[FE8]Fire Emblem-Ancient God Awakening [Prol+Gaidens+Interludes]

heyo! played through some of this and do just have some things to note so far.

thoughts as of beating ch7

Blane’s palette seems to be broken, Matriarch should mention in it’s description that it has counter as it’s nice to know.
CH2 right now is in a spot where it’s mainly up to chance that the green units with last long enough to not leave you open to getting hounded by a cav + mage and killed without being able to do much. CH3 feels this less so.

for ch4 it’sd just be better to out and out give the gold Arya and Sandor start with rather than needing to sell them.

this could be fixed by removing the equippable tag, and if the statboosts wanna be kept, setting on the “passiveboosts” one. this’ll make it no longer a weapon she can attack with.
though it shouldn’t have it’s magic debuff kept, since as is it struggles to help handle the influx of damage the protag can take on chapters 4 and 5, where he’s liable to get pelted by siege that very well can kill him without much room to evade it without just sitting back and leaving it to greens.

5 and 6 are struggling with a issue where it’s hard for a player to really engage with the map because the main forces are in a very narrow hall with reinforcements/have really powerful gear respectively. especially 6 where even a blessed unit struggles to not be 2shot against a big swarm of foes. leading to both becoming just mainly watching the big powerful green unit handle things. especially with two powerful bosses within 6 (notably the boss with Impale and Luna, and a 1-2)

then for 7 it’s one that desperately needs rain removed, it’s not adding anything and just means I can’t really do anything turn 1. the map itself should be shortened since as is there’s alotta walking without things happening to justify the size while you’re getting peppered by hard hitting siege to reach the more reasonable of the two objectives.
meanwhile, the myrm who joins could also serve a better introduction, since as is he’s just given a very poor introduction as a unit where he’s not even using Quake much better than a base Kerrinton does.
note as well: ch7 vendor seems to be selling some junk data items, possibly due to the emulator i’m using?

alotta this creates a predicament where besides my cav having blessed stats, it’s hard for anyone who isn’t Alis to really contribute to fights so far because they’re not facing the best odds and don’t often have much else to do unless I slow down to feed them kills.


I can’t find secret shop to buy promote item? Which chapter can find secret shops? I’m stuck on chapter 15 because my army is too weak

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hey there! first of all very very sorry for the late answer but I was super busy with irl work stuff.
Thx so much for ur detailed review, it means much for me!
Thx for pointing out about Matriarch and Arya’s staff, Matriarch’s desc and the passive boost on staff really slipped away from my mind xD.
I wanted to give a malus on MAG cuz u get a very strong ranged heal staff at the very beginning and given the high durability didnt wanted the player to abuse it. but maybe I’ll put just a -1 MAG instead of -4, to make the malus a bit more game-impact.
For chap 2 I never had any problems tbh, did u followed the pillars path? I gave the greens the statsbooster items so they could resist more and letting you reach the narrow hallway near the druid.
For chap7 ur totally right, Ill have the rain removed and use the initial dialog to give Rey a better intro.
On chap 6 tho, I really wanted to give the impression of a desperate battle, where you are inferior in number and ur only chances are really Deer (the big green) and Alis (if u manage to do not break the lancereaver in the past chapter) while the others deals with the enemy on south. But maybe that can be a but overwhelming, Ill remove the ranged weapon from the boss with Luna and Ill leave him with the 1 range lance.
Again, thank you so much for ur review, Ill keep working on my project!

Hi man! thx for commenting, u can find the secret shop in chapter 18 between the two topmost pillars.
thats the only secret shop in the game!
May I ask you which unit are you using on this chapter?


i’m using Sandor ( true blade max lv) +Arya( saint)+Kliver( max lv thief i can’t find her promote item)+Sale ( promoted)+ Baston’s Jei( War horse)+ Calb’en( Keeper)+ Mek’Din ( Schoolar). I have Pepe and citronio max lv but i don’t have promote item so i don’t use them

Hello. I note with pleasure that you are my countryman. Congratulations on the completion of your Fe hack, which came out of practically nowhere. And best wishes for your health issues. As soon as you put in the supporting dialogs, I will gladly test it on my pink DS Lite + SuperCard SD… Greetings.

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Looking forward to seeing the Supports for this one!


Sorry for my bad English.I swear to God this game is stressing me out.U make too many mobs per chapter and they respawn continuously while my weapon durability is limited. I’m playing luciffer route and i’m fighting Askan but u make his troops too OP with soul slasher swords.That weapon can make them recover Hp, i feel really hopeless.
I wish you could release an upgrade that allows players to support each other and unlimitted rank S weapon. With long story and battle time i think u can try to make T3 class for this game. Ty

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Okay, I did not expect this one to be finished already. Man, let’s try it!

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Hey there, thx for keep posting about my game. I take every criticism as something to learn. Maybe I should increase the number of stores so people can restock weapons. About the S ranks weapon you can already have S in multiple ranks.
And for Askan’s chapter (chap 28 King’s Fury) you can have some reinforcement if u have alive and deployed Bork, Tien and Lylo. They will call 5 blue unit and 9 greens.
For the T3 classes I’m planning to release them in the future updates!
Again, thx!

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Tysm! I hope Ur going to enjoy it and write a lil review the more you progress in the game!

idk if it is intentional but u can store Blane fenix and use it at later chapter, and the whole game is just sander with 4 stat booster solo the chapter

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how did you beat the escape chapter early on

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dang def not intentional. next update ill remove supply skill from Lylo! thx for pointing out!

hi mate. if u are referring chapter 2 u just have to follow the pillar path! u should be able to survive the archmage attacks with the elixir! follow the pillar path and talk with Olio!

thanks i dont know what was going on initially, it didn’t let me go that way for some reason, and i was going crazy

Is it just me or the game soft locks on chapter 1 easy with the tutorial still forcing you to move out of bound. And the normal prolouge is impossible to beat cause the spawn more than you can kill

ohhhh bookmarking for later when the supports are done.