[FE8 ASM Request] Three Lines of Dialogue

It’s about as straightforward as the title says. I feel, if this is ever achieved, it would drastically improve the dialogue experience, especially for hacks that are dialogue-heavy. Two lines of dialogue with the large font FE8 utilizes means one could make a decently-sized sentence take up more than one A press to read completely, and for someone like myself who has ADHD and forgets what they’re reading midway through, it makes things extra difficult.

Although a jump from two to three lines won’t really solve any major problems, it should certainly help with the presentation and fix problems inherent to the FEGBA style of presenting dialogue, which, while competent, is nowhere near as accessible other RPGS, especially comparable ones on the SNES.

Edit: This, basically.



Maiden of Darkness has 3-line textboxes, so it can be done. I think Tequila does the ASM for MoD?


Tutorial textbox can do this, so why not convos? I second this request.

Going by this post they used Tequila’s Text Engine Overhaul, so the ASM exists already, and has been used to add 3 lines of dialogue.

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On top of that, unit and class descriptions can do it too.
It would be very interesting to see it happen for the normal convos too.

I’m aware the technology exists, but why isn’t it publicly available for use yet? And if it is, I’d be very appreciative if someone could help me find it.

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