[FE7/8] More than 5 supports fix


I’m hoping for a FE6 version of this, if you ever decide to. Otherwise, this hack is great!


So, I was having an issue with this patch. Previously, my characters who’d gone through five support conversations showed the names green in the “Weapon and Support Level” chart, to indicate they couldn’t have anymore supports. Now, after patching, the names no longer are green, but unfortunately I’m still unable to actually go through a 6th conversation with anyone. I’ve been grinding here for at least 40 turns, so I’m not sure what the issue is. Could this be caused from loading a save from midway through a battle, or does that not matter? If anyone could help out, it would be greatly appreciated.


Same happened here, in both versions FE7 and FE8, i thinks there is something missing, you cant grind if you reach the 5 supps limit and then save, you must have them like…In latency, and then do all the supports at the very same chapter


Yeah, I’ve gotten Eliwood to 6 supports, and Florina to 5. When I went to the next chapter, Eliwood could still do more, but Florina could not unlock anymore.


Weird. Could you guys upload a save file or savestate so i can test


It wont happen to you? Well ill upload a savestate when i get to mi girlfriends house, we were playing FE8 and wanted that Forde had more supps, so i said: “let us use this patch” Forde had its 5 supp limit, to be more clear, he had BBC, We applied the patch, his supps wont glow green anymore, but he could not get an extra support by any meanings…

Same hapened in FE7, but since it was a nonfresh rom i used to think i did something wrong, but this was one Fresh FE8 from directly from the net…So, maybe tomorrow.


What I assume the problem is, is that the game has a piece of code that switches a variable or something from “available to support” to “unavailable to support.” The vanilla game has a limit of 5 supports to switch that. However, though you installed this patch, it only changes the game’s support code; it can’t change that variable on your save. So any characters that were below the 5 support limit before the patch was installed should be able to go over 5, while those who were already at 5 are stuck.

At least, that’s how I assume this works. I might be completely wrong.


Ah, I see the problem. While the support menu option was changed to ignore the 5 support limit, there was another check hiding in the support point gain routine. For FE8 this is a simple fix: write 00 00 at 0x28476 and 0x28508. For FE7, write 00 00 at 0x268dc and 0x2696e. Will update patches later.


Patches updated with the support point fix, also changed to EA installers so you can put the hack in whatever free space you like.


Awesome, thank you! Don’t mean to be a bother, but is there any chance in seeing this for FE6?


Onmi’s mod, Maiden of Darkness, is going to have something similar to this for FE6, and I’m 90% certain he intends to release his source along with the hack. 90% certain as he might of changed his mind/I may have heard wrong


So we change the 04 28 for 00 in both adresses fe8?


Sorry for the bother but I’m using a hex editor on my phone its like this “00d90080” then 8 rows of code so, just asking whats the address code so I can copy and paste the hex to the game. I’ve done hexing already but only twice. So, still new. Thank you.


If you want to romhack, you’ll need at least a basic, cheap computer. Even a hunk of garbage for $50 from a yard sale would work.


Can someone do a step by step on how to do this? I’m new to this and i have no idea what i’m doing ;_;