Thank u so much for fixed .
just 1 problem about thai vowel
Princess Erika ! this way ! = เจ้าหญิงเอริกะ ทางนี้ !
i don’t sure it look like “maru” and “tenten” in japanese language or not


FEBuilderGBA automatically generates fonts using OS fonts.
Probably, We may not be able to use Thai fonts well.

It may be necessary to switch fonts to be used for automatic generation.

Currently I use this font.
It might be better to use a different font.
[FontFamily: Name = Microsoft Sans Serif]

I do not know which font can draw Thai language most beautifully.
Also, google creates a free font that can draw a world’s font called noto font.
we may have to try this.

If it still does not work, there is no way but to draw the font yourself.

From Detail Menu -> Font, fonts can be extracted as png images for each character.
FE’s font is represented as a 16 x 16 4 color image.

I think that it will work if you make this image yourself and import it.


Can someone please explain the specifics of how the “HomeBase Patch” by aera works?


HomeBase Patch

Other than a specific map, it will not be able to support conversation.
For example, by default, support conversation will be impossible except MapID 0x39 Melkaen Coast.
It is realized by hiding the “Support” of menu.
hooking the SupportCommandUsability function.

Every time your remodeling clears the chapter, it must be like stopping by the home base.
With remodeling that allows player to move WorldMap freely, player can stop by the home base,
Or, when clear the chapter ,then need to switch to the home base.

This patch was binary transplanted from the 西方 Resistance patch currently under development.
It does not exist in original source code, it is binary format only.


So if I’m reading correctly, it makes support conversations work like in FE9 (where you view the support conversations in the base camp instead of during battle), and repurposes MapID 0x39 to be used as the base camp?


I should have translated the 拠点 as base camp instead of base home.
In the next update, I will fix it with BaseCamp Patch…


…quick question,
How would you go about adding item effects to weapons for example Having a sword that can heal or a Lance with the Torch ability?

I tried playing around with the Item “Use” effect Editor but every instance of me changing the pointer “1=Define the effect of using items” results in a bricked rom.

-side note-
I must admit 7743, you are godlike, I took a break from romhacking for years… only to return and see that it’s more promising than ever. really impressive stuff.


Giving an item effect to a weapon is pretty tough.
But it is not impossible.

Let’s give 0x09 Rapier the effect of Vulenery.

To do this, we need to change the three values.
1.Item -> When Use
2.Item Use Effect -> 0=Determine whether items can be used
3.Item Use Effect -> 1=Define the effect of using items

Item Use Effect is implemented by a switch statement, and you can set values for all items by re-pointing out the missing areas.

Please change as follows.

You can “Use” rapier.
You will be able to recover HP.

Promotion Item, statbooster, staff need to set some more data.

In FE, item that do not need to be used are not displayed on the menu.
For example, you can not use Vulnery if HP is not decreasing.
Therefore, it has a complicated data structure.


Thnx for the prompt reply.
I’m guessing there’s a problem w/ my build …probably caused by extending the item list.

Oddly, giving a weapon the vulnerary healing effect works fine. However when trying to apply the pure water effect or the torch effect to a weapon I get a deathquote from Seth when trying to use it in game?.

After seeing your reply I played around some more and it seems like I have to change the map animations for use item (torch effect) to not crash the game. not sure if this is normal.

EDIT: After further research I figured out that the mysterious 3rd parameter “1 or 2” must be set to 1 for everything to work out fine.

I’m still a lil confused as to why the magic animations do NOT need to be edited for the vulnerary effect to work though… it’s weird.


More, as program decipherment advances, we may be understood.
Certainly, turning off animation to map animation and setting “1 or 2” to 1 works.

From here on, you need to set breakpoints in asm’s source code and decipher it.
Perhaps it’s getting stuck in a strange branch.
It would be better to set a read break point at “1 or 2” address.

I do not understand.
The value of “1 or 2” is ultimately stored in [sp, # 0x20] and should be referenced below.

08057174 4B02   ldr r3, [pc, #0x8] # pointer:08057180 -> 0203E104
08057176 9F08   ldr r7,[sp, #0x20]
08057178 2F01   cmp r7, #0x1
0805717A D124   bne #0x80571c6
    0805717C 8019   strh r1, [r3, #0x0]
    0805717E E022   b 0x80571c6

If it is not 1, no value is written r1 to 0203E104.
I think 0203E104 holds something 's bool value.
This function is the place to decide battle animation.


I have run into a bizarre problem. Between chapters 4 and 5 in fe8 (U) I lose all of my gold. And in chapter 5 cannot gain any gold by selling things. Do you know how I can fix this problem? I suspect its because somehow the chapter is read as Ephraims route rather than Eirika’s Route, which I don’t know how to change.


There’s a hardcoded check for ch5x to make sure you can’t see money, access the convoy, and other fun things. You can add the following code with EA to remove that.

ORG $24DF2 //show gold in ch5x
ORG $3164F //allow Supply on prep screen in ch5x
ORG $3327B


Thank you. How do I access the EA directly? I only see import/export options.


hmm… it seems

1 -> Map only animation
2 -> Map and Battle Animations

Some Item Effects such as Vulnerary/Elixir don’t need the param to be set to one.
Others such as PureWater and torch needs it to be set to one for the Map Animations to work.

When using a weapon, the torch effect calls the battle animation when set to 2 …which causes random errors and even crashes. When set to 1 it calls the “Map Animation Effect.”

And being that I haven’t fully delved into ASM hacking this might be an impase… as I can’t have a weapon with normal battle animations and the Torch effect when used.

Would it be easier to find a way to increase fog visibility when an Item is equipped or held?? Like giving the theifs vision to anyone with the lightbrand equipped??


The GBAFE conversation has two lines limit.
Therefore, you need to insert [A] / @0003 as appropriate.
In FEBuilderGBA, I made a check of this syntax, but it stopped working due to a bug.
Fix this problem.(ver 20180814.21)

If you update FEBuilderGBA, FELint may point out this problem.
In that case, please add [A] / @0003.

For Example


This is 3 lines so you should modify it as follows.



We are about to leave the specification of FE.
In that case, there is no choice but to decode the ASM.
MENU -> Tool-> dissembler -> Save all to file -> “Assemble all and save”

First, save all the source code in a file.
After that, it is good to read while specifying the location while setting a breakpoint with no$gba etc.
Please decode while placing comments in the source code that you dropped in the text file.


I make a FEBuilderGBA patch it as “Unlock various restrictions of chapter 5x.”
(ver 20180814.21)


This also needs to be added.
Without this, we can not seize with 5x.

ORG $37B95


Patches work perfectly, thank you.


We could write comments magic animation , CG , BG.
ver 20180823.01

Please use it for memo during development.
This content is not saved in ROM.It is recorded in the following file.

In addition, comments written at the beginning of the event are treated as event names.