[FE8] [Complete] The Sacred Trilogy Reskin and Rebalance


Minimugs are those smaller versions of a character’s portrait you see in the small box displaying their hp, exp & level when you hover over on them on the map.


this by far is the best hack of all really without complaining I saw that you are on floor 5 of the ruins you want to go to 10 using the codes i jumped to floor 10 but the demon king was impossible to kill kkk


Thanks, glad you liked it. The description here is severely outdated, as most of the discussion regarding this hack takes place in the Serenes forum. Regarding the DK, he is the last boss in the hack and supposed to be a challenge to a fully maxed party. If all fails, there is always Luna lol.


How is it possible to get Lyon and the King in the post game?

I don’t know how much it is necessary to play lol xD and what are the heroes that facilitate the lagdou towers

I wish there was a wiki for this since the game is so much fun


I have not changed the recuitment method of any character. You get them exactly as you would in vanilla sacred stones. Here’s a guide with all the characters.

…actually, I forgot to mention that Mansel joins when you meet the requirements for Hayden and Hayden himself joins automatically on chapter 20.


Lute has fixed level ups but no one else does. I found that out when she got a zero stat level up and I was like at least one? Also someone should give her a special animation too.


I’m currently working on a major update that is gonna include custom animations for some characters and general fixes.

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So i chose Ephraim path but apparently, I’m not getting the alternate promotion choices for either of the twins. I didnt promote them during the event when they found the stone of renais, i tried promoting on the world map and the options werent there. Any idea why this happened?


Because he had to make space for the skill system and that required some custom animations to be deleted, such as Ephraim promotion.

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Ohh… well thats too bad. But thanks for the response Dedesett :blush:


Hey I Just downloaded it and I seemed to have found a bug in which I can’t move/progress after erika talks to ross. The models and everything else looked good so I’m hoping to play more soon.


Hi there. Are you playing on easy mode?


That would be the issue, thank you. Have been playing a some more difficult patches and decided to stress less with this one. I will thoroughly enjoy this one I can tell, thank you again.


I think it has something to do with the tutorial, since I changed some of Ross’ data. Anyway, this will be fixed for the next update. It works fine on normal and hard though.


Tou ansioso por essa nova atualização de longe o melhor hack


Tem muito hack melhor por aí cara, mas eu agradeço o apoio. A atualização sairá em breve :tm:

English: There are plenty of better hacks out there, but I appreciate the support. The update will be ready soon :tm:


Vi que você também é brasileiro tá certo?