[FE8][3/4 Done] Fire Emblem: The Tales of The Conquerors

Happy new year! No progress on Crimson Eclipse, I’m taking a bit of a break from creating campaigns. Instead, I’m focusing on updating the current ones.

New feature: Palawards!

The campaigns are cool and all, but after you beat them, there were nothing else. You just reached the end of story and that was it. Now, playing a game just because you want to enjoy a story is great. But what’s the point of it if you don’t get meaningless rewards for it?

Introducing the Palawards! Now, every time you beat a campaign you’ll get a “reward”! In the prologue, a statue appears next to the campaign’s character to symbolize that story’s completion.

  • Completing the story while playing each map in Normal Mode will get you a Bronze Jagen!

  • Completing the story while playing each map in Hard Mode will get you a Silver Marcus!!

  • Completing the story while playing every single map in Lunatic Mode will get you the elusive Golden Seth!!!

Now, you can show off how cool you are in front of your friends (that don’t know anything about this hack, the Fire Emblem franchise, or even videogames in general)!

On a more serious note: How to get each Palaward

Each time you beat a map, you get points according to the difficulty you chose: 1 for Normal, 2 for Hard and 3 for Lunatic.

If you get more than 2 * [number of chapters] points, you gain a Silver Marcus. This means that for each map you played in Normal mode, you need to play one in Lunatic (and the rest you have to play in Hard Mode).

Getting 3 * [number of chapters] points (basically, beating every single chapter in Lunatic mode) is how you get the Golden Seth

If you don’t meet any of those requirements, you get a Bronze Jagen.

The palawards (hopefully) stay for the rest of the savefile, and the highest palaward of each story will be displayed (Silver Marcus will appear over Bronze Jagens, and Golden Seths will appear over them regardless of how the order in which you got them)

This is just a silly way to reward you for playing the game. Don’t take it seriously. This might not work the way it should at first.


  • Fixed some classes using the “ranged animation” for the short axe.
  • Added a lot of Battle Quotes for several Scouring and Crimean Dawn bosses.
    Shoutout to Parrhesia for the advice! More to be added soon.
  • Changed some mounted classes that were using the wrong type of weapons.

Possible Crimean Dawn Changes

Just as I did previously, it’s the turn of Crimean Dawn to be refined. I haven’t made any significant changes yet, but I’m thinking about three things in particular:

  • Adding a sixth chapter somewhere between chapters 3 and 5
    If Crimson Eclipse ends up being six chapters long, then this would be the only campaign with five chapters instead of six. Not only would this make everything symmetric, but it’d also give the story some breathing room between chapters 4 and 5, since there’s a big timeskip there.
  • Remaking Chapter 2’s map and gameplay
    This chapter is the introduction to playable Laguz, which is why it’s more simple than the rest. However, it may be too simple, and short. To the point where it’s pretty forgettable.
  • Remaking the last Chapter’s gameplay
    The map’s fine, but the thing about that chapter is simply the fact that I can’t think about any twist for Lunatic mode. There’s also not a lot going on, for it being the big finale. It’s pretty vanilla in a non-vanilla story. Crimean Dawn is supposed to have quirky, gimmicky gameplay in contrast to The Scouring. After two gimmick-heavy chapters, maybe the last one being just a 1v2 could feel underwhelming.

There’s also going to be balance and text polish, of course. And anything else you want to see added or changed could be there as well, if you let me know!

This is just a small, quick update to start the year. Hope you enjoy!


New patch. What’s in it? Guess!

Small story, my computer’s operating system decided to break down the day before I was gonna release the patch. I then spent all week trying to find out someone to read the disk and extract the hackrom file (among other important documents) because I really didn’t want to do it all over again. The night I gave up and decided to resurrect my computer, I find out that it actually saved a copy of almost all I needed. All but one tiny document.

The Patch Notes.
So this is going of the top of my head. I don’t know about the numbers and there must’ve been some changes that I forgot. Who knows! Not me

General General changes

  • ALL healing staves got their durability reduced to 10 uses.
  • Your gold now resets at the start of each campagin.
  • Fixed some small visual bugs at the start of chapters?
  • Raised the growth rates of several unpromoted enemy classes. This might have unintended consequences

Crimean Dawn



  • The Laguz Lance no longer has 10% crit
  • Nerfed Luc and Nariman. They’re more frail when transformed and deal less damage when untransformed ?
  • Damir and Elvira can now properly promote
  • Nariman and Luc now has an inherent WInd-Thunder B support.
  • Slightly buffed Damir?
  • Changed the Battle Report to provide updated info

Chapter 1

  • Moved the javelin village to the other lane.
  • Nerfed the enemy Laguz and changed their position?

Chapter 2

  • Extended the map and moved its enemies.
  • Changed its objective, while still being a defense map.
  • The Laguz now transforms every five turns like normal.
  • Changed the droppable Bolting to a Heal
  • Moved chapter 3’s droppable steel axe to this chapter

Chapter 3

  • The boss now has a special event!
  • There’s now a bit of leniency towards the “rescue all Laguz” reward. You can have one Laguz die.
  • The Executioner now doesn’t have 10% crit

Chapter 4

  • Made Lunatic mode actually playable: moved enemies and toned down the promoted units.
  • The last conversation in the side quest now increases Selime and Lilia’s support to C.

Chapter 5

  • Added Lunatic mode
  • Changed enemy position and delayed reinforcements
  • After some time, the boss now moves.

First wave of rebalancing! Lunatic Mode should be completable now. Chapter 4 was absurdly impossible before. I believe the Chapter 2 changes made it a lot better, as there’s now a sense of danger and hurry. Another possible Lunatic Mode change is giving it a time limit, but if it’s too tight then RNG could make it impossible, and if it’s too lenient it’s trivial…

Unholy Empire

  • Updated the portraits! Huge thanks to @thorn for its amazing tracing of (almost) all Shadow Dragon portraits! They look incredible.
  • Some units now have inherent supports!
List of supports
  • Wolf and Sedgar - C
  • Vyland and Roshea - C
  • Atticus and Midia 2 - B
  • Midia and Dolph - C



Hello… 1 question this is a ended project? And wheres is the link?

Hi! No, this project isn’t finished. It’s also not abandoned!

The game consists of four separate stories. You can fully play through three of them, but the fourth one is on the way.

The link is up there, at the end of the topic’s body. Here it is.

For those that wonder, don’t worry, I’m still alive. This semester’s been rough, but It’s close to ending. I can’t promise I’ll finish Crimson Eclipse before winter’s break (southern hemisphere, july through august) is over, but I’ll try. The first chapter is done, at least

sorry friend a question. The game runs until the presentation of the first chapter… from then on it doesn’t do anything else… do you know why? I used a USA room because the Japanese do not accept the patch


Yup. Pretty much just blackscreens after you try to start the game. Not sure why.


Oh, I’m so sorry for that! It was the remains of some unused logic that I discarded long ago but that managed to cause the crash. It should be fixed now, just download the patch again from the same link and everything’s gonna be good.

This patch also fixes this issue (SPOILER FOR UNHOLY EMPIRE)
  • Fixed an issue in which Minerva didn’t move if she was hurt in Enemy Phase (it’s kinda janky but she moves now)

Also, if you break the left wall, you can play the first map of Crimson Eclipse! Note that it’s unfinished: most characters don’t have portraits, there isn’t a Lunatic Mode change, and the End Event isn’t finished. Overall, I don’t recommend playing it.

Sorry for the issues!

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