[FE8] [Completed] The Sacred Trilogy Reskin and Rebalance

The exp formula had to be reworked because in vanilla FE8, there are very few enemies who go above lvl 15. Because of the increased enemy levels in this hack, the player would receive massive amounts of EXP and allies would quickly become overleveled. The Fates formula was a quick solution, but I admit it isn’t ideal. For the next update, I will switch back to the vanilla formula, but I will tweak it to reduce the yield.


Oh damn…hum with this much extra EXP how will stuff like arenas and skirmishes factor in? Cuz if EXP over-yield is an issue, those two ssem like a major factor to consider if you plan on reverting to vanilla, even if reduced.

EDIT: Side note…now that Valter will be able to move, will he still have that weird Luna tome?

So what’s the patch that I have to download?

It’s really up to preference, as explained in the first post.

Just pick the one that you prefer.

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when it comes to bolting. im talking mostly about scorched sands in witch i tried sending dussel to the right on a fort only for him to die in 2 turns so that didnt work and because of the enemy ai there was cavs coming at ephriam dussel and knoll that would eventually widdle down ephram or over run dussel ad kill knoll. even after i made it past that i was rushig them 3 north and because of the sand they weren’t able to make it out ofthe bolting reinforcements range that comes from behind ephriam. this caused dussel to get crit and die instantly causing knoll to die as well. you cant put a hoplin guard on everyone. seeing as how this wasnt the first time this hack had made me mad i decided to try and let the creator know of these issues. when it comes to hit rate i very likley could have been skill screwed but the times below 50 were mostly when you would find a ranger in a forest or a myrm with duelest avoid. i will admit that in hiendsight most of the time i had hit rate in the 80 to 90% range but even that was annoying using an iron weapon and still missing so often. as for the magic, lute would commonly one round with basic wind and the few enimies she didnt she could use elfire. i never found a reason to use thunder as that would usually just make her eat a counter and die. thunder spells need more might to be truly worth using more that once or twice per playthrough. im sorry if i sounded mean but after i died to that crit like that i ragequit and i never touched this hack agian. honestly cool hack, but at least for me it just had a few critical flaws that could be fixed by tweaking some numbers. +10 hit on all standard lances and axes except the 1-2 range ones. just replace bolting with meteor on all generics with bolting. +2 defence on erika route dussel or minimalize sand so the ephriam trio can run north faster and get away from the enemies if needed.

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Ok, so i just noticed something…in the discussions to buff Hayden, the idea was floated around him getting Crit +15 as a mono-weapon class per the definitions of this hack giving Crit +15 and Faire skills (in this case Bowfaire) to such classes. Problem is that Crit +15 is a class skill and Hayden already has a (actually powerful) class skill in Canto+ so i’m wondering how is this issue being adressed without breaking the flow of skill distribution. Also per the way this hack works isn’t Amelia suppose to get Lancefaire as mono-weapon user?

Crit boost was also handled on Wyvern Knight learning it at level 1 promoted (so when you promote you get the prompt of you learning the skill), Bow knight will probably be the same

Issue lies in the fact that you will have to choose between one slot of the skills that is currently in (Just take off Drive defense, it’s not like you’ll use him as support anyway).

Eh true…though @Vesly is making a new set of skills that could be used to replace the Drive Skills, so that could be another replacement for Hayden’s Drive…also don’t know if there’s animations for it, but maybe Hayden could get swords, similar to his original Ranger class?

EDIT: Now that i’m checking, why do Sage, who have dual tome access get Tomefaire, but Bishops as mono-tome users don’t?

EDIT 2: As a side-note i’m thinking why not emphasize Hayden’s defensive aspects as a armor unit instead? Replacing Drive Strength with something like Tower Shield to give him more advantage in ranged combat instead.

I NEED HELP. On chapter 1 I cant move anything but the sprites are still moving and the sound is repeating then everything just stops. Beta patch, beta patch v2, and beta patch v3 has the same problem.

Those are the skill scroll beta patches right? I do not know why that issue is happening but those saves will become obsolette (unless you are willing out to skip on content) once Blood releases the full update.

I would advise to play in the meanwhile a version without skill scrolls and play instead the current version instead. That or wait until Blood is done with his work.

Thanks. Do you have a download link for that?

It is at the end of the original post, you should be able to see it

And I am nearly done with it. Just need a little more time…


i’m surprised you made any progress on it with engage having come out. i’m still very excited for the new update of this though.

Just wanna say that I really appreciate your efforts and that your changes really brought a lot to the game. SS was the first Fire Emblem game I played.

I’d like to make a poll regarding Ephraim’s speed cap, considering recently I’ve been looking at the stat caps of gba lord classes and I’ve noticed that Eirika’s got much better stat caps and Hector’s stat caps are better than Ephraim (Same speed cap as an Armored Lord, and same or worse caps than Eliwood’s caps)
So I’d like to make a petition to raise Ephraim’s speed cap to 27, which seems a good middle ground

Also making a poll to see the opinions people might have over this

Is Ephraim’s Great Lord speed cap good?

  • Yes, 24 is good enough
  • No, 24 is not good enough

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I feel like 27 is a tad too high and makes him encroach into Eirika’s niches as a high speed unit. Maybe more on 26, which is still decently high, but still makes it so he doesn’t match his sister.

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I think the better alternative would be for his holy weapon to give a speed buff, so if he needs to get over the speed hurdle to not get doubled by endgame swordmasters, he can, but he otherwise fills in his role as the heavier hitting, tanky twin

Actually, the poll is made in such a way that people could vote for both options at the same time…

(PS :- Please don’t cast two votes. I have a love for voting polls.)

Well… Messed up that one

First time doing a poll and way to go

At least I’m glad most people agree that Ephraim needs a bit of a speed boost

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