so she will heal like crazy. But she can’t attack up close. Go figure.

Name: Kris
Replace: Extra Slot
Class: Variable, see below
Description: Captain of Altea’s Royal Guard.

Bases (Excluding Class Bases; intentional):
HP: 16
STR: 10
SKL: 12
SPD: 12
LCK: 14
DEF: 5
RES: 0
CON: 1

Set his base level to 1 in Character Editor. Do not give him any base weapon ranks in Character Editor. It is important that he is placed very far down in the Character Editor (replace one of the empty “enemy” slots). This is so that his weapon ranks are properly applied.

HP: 75
STR: 40
SKL: 50
SPD: 55
LCK: 60
DEF: 30
RES: 0

Skills: Charisma, Inspiration, Solidarity, Rally Spectrum
Defeat Quote: …Uurgh…

By Atey, Arcth

Depending on how he is recruited, his class, inventory and stats may change. In all cases, he shows up at Lv5 (Set to Lv5 in Unit Editor, and set him to Autolevel Class Dependent. He will get 4 autolevels of stats and his weapon ranks will autolevel to be able to use the stuff in his inventory). What he shows up as depends on what happens to the village in Ch15 (get rid of any bandits set to destroy it). He replaces the Master Seal normally in the village, as he has it in his inventory.

Visit village in Ch15 Eirika: Lv5 Hero, Silver Sword, Battle Axe, Master Seal
Visit village in Ch15 Ephraim: Lv5 Sniper, Silver Bow, Longbow, Master Seal
Don’t visit the village (automatically at end of chapter): Lv5 Ranger, Silver Sword, Silver Bow, Master Seal

Name: Eine
Replace: Orson

Class: Mage (F)
Description: A shy, if skilled, mage. Also a good tactician.

Stats (with class bases; FE12 P-8 Lunatic stats):
HP: 30
MAG: 13
SKL: 11
SPD: 9
LCK: 0
DEF: 3
RES: 3
CON: 4

Inventory: Elfire
Skills: Mag+2, Focus, Tomefaire

Defeat Quote: I’m sorry…

Class: Sage (F)
Description: A melancholy, if skilled, strategist.

Stats (including class bases; FE12 Ch16x stats):
Level (Character Editor): 1
HP: 34
MAG: 12
SKL: 15
SPD: 15
LCK: 6
DEF: 9
RES: 7
CON: 5
B-Anima, B-Light, B-Dark (Shadowgift), C-Staves

HP: 80
MAG: 40
SKL: 70
SPD: 75
LCK: 70
DEF: 20
RES: 40

Inventory: Nosferatu
Skills: Shadowgift, Magic+2, Focus, Tomefaire, Rally Spectrum, Glacies

Defeat Quote: I’m sorry…

By BatimaTheBat

Appears as a Lv7 boss in Ch16 (set to Lv7 in Unit Placer; this gives her 6 autolevels). Recruit with Kris by talking to her three times (have the completion flag of one conversation be the trigger flag for another). Does not keep any stat gains from Ch5x. Make sure the boss flag is checked.

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