today i patched febuilder and the hpbars patch stopped working. before the update it worked fine, i have not changed anything since then


I have not updated HPBars Patch.
I think your problem is another problem.
If you can not solve it yourself, please send report.7z.


I am trying to move to github.

Update getuploader for a while.
Since getuploader is a Japanese service, it is difficult to use for English-speaking users,
And it seems there are cases in which automatic upload fails for some reason,
I am aiming for that solution.


very nice, this will certainly bring a few more people to the romhacking community.


Where do I find the event for the chapter where you choose the route split?


how does the ‘ROM translate tool’ work? Can I translate FE7u or even better, the last promise into Chinese with it? I hardly know anything about ROM translation, but I know it is normally an extremely tedious process. But this tool seems capable of realizing that process with just one click? Or maybe I misunderstand its function?Thank you.


The root branch is in MapID: 0x38 Frelia Castle.
This subroutine call when entering Frelia Castle with Flag: 0x88 enabled.

Branch events are set in this.


‘ROM translate tool’ is mainly made for the purpose of conversion between Japanese and English.

Chinese ROM is very special.
Because, Chinese ROM is not officially released.
It is a ROM that fans translated by tbl.

It use tbl to convert Japanese strings to Chinese.
This mechanism is very complicated.

Therefore, we can not respond yet.


With this, FEU seems to be redirected to the latest version when writing the link.

So change to the following.


thank you very much. To a total IT layman like me, it sounds truly promising, as I guess I might be able to translate 天地の剣 into English with this ‘ROM translate tool’ ? If so, that would be fantastic. Could you please let me know which ROM I should use as the ‘Fixed string FROM’ one and which I should choose as the ‘Fixed string TO’ ? Thanks again.


To translate Japanese ROM such as “天地の剣” into English, please set as follows.

First, open “天地の剣” with FEBuilderGBA.
Then, start the ROM translation tool.

Since the “天地の剣” is a remodel of FE 7…
For FROM, specify unmodified FE7J.
For TO, specify unmodified FE7U.

Then, just press the button.

Please apply from anti-adaptation tool to adapt anti-huffman and draw single font.
It will take about 10 minutes or so, please do also at jogging.

As you come back from the jogging, the conversion will be over.


Hi 7743, there is something that bugging me and i need your help.
In Battle animations -> editor -> editor screens: why can’t i copy all codes and images frame at one but only 1 code/image at a time?
Example : iirc nomads (trooper) didn’t have melee bows attack animations but only ranged ones (i know Bows isn’t supposed to be melee weapons, i just wanted to modify the “short bow” to usable at 1 range). Instead of copy all the codes/image frames in ranged attack animations to melee ones, i have to do it one by one, codes by codes and images by images and it’s time-consuming. Hope you can do something about it. Thanks for reading this.


Why do not you select Export of battle animation instead of Editor, export it and import it?
Please copy the existing animation and edit it with Editor.


Well i never think of that before, definitely gonna try it. Thanks


Omg thank you. I was looking through that chapter but couldn’t find it. Thanks so much!


I’m sorry if I missed it, but it appears like there’s no patch to set the BGM for the overworld map in the prologue mode, Eirika mode, Ephraim mode and for the end, is that right?
I think that’s something that should be added.


Are you talking about BGM on the world map?
There are no patches yet.

However, I investigate the part which changed BGM in the source code and add it to the patch list.
It is a patch that can change BGM of shop and support screen.
Perhaps, in this, there may be a part that changes the World Map BGM.


Yes, I was talking about the World Map BGM.

I think it would be a good addition, since if there’s an option to change stuff like the shop and armory BGM, there should also be one for the world map.


Okay, so I’m having a pretty serious error.
Any time one of my units fights an enemy, they fail to turn gray after the fight,
which softlocks the game, like this.

Older backups don’t have this issue, but that means I could lose a lot of work.


Please send me report.7z.

MENU -> File -> Create Report Issue