It is necessary to write a conditional expression.
Please look at the event of ch2 left village.

when Unit ID: 0x01 Eirika visit, and in other cases, the event branches.


Sorry if this isn’t the right place, but there’s a bug my ROM got where if I restart a chapter (aside from the very first), the player units will have ubsurd boosts to their speed (like +50 and +100). I’m really not sure as to what caused it or how to fix it.
The only thing I can think of that might’ve caused it is updating the Skill System patch to the latest one, but I’m not sure.


Hello it’s me again. Where can I find a list of all the serif commands when editing conversation text? The bracket ones that are highlighted blue.


This tutorial covers the basics. Others can be found in various places

The commands are the same as used by FE Editor, so they still apply to FE Builder


Figures the one thing I missed completely is what i need. Thanks.


Please send report 7z.

Updating SkillSystems can cause problems.
Please consider returning from backup.

please send the data with report 7z.
I would like to consider how to do by looking at the data.



Just so you are aware, the patch “Define Multiple Item Attacks 1x Per Combat” appears to be incompatible with the Skill System patch. It crashes when I try to attack an enemy when both are installed. Consider adding a note to the patch description if this cannot be fixed.


Thank you for information.
Later , I will add “CONFLICT” tags.


Hi! I have a question: Is there a way in FE8 to get the convoy earlier, or is it hard coded that you don’t get it until chapter 2?


There are patches in the Patches menu that allow you to get the convoy in other chapters.


Ah. Guess I didn’t look hard enough. Thanks!


In the FE8U patches,i don’t see (Press L when initiating combat to toggle animations on/off) patch on the list.

Edit: I forgot one more patch to mention: [Negative Stat Boost Display Fix].


It has not been transplanted yet.

ok. I will transplant.
Please update FEBuilderGBA.


OK I see the patch now. Many thanks.

Edit: Wow also 1994 is the year I was born in. Nice timing.


Is there an internal level system in FE gba games? Im asking because of pre premote base stats. Does the auto level in unit placer go to 20 and then 1 or 10?


I believe the auto-level does not give levels to level 1 pre-promotes, i.e. a level 1 “auto-leveled” Hero will not gain any stats because they will not gain any auto-levels. Thus, this unit’s stats will simply be their class bases plus their personal base stats, just like a level 1 unpromoted unit.


The enemy promoted unit is calculated as promoted at Lv 10.
Therefore, if he is Lv 5, He will grow Lv 5 + 10 = Lv 15 equivalent.
In hard mode, a hard boost is added when growing up.
Perhaps this is why promoted unit is strong in hard mode.

To observe this behavior, please set the initial value of class and unit to zero and increase the growth rate to 100%.
In his Lv 1, he has a status of 10.
Now you can observe that he has grown 10 times even with Lv1.


This tool is really useful, but I am wondering if there is a problem with the Staff Savant Skill when using the Skills System Patch in FE_Builder. When testing the SkillsTest.ups from the Skills System (on GitHub), it seems to work fine, but when using FE_Builder to apply the patch, there seems to be no effect (no increased range). I also attached an image to show the problem.


As you can see, in both cases I gave Natasha the Staff Savant Skill and she is using a Heal staff, but the range is only increased in one case.

If anybody knows what the problem might be, I would really appreciate it.


FEBuilder’s version of skill system is out of date. As amazing as the man is, 7743 is still a human so he can’t keep things 100% up to date all the time. He’s told me it’ll be updated again within a couple months.