[FE6] A few questions (and possibly requests)[Sort of In progress]

Hi guys,

I’m new to this place, and to hacking in general. I’m currently working on FE6 Chaos Mode, and I had a few questions.

  1. Is the FE7 Luna effect (resistance negation) already in the game, and if not, is it possible to insert it?

  2. I’d like to make the runesword a 1-2 range sword, but it can only crit at 1 range. Is this possible?

  3. Why does the game display 3~3 range weapons as --, and is there a fix to this?


Love the username. Take some shots in honor of the new fella, everybody!

  1. It isn’t natively in the game, no. It might’ve already been added (but probably not posted publicly).
  2. The crit stopping is likely a hard-coded effect.
  3. The game calculates range in a way that only allows for certain workable values. This has been fixed in FE7, and I believe in FE8.

FE6 is the oldest base ROM, and that usually discourages people from using it since FE7’s basic engine is a lot more, shall we say, “complete.” There is one crazy mofo who hacks it, though.

I think you misunderstood about #2. As it is, the runesword DOES crit at 2 range. I would like it NOT to. The idea is that it has low might but high crit; you can heal a bit at 2 range, but you have to get up close and personal to really do damage and heal.

In regards to #3, there’d be 2 problems to fix: the – value for 3~3, and the red tiles not showing up for ranges >3 (including 3-15, which is kind of odd since it does exist as a valid ballista range-go figure). I’d be OK with just having a way to fix the former; I can figure out a way to balance legendaries with 1-3 range, and I intend to make iron ballistas enemy only, anyway.

Can I be introduced to the crazy mofo in question?

#3 is fixed with this patch, but only in FE7 and 8.

You’ll need to follow the links and ask the creators to extend it to FE6. I think it’s a pretty important patch, personally. IS makes terrible weapon range coding.

I pmed Ice about that. Thanks, Klok.

Another question: I’ve trying to insert the Monk class, and I’m currently adding the name and class description using FEditor. First, I made a backup rom. I increased the max index by 1, wrote ‘Monk[x]’, and saved. Then I checked the backup rom against the one with this (supposedly rather small) change, and a few bytes that weren’t 00 had been overwritten. Do I need to worry that I wrote over something important? Is there a place where I can input the specific offset that it should save this text to? As far as I can tell, the rom works fine, but I’m more worried that something really subtle has changed that might not be noticed for some time (like, I dunno, you get a game over when Idoun dies). Or am I merely being paranoid?

FEditor makes the text work perfectly, so there shouldn’t be any issues. I would mention though that FEditor had some issue with FE6 in the past and text editing, which was fixed so that Gringe could perform his translation.

I dunno what that fix entailed though, PM gringe about it.

Confirmed. It is hardcoded in FE7.

Right. My bad! I’m too used to FE7, where spellswords not being able to crit at range is just part of the package.

Also the crazy mofo in question is too lazy to actually register here until he’s releasing something; so I guess you can meet him in 2020.

So…I’m trying to import Shine to FE6. (Why does FE6 have so few light spells, anyway?)

I couldn’t find any sprite sheets anywhere, so I figured the logical thing to do would be to fire up FE7, pause the game at the beginning of the animation, remove the relevant layers, and screeny each slide (as I go forward using Ctrl + N), then create a script. However, I went through the animation again because I realized I missed some stuff in the foreground, and then I realized that not all the background frames had shown up the first time around!

So basically, my question is “How does one rip magic spells?” Thanks to VincentASM I have the frames for Aura, but that’s the only one I could find on spriters-resource.com