[FE16] Three Houses tools


Sorry it my first time using these forum did you release these editor yet? since i can’t find download link anywhere

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damn not even a month into the game and it’s already getting epic tools


I first released some nightmare modules. They don’t require a lot of experience to use but at least some basic knowledge to work with them. However I already started working on my standalone tool with good progress so far.

I am probably going to release a basic randomizer and a 0% Growth patch for Three Houses in a couple of days as well. :slight_smile:


0% growths 3H sounds… both awful (because you get basically no new units post-timeskip), and surprisingly sane (because of how class bonuses work). I’m really curious how this would work out.


Update: The first release of the toolkit is now available on Github featuring a character editor - More tools will be following soon.

Once the first version of the class editor is ready I will start working on my randomizer tool. However since I am having a busy week and attend Devcom and Gamescom next week it might take a little bit more time. But the 0% patch will definitely be released this week.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Randomizer

When can we edit names and portraits?


Gonna give the obvious answer and say as soon as he figures out how to do that


Portraits should already be editable by using tools for reading the .GT1 texture format. It seems to be a common format among Koei Tecmo games. Text editing requires knowledge about the structure of text tables. However, I already analyzed a lot of the basic structure for these types of tables so it’s only a matter of time.

Speaking of tables I created a table controller class which can read and write numeric tables. This doesn’t only make it easier to analyze and change data it also makes it possible to actually expand tables and add things like new characters and classes. The table controller is already on Github - Should be very useful for other hacking tools as well.

The class editor also makes good progress so far. :slight_smile:


How do I use the tool? I extracted a backup but the file is called slot00 instead of Data1 and when i rename it it still doesn’t work. I would appreciate the help.


It seems you extracted SaveData but my tool is not for manipulating savegames. It’s a tool for making actual romhacks. You have to extract the RomFS of the game to get access to Data1.bin. You could then make a LayeredFS mod to redirect fileloading. This is the normal method when it comes to switch mods for now. If some of those terms might seem unfamiliar to you then I suggest checking GBATemp or the Switch Hacking reddit for more info - it’s not super complicated but I really don’t want to explain all steps in detail when there are good documents out there. ^^


I read all updates but like… how would a randomizer work? Like, how would we use it on the Switch?

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Hey, tried using this and ran into two problems. Firstly, for some reason I get male Byleth twice on the hactool. Ended up extracting the .dat files and checking with nightmare 2 to find that nothing had been edited with F!Byleth. Secondly, I can’t figure out how to get this to work at all with the update and DLC. As I can’t extract any data whatsoever from the update (not sure why, just doesn’t want to work/dump with the nxdumptool). Any advice would be helpful as I’ve spent a couple days searching to no deal success XD


For the first problem: This was fixed with a recent commit. Just clone from the master branch until the next release is available (It will probably be available tomorrow). For the second problem: As far as I am aware it is not possible to use update data with LayeredFS (Correct me if I am wrong). It seems like you can use hactool to join NCAs though: https://gbatemp.net/threads/manually-updating-romfs-bin-for-backups.509834/

@Nick2d2 I mentioned LayeredFS. This method basically tells the switch to load contents from another location. By keeping a modified clone of game data on your SD-Card you can redirect to the modified data and therefore load romhacks.

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Cheers for the reply! Damn. I was hoping I was misremembering that, I’ve got a supernag for the update, can’t load the game without redownloading it. Considering it has its own title key, I wonder if you could get the data.bin file from there and patch that…? Here’s to hoping that’ll work I suppose…


can you please also put in a enemy editor, ideal per chapter, so we can get a basic rom hack tool available?

(enemy lv, stats, gear, skills, player growths, ect).

i’m kind of rippin to make a 3 houses rom hack right now.


Manage to get data1.bin extract and edit but if i want to use them i have to put romfs folder with data1.bin inside atmosphere/title right ?

So that mean only exfat would work? since data1.bin alone are more then 4gb


Oh shit, i never thought of that.
you could use goldleaf to use transfer JUST data1.bin, and use checkpoint to backup all your saves in case something goes wrong and you need to reinstall.

it should work, i think?


I’m not sure if I’m doing this properly or not - but has anyone managed to get crests/spells working? I think growths are, but can’t be sure. I don’t have the updates, or the DLC and I’ve got my edited data1.bin in atmosphere/titles/titleid/romfs, after a lot of trial and error. But spells are still the originals, no new crests are showing up, and any immediate class & stat edits, like Byleth to merc, or mag up to 13 aren’t showing up either. Anything would be helpful at this point.


@HeartHero any news on editing enemies / chapters / ect?

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