I wanna change L’arachel’s recruitment convo
But it says
‘‘The character ‘‘r’’ is not registered in the sistem’’
And it doesn’t let me change it


I wanna change L’arachel’s recruitment convo
But it says
‘‘The character ‘‘r’’ is not registered in the sistem’’
And it doesn’t let me change it

This is a problem of haffman encoding.
It occurred because a character string not in the haffman code appeared.
Please give me some time to resolve.

All text of FE6,7,8 is haffman coded.
You can change the encoding list from font table in the detail menu. Translation is slightly strange, is not it?
From here, erase unnecessary haffman code, add what you want to register newly, then the error will be.
However, Huffman encoding in English is difficult because it consists of two letters like “ae”.

In Japan 's remodeling community, we maintain haffman encoding.
We use reused characters that we do not use from the font table for the shortfall.
There are kanji in Japanese, so even this is sufficiently practical.
Remodeling is done by reusing unusual Kanji codes.

In the English version of overseas remodeling community, un-haffman patch is mainstream.
un-haffman patch is a patch that FEEditorAdv adapts.
Since the haffman code is troublesome, it is intended to remodel it so that it can be ignored.

FEBuilderGBA adopts the concept of Japan’s modified community.
Maintaining the haffman sign and adding missing from the font table.

Maybe I should change it like this.
If un-haffman patch was applied,
If haffman can not be signed, it is automatically stored in un-haffman.

Please consider the policy and implement it, so please wait a while.


And if you don’t know what Huffman text is, here’s an explanation.


Could you make that access the localization translation text files en.txt and zh.txt, for each button while in the editor?

Unfortunately, that is impossible.

The C# form designer function does not have instructions to refer to a specific file. maybe.
Therefore, you can not dynamically change the contents of the button in C# form designer.

What you can do with C# form designer differs when you run the program.

If you do, you need to do it outside the form designer.
In other words, you create another program, temporarily change the text, and restore it when done.

However, although the risk is quite high, but …


excuse me . how to install skill extension ?



thx you so much


Thank you for your explanation.


Fixed this problem with the latest version.
If anti-haffman patch is introduced and Huffman coding can not be done, we automatically adapted anti-haffman.
try it.

latest version.


From the translation screen of the latest developer menu,
Added the ability to convert all strings referenced by the form designer to English.

In order to go to the development menu, set the menu setting -> version, issue the version screen,
When you enter “Konami Command” on this screen, the developer menu appears.

I do not know the “Konami Command” overseas name recognition, but please see wikipedia for details.
Key Press , up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A .

Then the button of the developer menu of the hidden command comes out, please click it.

Clicking this will bring up such a screen.
The part called form design is the relevant part.

Be sure to backup your code before running it.

In language, select en and press “Convert”.
A dialog to select the source code appears, so select the source code.
This screen is for searching directories, so you can use any cs file.

If you select a file, the process will be executed and all Japanese in the form design will change to English.

Double click on sln, start visuail studio and check the screen
I added some user controls, so it may be better to rebuild once.

To return it, please click the Reverse button.
I will return to Japanese.

Likewise, double click sln, start visuail studio and check the screen.

There is no problem modifying the string from the form designer when switching to English.
The modified character string is automatically imported as a translation file when “Reverse” processing is done.

Both Convert processing and Reverse processing are dangerous processing, so be sure to back up before executing.
Also, after running, please run visuail studio and check that compilation passes correctly.

I confirmed that it works properly with VS2010.
Please let us know if you have any problems.

Also, some about design.

I think the weapon level is gone. Sowrd:E This is a display of the part of “:E”.
“E” is Weapon Level.
Do not erase the weapon level.
Please be sure to display it because you are not sure whether the set weapon level is S or A with just the setting value

Changes to the detailed menu are not acceptable.
I think that the original menu is easier to use.

Please do not change the image menu.
I like the original screen and please do not change.

In addition to FE8, please change the form of FE7, FE6, surely the form with the screen of FE7, FE6.
Changing only FE 8 is not good.
FE7, FE6 Users are also available, so be sure to change them.

Also, as you saw earlier, even if you change, you can not promise to merge without fail.
Please understand here.

The screen below is the most difficult screen.

It is a very complicated screen.
And all the items on the screen are mandatory.

Map display is also essential.
In order to improve usability, you have to display the map on the largest possible screen.
It is forbidden to bring the map to another window.
How to achieve ease of use while securing the map display area is a big problem.

I think that how to show here is the point of view of the designer’s show one’s stuff.
Good luck. (:slight_smile:


@tonisonic24 @Klokinator

sorry, I found one problem so I will update the latest version.


That is amazing! I will definitely be using this then :slight_smile:

Ohhhh I wondered what happened to this. That was my bad.

I will redesign from scratch then and not break anything this time.

[quote]I do not know the “Konami Command” overseas name recognition, but please see wikipedia for details.
Key Press , up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A .[/quote]

Err, not to be a weirdo but, why the Konami code? That seems rather obscure, don’t you think? I’m not even sure where I’m supposed to enter it either… Why not just enable the Translation option all the time instead of needing the Konami code?



The input place is here.

There are two reasons for the Konami command in the developer menu.
The first is that something bad happens when other users touch.

For example, the translation function throws a lot of requests into google translate.
If everyone uses it, it may be BAN to google.

Although this time translation does not send a request to the outside, FE remodeling has no direct relation.
Also, since it is dangerous to rewrite the source code from the outside, it is not something to do with ease.

The second one is a little joke.
I like old games, so I love Konami commands. ^-^

However, it is not good to have actual damage.
If you can not use it,
Let me always display the developer menu.


I fixed it so that I always display the developer menu.
It is always displayed on the version screen.



why not?


The Konami code is known well enough. It’s also used in the Blitz to access the skip command.


Yeah, but it’s a little obtuse to type into the menu.

I didn’t know this used Google Translate though. I thought it would translate the menus based off the en.txt, which would actually be SUPERB. Since it doesn’t, that’s a little… eh.

I’ll see what I can do, though.

Edit: Ah, I see now.

There are two translation options.

“Translation” button takes a whole hour, it downloads from Google.

“Convert” button uses the EN.txt function that’s already in the translation folder. This is the one I’ll be using. Thanks, 7743!


I found another problem and will fix it.


There was a bug in character string relation, so we recommend using the latest version.


Still doing translations.

The two circled pieces have the same Japanese word, so they translate to the same thing. The first is correctly labeled “POW” (Can also be STR/MAG). The second one, the lower one, it should be “Might” or “MT” though.

There are several things that share the same Japanese word, even though they have different translations. If you could make them different, by using:


That would be good. A different word for each one, or just change the identifier or something.


Found a bug.

Map sprites on the left are incorrect. This was during Sacred Stones.