Thank you for information.

It seems to work for both unit and class.
As a trial, when I set it as a bandit class, all bandits started dropping items.
I will fix it next time.


Hello 7743
Can you add a Chinese manual?
I think I can do translation work


The installer patch used to change the level upper limit of each class keeps showing up as unable to find the file specified when I try to write it to the rom. A few other patches are showing the same. I’ve tried reinstalling and ended up with the same result. How do I fix this?


Do you see an error saying which file is missing?
Please tell me error message in detail.

I tried it with both FE8J and FE8U, but I could install it.


If you can make a translation,I will post it.
That site is a wiki (pukiwiki) so anyone can edit it and get text resources.


I think it may not play nice with the changes to your ROM. (Other patches and stuff)


This is what I get


Oh. I had this problem with the Anti Huffman for fe8. I think builder just didn’t install right. I’d try to reinstall it


It started working after the 3rd reinstallation. Thanks. Now I’m facing this problem where all the changes I make with the patch aren’t being saved


If you do not fix it even if reinstalling, you want to check the settings.

Are you setting Event assembler?
Since this patch is implemented with EA, EA is required for installation.

Please check menu setting -> option.

This error is displayed, for example, if you mistake this path or specify a path but core.exe does not exist.




Are you saving in the simple menu after writing to ROM?


yeah I feel like an idiot lol


Nah. The only reason I suggested this is because I did it too


Even if you forget to save, if it is just before you have the chance to get back the data.

If you have started the emulator from FEBuilderGBA, a file named ROMNAME.emulator.gba is created.
If sappy was started from FEBuilderGBA, a file named ROMNAME.sappy.gba is created.
These are created in the same directory as ROM.

These will be updated each time you start the emulator or sappy.

Therefore, if these files can be collected, it may be possible to recover the lost fixes.
Next time, if you forget to save, check these files.


Thanks. My last question is how do I set an enemy level past 31? I increased the max unit level to 35 using the patch but the unit placer doesn’t allow me to go past 31 when assigning levels to units. I’d hate to not have a balance as far as having my units go further than the enemy


You can’t go past 31, because 2 bits are used for allegiance and 1 bit for autolevelling, leaving 5 bits for the level. You can increase this amount by rewriting the code that reads that byte, but that’s probably more trouble than it’s worth.


That makes sense. Thank you


What you can do is make groups of enemies in the character editor have increased bases or growths and only use those for 30-35 level enemies


with the new patch for FEBuilderGBA, after updating I get this error

which leads to my battle conversations, and there is only one of them now- where before there was over 100. Thanks for the great work with this program, its made me almost be able to finish a hack within a month.