[FE8] [Complete] Fire Emblem: Vision Quest (v3 by Pushwall - 1-Oct-22)

Update obviously isn’t done yet.


I know it isnt. But it could help with feedback.

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There’s a link to the current patch in the first post.


Got it - I’ll do another sweep and check those. Thanks again, please keep the feedback coming if you have any.

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Next update will be soon. There’s a few bits of feedback I need to take action on, and I’m also adding in new talk conversations.

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I’ll pick it back up after work and see if I notice anything else


Appreciate the help. Any thoughts you have on gameplay / maps / units would be great too.

Unrelated, I’d love to do proper user research and watch someone play in real time (I do this at work and it’s by far the best way to get feedback) but with this it’s a little more challenging. Hoping down the line I could have someone record themselves playing it with their comments.

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I think that it is caused by writing characters to TextID: 0x00.
TextID: 0x00 should always be empty, but somehow contains character data.
However, somehow it is not displayed on the screen.

I should have banned Text ID: 0x00.
TextID: 0x00 must be an empty string.

If you press the write button without doing anything with TextID: 0x00, it will be corrected.
Or, put 0x00 0x00 in 0x109db10.
(Overwrite 0x09 0x10 to 0x00 0x00. It is the terminal symbol of a character string in anti Huffman format.)

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Ah okay - that makes so much sense. I couldn’t tell you how many times I wrote up something and accidentally saved it there only for it to not actually save.

I did a rewrite as you mentioned, will report back if the issue persists. For the red gem glitch that Zim mentioned, I mitigated it by pointing the 2nd description on the item to another text field, so it matches the stat screen display text.

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Wait so Storch is a guy with a female portrait,
Esfir is a female with a guys potrait also a mother figure
Lefa is a daughter with moulder the boulder’s face?
Lesley apparently a girl too…
Why not just change the images to something slightly resembling their backgrounds? Even if it’s just a temporary thing?

  • Coulda sworn in the first map’s convo, it was said that theres 10 soldiers or less on the map. When it’s like 14?

  • Sword Cav also has 2 Canto’s for skills. Weird animation glitch too, where if you open his menu screen, look slightly above the Res Stat and you see a white line appear while he’s doing his menu animation.

  • Also the first maps song is really annoying sounding to me. It sounds like someone is blowing in a harmonica over and over and over again.

  • Female Thieves animation is a little off. When she returns from her attack during battle a black shape appears in the spot she returns to.

  • Why were we gifted a Talisman, and Pure Water when so far in the first four chapters there is two mages only. On the fog of war and one in the port.

  • Chapter 2, the map doesn’t end until after I beat the boss, then on Players turn, I end the turn of one of my units? It’s a little weird.

  • The maps are very wide open and super organized. Like all the houses are aligned properly and there is no off houses or connected houses or anything. And as I said the maps are really wide open and there isn’t much variety. Just got ot chapter 1-4, and the port is huge with little going on inbetween.

  • Main character seems to suck… I tried using her/him and I just can’t. Almost everyone else is better then them. They can’t double simple units. Against foes that him/her have a weapon advantage they still do just as much damage with slightly less accuracy then your lord. Not a single stat above 50% except HP? It’s almost as bad as Roy/Eliwood.

  • Bosses from chapter 2,3 and 4 are all the same. Steel Axe, Hand Axe. They provide no backstory or plot relevance. If the boss was a nameless goon or wasn’t there nothing in the story would change. Same strategy to beat them too. Hatchet/Bow/Magic turn 1. If they aren’t dead use sword user, hopefully kills him.

  • Enemies take 2-3 hits before dying, and you can’t double worth jack. Exp is very little and your units starting levels are higher then they should be. All in all you gotta gangup on a foe to take them down gaining very little after the fact.

  • No healer means you spam vulnearies. Enemies doing 9+ damage a hit, even against sword users is really shitty. I’ve just become abuse the ranged units to hopefully kill them.

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Thanks for the detailed feedback. On my way to work so I’ll respond quickly.

Portraits are a WIP, I wanted to focus on gameplay first before doing art. I can understand confusion, but it’ll be fixed down the line.

Storch isn’t supposed to be super strong compared to the starting group. He does get better later and has access to the most diverse array of weaponry, so he should be more serviceable in time.

I’ll look into tweaking the bosses, but I’ll say that after 1-4, none of the other bosses only wield axes.

Chapter 2 map will be fixed in the next patch. Had to fix the end chapter flags.

Will fix the sword cavalier. The extra canto is a mistake and the glitch you mentioned is the map Sprite not being fully centered. Am investigating.

Thanks again for playing and sharing, please keep the feedback coming


Hey, I’d be willing to splice a couple o’ portraits or help with battle sprite palettes if you want?


Thanks for offering - could you send me a DM with some samples we can discuss.

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Hi all - thanks again for downloading and providing feedback on v.01! I’m grateful for your time and insight into the hack. I’ve released v.02, which includes the following changes. You can download the patch in the OP.

  • Battle conversations fixed so that glitchy mugs don’t appear
  • New talk conversations added in (roughly) every chapter
  • Conversation events fixed and units properly spaced out, there are fewer oversized text boxes as well
  • Removed some of the borked music and replaced it. It should be overall a better quality soundtrack now.

What’s next

  • Fixing movement sounds
  • Art (if you’re able to assist with mugs or palettes, please shoot me a DM here or @dan on FEU discord)​

​Additionally, I’ve created a discord server for the hack - please come join us! I’m looking for folks to help with art, writing, mapping, eventing… If you are looking to work on a project, please let me know and we can discuss. Thanks!​

Discord link - https://discord.gg/Jx79pA

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Hi all,

Want to thank everyone for playing and sending feedback, it is all incredibly helpful as I continue to build out the game.

I’m pivoting slightly and given the trajectory I’d like to take the project on, I am in the process of learning the buildfiles method and porting the hack to this format for easier editing and project management as the project grows both in scope and team size. As such, the next beta update will likely not be for a while longer. I’m looking to port everything over and make changes based on feedback in prep for the next release.

If anyone familiar with buildfiles can help mentor me on how to set this up for success, I’d be incredibly appreciative.

Additionally, we have a great team of artists starting to work on mugs and palettes. If you’re an artist that is interesting in helping out by donating your existing work or creating new work for use in this project, I’d be happy to have a chat with you!


Yo pandan, im no artist, but I’m willing to help you test the hack from time to time

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Thanks, I generally prefer to do as much public beta testing as possible (trying to run this as much like an agile project I can, so public is the best way to get fast feedback), so if you can take a swing at the current release and shoot over your notes, that’d be great.

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Hi all,

Wanted to give a quick update. Have spent ~25 hours over the past week attempting to learn buildfiles. I say “attempting” because I haven’t gotten anything to work yet, but stay tuned, will keep at it a it longer because I say screw it and continue forward with FEB (I don’t like giving up and I know I’m getting closer to figuring this all out.)

I did need a break though and wanted to share a few things on the art side of the house.

Been digging teal lately and wanted to make some art. Definitely a WIP, want to add a bit more flourish to it down the line.

Also wanted to share a palette from KidCinder:

Trying to keep momentum going. Leaving for vacation in ~10 days time, so hoping to get my buildfile structurally sound before then so then it’s a matter of translating everything I’ve done so far.


This hack still alive? If so, your discord link is down. -3-


The eventing and main progress is on a short hiatus but we are still working on the graphics in the meantime.
If you want I can give you an invite link but I dont think I can give you a role.