Thanks for typing it out like that. It looks like it will work, but I thought I would check to see if I replicated the steps correctly for the end of Chapter 16. If I did, I’ll change it for Chapter 16x and delete the action from chapters 21 and 21x, but before I do something like that I wanted to be sure I did this correctly. This picture shows my changes to the Chapter 16 end event. If you could check if it looks alright, that would be very helpful. Thank you.




I do not know if it will work in Chapter 16.
The end event of this chapter is quite complicated.
Do not solve complicated problems at the same time.

First of all let’s try it in a simple chapter.
Rewrite the end event of Chapter 1 as follows.


Setting the event up in the same way you did worked perfectly. I think I was just missing the “Skip Lifting” command, as I wasn’t exactly sure what it did. I think I can make the changes I need to now. Thanks a ton for helping.


When updating to ver: 20180424.21, some numbers are displayed in red.
This is not an error.

This red number is a mark which is a decimal number.
In FEBuilderGBA, the decimal number color was displayed with this color, but it stopped working due to a bug.
Since it fixed bug this time, it is now displayed in the original color.

If you do not like the red color, please change from the option “color”.


Is it possible to separate skills shared by the genders. This is for FE 8 skills system.


For FE, gender classes are prepared for each class.
If you are using a SkillSystems of FE8U, you can set skills for each class.

Therefore, if you want to divide your skills by gender, you can change the skills you want to retain in male and female classes.

As a concrete method,
“Leading address of skill to acquire in level up” of the class you want to separate once to 0.
When set to 0, there is no skill list.
After that, please select “Extends List” and secure a new area.


I know you can force a unit to be deployed in certain chapters, but is there any way to deny a character from being deployed in a certain chapter in the app? The only example I can think of is when Matthew in FE7 Lyn Mode is unavailable for a chapter or two, but I can’t figure out how that works.


In FE7, use UNCM char_id 0x2000000 in the opening event, and then UNCR char_id 0x2000000 later on to unset the bit.

FE8 doesn’t have such a thing…yet.


It works perfectly thanks 7743.


Unfortunately, FE8 is what I’m hacking.
Thanks though! Hopefully it’ll be figured out for FE8 someday.


With FE 8, Please use “Deny Deployment”(kesseki) patch.
It is in the patch of FEBuilderGBA.


Applied it, and it works! I thought it didn’t at first, but I think it was just because I was playing a save file from before applying the patch.
Thank you.


first time posting here~!
Anyway, something I found out (and am kinda having problems with atm).
As you see, the unit can’t do anything else after trading (selecting item, attacking etc), trading just ends his move.
I found out what was causing this and it was the ‘increase Luck stat cap’ patch (For reference, I changed it to 35 in the Patch). The thing is I made some big progress on my hack, so I don’t want to go back to a backup where I didn’t apply it yet. As a last resort maybe, but I thought maybe any of you have any idea how to fix this?

Already fixed it! I just looked in the Hex of the backup Rom, and replaced the values in the corrupt Rom. (The adresses displayed in the Luck stat cap patch). Anyway, don’t use this patch anyone! (Until this is fixed :slight_smile: )


Why can you say that increase Luck stat cap’ patch is a problem?

First of all, it is to take a backup.(this is very important)

Certainly, in order to save status 31 or higher, you need a patch to modify saved data such as break_save.
Since there are only 5-bit frames in save data, over 32 data will overflow.

Since Luck Stat Cap Patch is a patch for addresses, I think that I can restore it.

Please use the Luck Stat Cap Patch and enter the original value 30 and write it.
With this, I think that the upper limit of fortune will return to original.

The address you are rewriting is below.
I write the file name and address.
PATCH_Upper limit of lucky.txt
ADDRESS=0x2c016 0x2c01c 0x872aE 0x2d26e 0x2d772 0x872aE 0x9C31C

If that does not work, then,
Please use Menu -> Tool -> Difference Debug Tool.

It is a tool to correct bugs by binary comparison with the lastly working version.
For an explanation, please read here.


I found a mistake.
How about changing 0x2d772 to 0x1B?


I am glad that you can send ups to that ROM.
It can be DirectMessage via discord.


The bug of the lucky limit was corrected in Version: 20180426.01.

If you had changed the lucky limit in the version with the previous bug,
It may be better to do changing 0x2d772 to 0x1B.


As a reflection on this bug…
I also decided to verify the contents of the patch by automatic test.

In order to prevent similar bugs from occurring again, I made automatic tests for patches.


So the Luck Stat Cap Patch is safe to use now?

Also I don’t want to sound like a noob, but I am porting a hack I have been working on for a long time from FE7 to FE8.
I can’t seem to figure out how to make FADU work correctly in FE8 FEBuilderGBA.
This is what I mean:

It always goes way too fast. And changing the speed value has no impact. FADI works perfectly though.
Here’s the event for the picture above:

The FADU speed is set to 5, so it should fade from black at the same speed as the fade in to black. But there isn’t even a fade.
The second fade in to black is the conversation event.

Okay! I found out it has to do with the Skill System patch. If you apply that patch. FADU won’t work properly anymore.


Version: 20180426.01 luck limit cap patch has been fixed.
I think that it is safe to use if it is after this version.

However, it is necessary to modify the area which has been broken in the old version.
Please make the following modifications.


I do not know if this alone can completely fix your problem.
There is no data such as ups, so I have no confirmation.

If 0x2d772: 0x1B was the cause, now you have to modify it with a binary editor.
I’d like to release a patch that can solve this problem with the GUI tomorrow.

About FADU.
As for compatibility with SkillSystems, I have to investigate a more.


In FEBuilderGBA Version: 20180427.01, I added a patch that fixes the bug of the FE 8U’s lucky limit that was found last time.
“Fix bugs still in the Luck Stat Cap patch”, if it is 0x1B, it is a correct value.
If it is 0x1E, it is a wrong value.
Please correct it to 0x1B and press the write button.