Please use FEMapCreator.

Export the file in Map format and open the file with FEMapCreator.
Import the map format after editing.

I had created automatic generation a long time ago, but I did not get the expected performance.
It is best to use FEMapCreator’s automatic generation.


I have a question about the Affin and weapon level icons, when I look at them in FEBuilber, they look off color, if I import new icons over them, will they be off color in game?


Weapon level icons and Affin icons are drawn using a special palette.
This palette is in the system icon.

The palette of Weapon level icons and Affin icons is common.(maybe)


It seems to have missed a transfer prop. His code should be C1.

Upgrade the props


Hi , is there a way to change the value from skills like activation rate , damages …etc ? I feel like it’s “a bit” to overpower .


Can use Nergal Dark aura in FE8 on this program ?


I think there is a problem with the Stat Boost option in both FE7 and FE8 in the newest version of FEBuilder.
I don’t know why :thinking:


please send report 7z.

I do not need an image.
I need data that can actually be reproduced.


About skills, please contact the SkillSystems.

The skill of FEBuilderGBA is the July version.
It is a slightly old version.

We are currently planning this update.


It does not exist in FE8U.
Although it remains in FE8J, it disappears in FE8U.

Besides that, animations that are not used, such as Ekkesax’s shock wave effect, remain in FE8J, but have disappeared in FE8U.
Since FE8U was released after FE8J, it seems that it deleted the animation which FE8 did not use.

Please use other magic animation using magic expansion patch.


This problem was fixed in ver 20181015.22.
However, because it can not be reproduced, I do not know if it is definitely fixed.


I was not sure how best to describe it because it is difficult to show this problem, I think

But now it works fine, thank you.


Thanks for answer , and for your dedication ( your work is awesome btw )


In Version Ver:20181020.17, I updated SkillSystems.


Just a fair notice, if one updates the SkillSystem patch from FEBuilder, I noticed the All 8 Weapon Rank patch will cause a freeze if you try to go to the weapon rank screen after updating the skill patch. This is an easy fix, though, just uninstall and reinstall the 8 Weapon Rank patch.


Thank you for information.
“All 8 Weapon” seems to have been dependent as it corrects the status screen.
It seems that I have to install a patch reinstallation function depending on updater.
I’ll fix it later.


After installing the updated Skills patch, the battle vs Valter froze. :C


Is there a patch out there that makes it so that the battle BGM doesn’t reset if it’s the same BGM that played before?
That’s very confusing… so what I mean is that… in the game, if the player phase and enemy phase BGM are the same song, the song doesn’t reset once the phase switches, and it keeps running without breaks, even after the turn is over.
But even if the battle BGM is the same song used in the player or enemy phase, it starts the song from the beginning once the fight starts.
So I’m basically asking for a patch that makes it so as long as a different BGM isn’t triggered to play, it will keep playing the same song throughout.
So like the final chapters of Fire Emblem 13 and 14 basically.
I don’t think there is one in the English speaking community (although I’d gladly be wrong), but maybe you have something like that.
And if that’s the case, do you think you can add it to FEBuilder?


Hey Mr. 77, do you know what I need to do to solve this?


please send report 7z.