[FE8] [Complete] Fire Emblem: Hope's Trail (1.32)

I believe you’re intended to just restart if you fail a run. It’s a roguelike-ish experience. And you’re definitely not gonna be able to beat the whole thing first try with how much it throws at you

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In regards to low growths: I feel like having super high growth rates like in say awakening kinda makes the satisfying ding stat level ups less satisfying. If i got 60% or more in most stats, and i DON’T get that stat in a level. I feel like i got very unlucky, and the satisfying ding kinda goes reverse mode. With you no longer really caring about levels unless they’re near perfect levels.

Low growths on the other hand leave you expecting nothing. Berwick saga did a good job with this. You only got exp on kills, so getting levels was harder, but your growth rates were also extremely low (your earlygame thief’s highest stat growths were hp at 40% and speed at 20%!). You’d think this makes it less satisfying, but not expecting anything and then getting something, or maybe even a perfect level up, can really shoot up your dopamine and make you jump out of your chair.

So i personally vastly prefer lower growth rates.


Played some more but concluded the hack isn’t for me and will be putting it down.

Didn’t seem as strongly implied to me as the “don’t reset”. Wasn’t enjoying enough to replay anyway.

Remaining feedback:


Attempt 2 also failed, only thing I found noteworthy was when my unit got silenced it couldn’t talk to objective. Makes sense just unexpected.

Attempt 3:
Started off great with a lucky single digit crit from shaman allowing it to one-round merc near spawn. In the next few turns I made several input mistakes and then had an enemy General proc great shield twice in a turn.
On the other hand my Mage Knight landed a crit to one-shot the Great Knight. Lost archer to a 19% crit from the not-super Sniper.
Despite killing the 50% crit Sniper none of my units were close to weapon rank for new weapon.
Was surprised to get a Vanity Cavalier from SW village this time so there’s some part of the seed that can vary based on presumably in game rng. Promoted to Paladin asap.
Talked to boss for a victory on turn 7 although missed out on droppable Vortex, Silence, east and west houses as well as the stealable blue gem.


Prep screen:
Arcane Blade Falcoknight joined! Having 11/11 units was nice. Once more the map looked like it could be chill but at this point was skeptical.
Promoted Thief to Assassin for mov and str. Luna doesn’t hurt though but isn’t reliable. Didn’t plan on throwing away first attempt but suspected it would fail, maybe even multiple fails.
Once more didn’t bother with stat boosters on Light Rune I had, Manakete got Hoplon Gaurd. Didn’t bother with Daunt either as effect seemed too small compared to potentially selling it later.

Turn 1:
Text implied to me I would need to rush, only to then suggest maybe things could be taken slower if reinforcements weren’t too bad. Killed nearby Generals and with a longbow on Ranger and Purge Tactician killed the SE and SW Bolting mages. Fighter who had just hit lv10 (I even had a Seal :frowning: ) died during enemy phase.

Turn 2:
Wasn’t surprised to see reinforcements had Void Curse, they looked tough but manageable. Blizzard, Purge and longbow killed all but the middle-east Bolting. At this point was worried stairs meant more would spawn though. Mage Knight died to enemy phase and things spiraled downward from there.

Ended up losing on turn after boss showed up from near spawn and decided at this point to put down hack.

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Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy it much! As other commenters said, yes the intention was restarting completely if you lose a battle, similar to a pokemon nuzlocke. The game is designed to constantly present tough, run-ending threats, but they become less and less tough as you gain more knowledge and on subsequent runs you can piece together better answers for them.

But I totally respect that it’s gonna be a tough sell to restart if you weren’t even enjoying the first playthrough. I appreciate all the feedback regardless, there are definitely some things that can be clarified like the ch6 text.


Just checking in to say that this hack is still in my top 5 of all time. When is the sequel coming out?!