[FE7] One mind, many questions

I have been working on a hack for a while, and I have some somewhat generic questions that I want to know more about.

Is there a way to make goal text and/or status text change mid-chapter?
Like, the goal is “Steal 2 vulneraries” for the first part, then for the second part, it becomes “Steal 3 mines” or something similar.

Is there a way to change what music is used for certain events?
The default attack music is 0x1F (Strike), and I was wondering if I could change it to be 0x0A instead, or what the pointer/offset of the byte to change is.

Is there a way to make units start with damage? Instead of having a custom battle to damage them, is there a way to make them start with or to inflict damage on command?

What does the “Character 2” byte in Nightmare? I thought it was used by cutscenes to replace dead characters with that charcter(if Kent’s character 2 is Sain, Sain is called in place of Kent in cutscenes only if Kent died, but Sain was recruited), but I am not sure exactly what it does.

I will probably have more questions, but these are the main ones that come to mind.


Is there a way to make a weapon have similar properties to Imhullu from Shadow Dragon(gives the wielder invincibility to everything except a certain weapon[Starlight])? I thought about having it give +30/+30(def/res), but tomes such as Luna or Eclipse would be able to pierce it(I think?) it. Is there a way to do such a thing?

How do the magic swords work? The runesword always does magic damage while the other two, the wind sword and light brand, do magic or physical damage based on range. Is there a way to change this or make other weapons have the same properties as the runeswords, where the magic aspect is always used?

From Arch’s guide to chapter construction:

This /probably/ isn’t the best answer for this question but you could just replace the default fight theme with whatever you want.

Thanks for the first answer.

Yeah, the second answer is not was I was looking for, but I appreciate the help, nevertheless.

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Yes, I wrote down the hardcoded values for songs somewhere on SF, I’ll have a look for them later.

Here you go. Can I ask why you need these?

I just wanted to see if I could organize the songs. More for organization purposes. Thank you, though.

Also, is there a way to copy the instruments from one game to another? I am trying to steal the instruments from FE8 and put it into FE7 so that “Follow Me” will sound like the original. Whenever I paste the data for the instruments, I just get this high-pitched ear-splitting music that while the notes sound right, none of the instruments are actually right.

use zahlman’s song editor to import songs; I think you can use sappy too but that’s notorious for not working

I need to import the instruments, not the song. I already have the songs, I just need the instruments that go along with it.
And how do I run Zahlman’s Song editor? Did I miss something that runs it?

ZSE rips the instruments too

Hmmm… Every time I try to rip the song, it just says that the song offset is probably invalid.

What are you doing

I can rip the songs now, but when I try to dump the instruments, it crashes.

Here is what I am typing:
dump aiff instruments 0x214814 0x214E14

And this seems to cause some error.

Praise be to our music guru

FYI all FE8 instruments save a couple like the guitar slide in Powerful Foe are present in FE7.

Is that so? Could you tell me the offset then? I spent… quite some time copying the instruments from FE8 individually into FE7 just to have the game crash after a few seconds when the song starts. And is there a way to copy the instruments in multiples rather than inserting them individually? I just want to start with getting Follow Me into FE7 correctly first. And I appreciate the help so far.

I’m not going to write down all 14 offsets or however many instruments there are, you’re going to have to do that yourself. What exactly are you doing to copy the instruments over? Clearly if the game is crashing you’ve made a mistake somewhere. There currently isn’t any batch sample exporter. As I said before, you shouldn’t need to do this as all of the instruments used in “Follow Me” are in FE7. The best way to do this would be to put together your own instrument map for the song, and listen to each FE7 song for the right instrument, copying those instruments over.

Alternatively, just use Zahlman’s Song Editor to import the song and it will literally do everything for you, including importing all the song data over. You’re creating unnecessary work for yourself by importing the song data and the instrument data separately, especially if your only goal is to have “Follow Me” play exactly in FE7 as it does in FE8.