FE7 Self Randomizing Rom [Complete]

Hello! This bug appeared in the latest update. Everything was fine in the previous version. I’m using the gba.emu emulator.

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oops! I thought I’d only changed some stats around but I’d mixed in an fe6 definition by mistake. Fixed.

ok, I did the same for Lyn and Eliwood now. This means they’ll be better on average when randomized into other classes, but units randomized into Lord classes will be a little worse. Vanilla stats remain unchanged.

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Can’t really show screenshot but my Lyn is a dancer…
screenshot wont load…

You can dance on over to the throne and seize. Batta doesn’t stand on it.

i noticed after i reset…
i shoulda kept it, but after my reset i ended up getting 4 clerics(Matthew, Nils, Serra, and Florina) a mercenary(Erk) 3 thieves(Sain, Rath, and Wil) another dancer(Kent) a troubadour(Dorcas) and an Eliwood lord(Lyn) …
and the theives are stuck with 0 defence permanently as it’s their max defence…

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  • Gold is now randomized
  • Really bad rolls for base stats / growths / stat caps are now less common