FE_Builder_GBA -- If you have any questions, attach report7z

Please send me the midi you are about to import.

crackling and distortion

Did you enable myooon correction?
Are you using NIMAP?

If you do not use NIMAP, midi’s instruments will not sound.
Instruments of FE are separated for each song, and are not in the order of the midi instruments.
Therefore, you need to use NIMAP.

about myooon correction.
MOD, MODT / BEND, BENDR / LFOS, LFODL are ignored.

Like the guitar bending, it has the effect of distorting the sound.
However, FE’s sound (GBA sound) can not reproduce these beautifully.
Therefore, with these instructions, the sound sounds distorted as myooon.
(myooon is an onomatopoeic word.)

If you hear the sound myooon, try enabling myooon correction.
When myooon correction is enabled, these commands are ignored.

This tool is amazing. Thanks for all of your work on it. Very minor suggestion: consider making the colored stat growths a separate patch from the skill system. I for one would like the skills without the stat colors. I can do this myself with EA, of course, but others may also want one but not the other patch.

Just change the different growth categories to use the same colors.

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You can not import because you are not using NIMAP.
It is almost impossible to import midi without using NIMAP.
If NIMAP is not enabled, please enable it.

I think this song does not need myooon correction.
However, I think that there is no problem even if it corrects it.

Do you mean you want to change the status color on the status screen from the skill system standard?

I do not know how SkillSystems decides the color.
Do you know the address or the part that sets the color?
so if you know, please let me know.

It’s not a big deal. Do not worry about it.

One patch that I rather like is Venno’s FE9-style supports. It changes the system to give you support points once, when you deploy units together on the map, instead of every turn if adjacent. It could warrant inclusion as a patch option:

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It was added as a patch in the latest version.
“Gain support points by than adjacent”

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I think FEBuilderGBA seems to be compatible with FE6 to a certain extent (this is the fan translation of FE6 btw)

FEBuilderGBA also supports fan translation using tbl.
FE6U (English translation version you are using).
FE6CN(Chinese translation.)
FE7CN(Chinese translation.)
FE8CN(Chinese translation.)


nice man please make tutorial because a lot of people do not know how to mess with it and I include myself in these people who like this system most do not know how to use

Is not it enough with the help that is currently available?

What do you want to know?

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markyjoe made a video tutorial

it’s right in the OP

I want to know how I do to skill editor in the game how to add or remove skill of the class I downloaded the skill patch but I do not know how to edit it

Here is the range fix patch from before,but according to the description, has the source code. It’s made by StanH

Don’t know if this link will get you to the right place, but here is where I got the link from, in post 17

Once you apply the skill system patch, go to the Advanced Editors menu. There should be three buttons: “Skill config”, “Assign skill by Unit”, and “Assign skill by Class”.

Since ver 20180310.2 added a new function, if you have problems, please let me know with the ups file.

Support for import / export of special animation exceeding 16 colors

I have made it possible to import / export animations exceeding 16 colors such as varistas (arch) and transformation.

However, since these are special routines and additional palettes are assigned (OBP-A),
Even if you try to exceed 16 colors with other animation, it does not work well.
It is a special animation limited function.

Optimization when re-securing data expanded at the end

It is difficult to convey well.
If you extend the table and resize the last placed data,
When the data is at the rom end, I just coped with by incrementing ROM capacity without moving it.
You can save a little ROM capacity.

Hey 7743,

I was wondering if there was a patch for extending unit standing map sprites past 7F? Expanding to 80 and onward causes some visual glitches.

Many thanks and keep up the awesome work!

Are you talking about Map Hover Animation?

Map Hover Animation uses the value of ClassID.
You can NOT change this.
This is the specification of FE.

For example.
Eirika’s ClassID is 0x02.
In this case, Map Hover Animation with ID:0x2 is used.

No, 7743, I think he means extending the map sprites to 0xFF for 255 map sprite slots. It seems that some glitches appear when he does it.

@Yami do you have any images of the visual glitches?

Almost. I’m speaking of the idle sprite animations, not the walking ones.
I have a custom sprite on 80 set up correctly with the class but it shows the male Lord sprite in game. Before 80 works fine. 80 and onward displays the wrong class.

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