FE7 Skill System [WIP]

Hi guys, new update.

The following skills have now been added to the repo:

Counter - Reflect the foe’s attacks back at them (need to set range and weapon type limitations)
Colossus - Skill % chance of tripling strength in combat
Critical Force - Base crit rate is 1.5x skill
Decadence - The unit always deals 10 damage per normal attack
Armored Blow - +6 defense to the attacking unit


New update, new skills!

Despoil - A luck% chance of obtaining a red gem on killing an enemy
Black Magic - Randomly inflict 1 of 4 statues on an enemy at the end of the battle
Heavy Strikes - Add the user’s equipped item’s weight to their critical hit chance
Corrosion - Reduce the enemy’s equipped weapon uses by 5 at the end of the battle

I’ve also decided to post a link to my Discord for this project. You can get more frequent updates on my work there.


Hi all, it’s been a while.

I’ve had some time to think about this and creating my own skill system from the ground up (while extremely educational) wasn’t practical in the long run. So with that in mind, I’ve decided to scrap what I’ve done so far and commit to a full on port of the FE8 skill system. The good news is that I have over 100 skills successfully ported, and I don’t foresee any real issues with porting the rest.

You can check my progress here if you want to see what skills are done.

I won’t be posting another progress update until I’ve started tackling the graphics display. Once I have that down, the port will be mostly finished.


I’m liking this a lot! As someone who played FE7 as their first fire emblem game, this is gonna be interesting. I’m surprised that the skill implementation wasn’t in febuilder as an option but only for FE8 via patch. I know lots of asm is necessary for the trilogy as a whole but this is qol to add.